Sussex Health Care, Adding New Services To Their Care Homes

Sussex Health Care is one of the largest independent care homes located throughout the United Kingdom. With more than a dozen care homes located throughout the country, Sussex Health Care has been able to provide their residents with diverse and unique health care options at each one of the locations.

Sussex Health Care is one of the only care homes that has received dual accreditation and is also licensed by multiple organizations. The care home is lead by a well known medical professional which is Shafik Sachedina. Shafik Sachedina does a great job with keeping the facility in code and up to date with the latest technologies for their patients.

Sussex Health Care recently added audiology services to their care home. Their audiology services are provided in the location of Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire. The audiology services has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services. Since the center has opened, it has been receiving amazing feedback. Residents have been happy with the services that Sussex Health Care provided with their audiology services. Residents have been able to restore their confidence and their independence after receiving care from Sussex.

Sussex Health Care starts off by proving their patients with assessment test to determine if an age related hearing disorder exists or not. After a hearing problem has been detected, Sussex Health Care then provides their patients with hearing aids and hearing aid fitting to ensure that the size is perfect for the patients. Sussex health Care’s audiology services are the best because patients are able to still receive care from Sussex Health Care even three years after the first assessment has been given.

In addition to Sussex Health Care proving their patients with the new services of audiology, Sussex Health Care has also provided their patients with a new gym. The gym is located in their West Sussex location, and people have really been enjoying this new addition. The gym is open to senior citizens of the community. Seniors will be able to interact with the residents of the care home while they enjoy exercise and all of the benefits that the care home has to offer. Sussex Health Care has defiantly been providing the health care field with all of the modern care services that the field has been missing!


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