The Richard Mishaan Design Firm and its Projects

Richard Mishaan Design has deep roots in fashion, combined with architecture and interior design that enables him to have a profound understanding of luxury and quality. Born in Colombia, Richard Mishaan attended the Columbia University School of Architecture and earned his BA from New York University. He started out his career by being an apprentice in Philip Johnson’s offices. Richard Mishaan has published two books namely Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.



The sought-after and highly decorated Richard Mishaan is behind some amazing projects in London locales, Miami, and New York, his home base. Mishaan is a busy designer who is always on the go and brainstorming various ideas such as the hotel in Cartagena, Manhattan apartments, and various homes in Sag Harbor, and London. Richard Mishaan reckons that although the design of a property seems abstract, it always ends with the client’s needs. For him to achieve his successes, Richard Mishaan studies human relationships and behaviors in order to anticipate what they expect and thus come up with designs that fulfill their desires.



Richard Mishaan came up with a living room by employing a variety of vivacious patterns at the 2011 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Some of the notable patterns from the show included the red-and-white tiger print on the Bolier & Company outdoor chair. Mishaan’s own apartment is artistically designed in a pre-war building that celebrates many eras and overlooks the Central Park. Richard Mishaan Design is based on mixing various styles to come up with an integration of artistic touches.

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