Talos Energy created after a merger

Talos Energy Inc. has merged with Stone Energy Corporation to form “Talos Energy.” The recent development has sparked waves in the energy industry with other companies fearing that they will be run out of business by the new company which is expected to take a large chunk of oil and gas drilling operations. These two companies have an excellent history of strategic and asset management. While Stone energy was struggling to meet its financial obligations and even filed for bankruptcy in order to cushion itself from collapse, Talos Energy Inc, on the other end was performing very well. Talos has a history of taking over management of companies that are struggling and uplifting them. With the merger of the two companies Talos Energy will go into the New York Stock Exchange without requiring to pass through the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Tim Duncan has been appointed as the new CEO of Talos energy. He was previously working as the CEO of Talos Energy Inc. After the merger, he was promoted to take charge of the overall management of the company. With the new business arrangement, there will be a high likelihood that investors and shareholders will make a good return due to the expansion of business creation which will follow. Duncan played a key role in facilitating the merger of the two businesses which cost $2.5 billion.

With the prices of oil rebounding from the 2015 decline, the company is likely to earn more. There he has been an increase of more than $60 per gallon of oil. This is a big increase that will facilitate the growth of the newly established business. There will also be better production after the merger; it is expected that production will move to 47,000 barrels in one day. The new company will also retain vast oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico and of the coast of Mexico.

With the proven leadership of CEO Duncan, it is not a wonder for the new company to become the largest oil and natural gas company in the world. His earlier success in developing Talos Energy Inc. is a factor that will prove vital in the industry.

About Talos Energy: www.indeed.com/cmp/Talos-Energy

Ian King: The Exponential Growth of Cryptocurrency

When cryptocurrency first came into existence, many people looked at it as something almost sci-fi related but ultimately something that would not have much of an impact on their everyday life. Ian King saw something different, he saw an investment opportunity for himself and his readership. Ian King, a Lafayette College graduate in the field of psychology, never believed that he would enter into the world of investments. In fact, he sent some of the time in college sincerely believing that he would become a doctor with pre-med. Instead, fate had different plans for him and he found himself learning more about cryptocurrency. He spent time at Merrill Lynch in a significant internship and also worked for various other big-name investment firms such as the financial district of Citigroup. Eventually, he decided to take his developing knowledge base to Banyan Hill publishing and participate in an authoring opportunity that continues to touch people to this day. Read more at Talk Markets.

One article that discusses some of his predictions for the future of cryptocurrency is “Ian King Explains How CryptoCorns Are Changing the Investment Landscape”. This article is important because it explains how the typical investor for this sector is evolving to include individual who would be considered newbies or casual investors. The presence of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has made it a very accessible system for these individuals. This gives them a sense of empowerment when accessing these systems. They make bigger trades and feel more confident to go out and do more. They are also talking about there experiences and attracting new investors. Ian King believes that this is a significant indicator of growth and people should remain cognizant of the sector as it is poised to explode in the coming years. Visit cryptoprofitsummit.com to know more about Ian King.


This is further demonstrated by the article “Ian King Says Robinhood Could Help Cryptocurrency Values Soar” which details an app that has been specifically designed to make this process even easier for this new wave of investors. Robinhood gives the investors a taste of the cryptocurrency action without putting them in a position where they are required to pay crippling fees to trade them. They are allowed to get into the program and stay because of the lower fees associated with buying and selling. In fact, Robinhood is seeking to provide these services all over the country at their lowered rate. An idea that he believes will change the trajectory of cryptocurrency towards a period of even more exponential growth in the future.

Learn: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/ian-king-introduces-the-cryptocorns/

Randal Nardone more than just a founder.

The Fortress Investment Group a NYSE listed company that trades as FIG currently overseeing assets worth more than seventy billion dollars was recently acquired by Softbank a Tokyo based investment bank. Fortress was founded in 1998 by three investors Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. They came together to establish it with the dream of growing it into something that would outlive them while making returns for them and their investors in future. In 2007 Randal Nardone, 55, was listed as one of the world billionaires by Forbes Magazine this was just after the group listed for its IPO. The company has made him immensely wealthy and at the same time accorded him opportunities in business that he would only have dreamed of had he remained in UBS. Before starting Fortress, he was a managing director at UBS.

Randal Nardone had worked as a principal of BlackRock Financial Management earlier on in his career just after leaving the law firm of Thacher Proffitt & Wood where he was part of management and also a partner. He holds a J.D from the Boston University School of Law. And as such was a practicing lawyer something that has helped him navigate the legal aspects of business as well as other organizations where he is either a director or a Board member. Randal Nardone has been very instrumental in the Private Equity division of fortress investment group. This division is tasked with ensuring that there is a consistent cash flow generation from control-oriented investments. The group and this division have been especially instrumental in the Caribbean, Western Europe, and North America.

