Vijay Eswaran Talks about his Leadership Style and How he Treats his Employees

The business circle of Malaysia is a very tight-knit one, and there are few notable names that have made the country proud. One amongst these is Vijay Eswaran, who is the executive chairman and the founder of the largest MLM company in the world, QI Group. The company has an annual turnover of millions of dollars, and Forbes has estimated the net worth of Vijay Eswaran to be around $750 million and counting. As time passes, the net worth of Vijay Eswaran continues to grow as there are many new and innovative business ventures in the pipeline that are yet to be materialized.

Vijay Eswaran believes that people who are not able to achieve their dreams are primarily because of the lack of determination and passion. One does not only have to plan how to achieve their dream but also execute it with precision. It is what is lacking in most of the people these days as they are too comfortable inside their comfort zone and doesn’t want to come out. Vijay Eswaran in his best-selling book named Two Minutes From the Abyss has mentioned the dangers of staying in the comfort zone for too long. He says that if you are addicted to the comfort zone and not able to come out of it, forget achieving your dreams, it would be even difficult even to make ends meet after a point in time.

Vijay Eswaran believes that his leadership style allows him to communicate with his employees and motivate him every step of the way. Even though he runs a global company, he believes that his company has the heart of a small intimate company. According to him, it is not the company that succeeds, but it is the employees that make the company successful and allow for its growth.

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