Talk Fusion Is The #1 Communication Program Around The World

Considered to be the #1 Video Chat communication app in many countries, including Switzerland and Japan, Talk Fusion has garnered popularity around the globe in just a few weeks of its release. These statistics are according to the Android Market discovery tool AppBrain, which ranked the Video Chat communication app as the #1 being used in Indonesia. It’s growth and popularity is due to the app’s consistently fast messaging and it’s compatibly with many devices including Android, Apple, Mac, and PC. This new success is just the start for the global leader that is Talk Fusion, as the company is preparing to launch its 30 day free trial of the app, available to anyone around the world. Talk Fusion is easy to use, as anyone can send a video message to someone by recording it either on their computer’s Webcam or on their camera phone. After recording their video message, the person opens up the Talk Fusion portal, browses through the saved video files, and uploads the video they want. Once completed, the person has the option of sending this email to an individual or to thousands of individuals in just one click. With the amazing support from associates and customers throughout the world, Vice President of Training & Development Allison Roberts sees Talk Fusion’s success as a foreshadowing of a bigger success now that free trials will soon be open to everyone. In the past 90 days, Talk Fusion’s Alexa web ranking has garnered over 30,000 positions, due to the high jump in traffic data from both unique visitors and views in their webpages. For more information on Talk Fusion and its video chat service, see

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