Since its acquisition by Softbank for 3.3 Billion dollars Randal has had a very positive outlook sighting the fact that the acquisition allowed fortress access to more liquidity while at the same time retaining its independence and as such being able to focus more efforts in its Asian markets where there has been great promise for growth. Randal Nardone is also the director, President, and Chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC. This was a position he was elected to after the acquisition of AIG’s financial division by his group. The success of this acquisition has been one of the group’s highlights and reflection of the possibilities the investment group still holds. Other positions held by Randal include those at Eurocastle Investment, FIG LLC, Impac Commercial Holdings, FMA LLC, FM Falstaff Advisors, Florida, East Coast Railway, Seacastle, and at Newcastle Investment Holdings.


Neurocore Details the Importance of Brain Training and Physical Exercise on Brain

Application of neuroscience is still evolving. Different people, institutions, and firms are publishing new studies based on in-depth researches in this area of science. Notably, Neurocore is one of the leading firms interested in neuroscience. The group is focused on providing ideas that will see the brain develop by exercising. Everyone is already aware of the importance of metabolic activities to the heart and how it increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. During physical exercises, the mind sees positive changes like improved memory rates. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore services are based on the well-known and little-known aspects of exercise. For instance, the knowledge on ADHD and Migraines. During physical activity, dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and norepinephrine are released by the brain. Insufficiency of these elements makes someone ADHD person. Neurocore encourages such victims to take 30-minute walks. On Migraines, it is relevant to maintain a strict exercise routine. For example, you can maintain a six-week routine to adapt to your physical needs while keeping track of your Migraines changes.


When training your brain to improve your memory, Neurocore lists some diets that can help in the course. The most common menu associated with improved memory is the Mediterranean diet. The diet is more suitable for older people and incorporates foods that have large compositions of Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Such menu includes plant foods like fruits, grains, and vegetables; low-carb foods like white bread and white rice; healthy fats like olive oil rather than butter or margarine; high protein meals like poultry and lean meats; low red meat and herbs and spices. To keep your memory attentive alongside improving the quality of your sleep, it is necessary to maintain a fit body and heart.

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Training your brain involves a subconscious system known as neurofeedback. As Neurocore details, conscious cognitive activities makes the neurofeedback system subconscious. The system prepares the brain to perform differently. It strengthens your brain muscles and makes dormant parts of brain work expectedly. The reward is a much healthier brain with improved memory and good brain performance. However, you should combine the technique with other brain training methods for excellent results. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Aloha Construction Wins the BBB’s Torch Award

Aloha Construction has been announced as the winner of the Better Business Bureau 2017 Torch Award for marketplace ethics. The company which offers construction services both in Illinois and Chicago has been in operations for decades. It has been accredited for its excellent services and the spirit of giving back to the society. Aloha Construction was shortlisted for the award together with several other companies but managed to bit them and scooped the prestigious award.

The Better Business Award is usually given to companies that demonstrate high standards of ethical practice in their businesses throughout the year. Before qualifying for nominations, companies are always expected to meet certain standards such as their commitment to ethical practices, commitment of its leaders to communicating ethical practices to employees, commitment to corporate social responsibility among others. Upon shortlisting, the companies are taken through a rigorous careening process to determine their commitment and implementation of the terms set by the BBB.

Aloha Construction was chosen by a panel of 15 judges who all agreed that the company had done a lot especially in the area of community service. The company has been consistent in giving back to the community. One of its most recent events was a shopping spree organized for children from needy families. The company had partnered with another charity organization, Lerner Express to facilitate the event.

Putting customers first

Besides its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Aloha Construction always puts the needs of its customers first. That is probably why they are considered one of the best construction companies in Illinois and Chicago. The Better Business Bureau was right to recognize their efforts and the award will definitely make them work even harder in the coming years.

Employee first policy

Aloha Construction values its employees as much as it values its customers. The company received the Torch award not only for their commitment to customers and the community but also because of their handling of employees. Dave Farbarky said that every employee of Aloha Construction is like family and that the award belonged to all of them. Aloha is one of the few companies that remunerate its employees well.



Wes Edens: Investment and Innovation Mastermind

Wes Edens is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team but is better known for his eSports involvement and innovative approach regarding a private passenger train. Edens boasts leadership roles within several companies, including Fortress Investment Group LLC and, most recently, Fortress’ brainchild, Brightline. Brightline seeks to solve traffic congestion problems that plague the freeways and highways of the United States. Brightline’s mission is to offer transportation alternatives between major cities that will offset the use of individual vehicles for trips that are of more moderate distances. At Brightline, Edens offers mentorship and wise decision-making as a Principal and Co-CEO and diligently builds trusting relationships with employees and other co-partners.

Much like Brightline, Fortress Investment Group’s employees can also proudly proclaim Edens as a colleague, mentor, and friend. Fortress Investment Group, founded in 1998, is one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers and is where Edens gained the bulk of his know-how. Not only does he manage aspects of private equity for Fortress and the up-and-coming innovation of Brightline, but Edens is also one of Fortress’ Co-chairman of the Board of Directors, Principals, and Founders. Although the firm was recently sold in January of 2018, Wes Edens plans on managing Fortress Investment Group LLC’s private equity business for an additional 5 years, where he presently works hard to ensure the efficiency of investments made in transportation, infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, media, and financial services.

