Rocketship Education Center Opens a Second Charter School Despite Criticism

For a bright students coming from the poor neighborhoods of DC and San Jose, the chance of attaining a college degree is always slim. However, non-profit charter school network known as Rocketship is changing the narrative. With a second school opened in Washington DC, the future is definitely getting brighter for destitute but deserving students.

When Rocketship opened their first school in 2007, the reception was somehow mixed. The media applauded the school for using a unique concept to learning. Rocketship introduced traditional learning coupled with computer aided instructions. It is a teaching formula that worked and helped keep administrative costs low.

However, critiques were against this form of teaching and labeled it unconventional. Even so, Rocketship continue surging forward and today considered one of the best charter schools for needy students. Rocketship now has a second school in southern Washington and is already enrolling new students.

The DC elementary school sits on 54,000 square feet of land and is two storied. Currently, the school has classes from kindergarten to second grade with the hopes of expanding in future. In addition, the school boasts of an indoor gymnasium, nursing center, and a computer lab. The school also built a resource center where parents can sit and use the internet while waiting for their kids or while attending school functions.

Rocketship is also the first school to involve the community in running administrative tasks. Before opening the DC school, parents were called upon to help in the process of vetting new teachers. This gave parents a chance to build rapport with the new teachers and have an assurance that they are putting their kids in the best professional hands.

The directors at Rocketship Center confirm that they have a big dream of transforming the low-income neighborhoods of DC and California. One way to do it is by introducing centers of learning that partner with the community to better the lives of elementary students. Rocketship has already put several students through college and also prepared many brilliant minds for life after college.

Even with the high criticism Rocketship receives, it is evident that the charter school has achieved far more than it imagined. Besides introducing a unique learning system, Rocketship now has a second charter school that will produce more success stories in DC.

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