Edens’ investment firm involvement did not begin with Fortress, however, as he first gained his business knowhow while earning his Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University. Additionally, Edens is well-versed in private equity funds due to his experience spearheading BlackRock Asset Investors. Wes Edens provided leadership there, while simultaneously partnering as a managing director for BlackRock Financial Management Inc., where he utilized knowledge gained while previously serving in the same role while with Lehman Brothers.

The Power of Whitney Wolfe’s Dating Service Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is one of the top women leading the dating app industry. She grew up in Utah, and soon went on to work for Tinder. Shortly after, see had a falling out with others and filed a lawsuit. She later won the lawsuit, and has since created her own dating app named Bumble. Bumble took off and has continued to add new features since launch. The website Tech Crunch recently published a story about Whitney Wolfe and her unorthodox attitude in the industry.

Her venture with Bumble began immediately after leaving Tinder. Using her connections and knowledge, she conceptualized a female based dating service named Merci. At the same time, Andrey Andreev, from another successful service contacted her. She soon seized the opportunity and they soon began collaborating together. This was the formation of the female driven dating service Bumble.

It’s been 4 years since then, and everything is going great for Bumble. The writer describes the unusual office space. The building was composed of more living space than office materials. Whitney Wolfe prefers to have an environment where everyone can easily see and talk to each other. This idea came to the forefront when Bumble became the first social network to open a physical space in New York for people to meet. The community involvement continued in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas shooting, when they banned all pictures of guns on the app. They have also added Bumble BFF Bumble Bizz to help connect users on a personal and business level.

There are few business women who are as proactive as Whitney Wolfe. As someone who has been in the dating app industry for years, her experience has only allowed to progress forward. Bumble is establishing an online platform where anyone of any background can gather can feel comfortable. The industry is always changing, but Whitney Wolfe sees a continued bright future ahead for Bumble.

Learn More: schedule.sxsw.com/2018/events/PP99060

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Brings Something More to the EDM Genre

The Chainsmokers are an EDM duo who have a long stuck to the formula of EDM. I am staying for them using their own vocal tracks in their songs, until the release of their single Closer with Halsey. Andrew Taggart stepped away from the typical and sang on the Closer track. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both write Chainsmokers songs. This is another deviation away from what is typical in EDM music. It’s typical for DJs to use other songwriters or to cowrite songs with other songwriters. dance music, Closer, Alex Pall, The  Chainsmokers, Disc Jockey, music producer

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers was a DJ growing up. He started booking regular DJ gigs in New York when he was pretty young. He decided to try giving it a professional shot. The chainsmokers manager introduced Alex to Andrew Taggart. The two spoke about what music they enjoy when they first met. From that point on they started making music together. They decided to avoid formating themselves after other EDM artists.

With a lot of hard work they have succeeded in making them yourself stand out from other EDM artists. Based on their social media following they’ve seen a more international fan base. They’ve also realized that their age categories for fans has changed from teenagers to over 30 year olds. They used to perform shows mainly for college ravers, so now they have to alter their shows To appeal to a wider age range of their fans. I having more songwriting input and more vocal tracks featured on their songs they also have to create a show that incorporates more of a performance. Alex Paul says that they’re proud of performing all of their songs live, unlike what many other DJs do. Pall has also put a lot of time with their visual production crew on creating visual that are different from any other EDM shows.



Matt Badiali: The Truth About Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks have been making headlines for some time now. People from all parts of the country want to know if this kind of investment is real or not. The internet has brought so many changes to the lives of investors. There are numerous opportunities where investors can earn some money using their investments online. There are many scams in this platform too. People have been conned by fraudsters who have been lying about investment opportunities. With these fraudsters from Nigeria and many other parts of the world, it can be very difficult for the ordinary person to understand whether an online opportunity is fake or not. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Before making any investment online, experts say that all people should conduct research and ask professionals around. If a top professional gives you the go ahead to venture into the investment in question, then an individual can consider taking the next step. Matt Badiali is one of the people most Americans depend on when they want to invest in natural resources and other complicated areas in the market. When the Freedom Check emerged, Matt Badiali noted that the investment opportunity was a great one, but most people did not want to invest because they felt that this was just going to be like all the other scams that have been making rounds. While fearing to lose the little amount they have saved, these individuals decided to abandon the idea.

Matt Badiali shared through the Banyan Publication that investors do not have to fear Freedom Checks. According to the top executive in Banyan Hill, it is a great way of earning some money when someone is still in their house. Using this investment opportunity, Matt Badiali believes that most people do not have to worry about their money, and they should only be prepared to earn profits. Freedom Checks have already helped many people in the country to get some good wealth, and this is really proving that other investors can try their luck. Badiali has been investing in Freedom Checks for a while now, and he says that he has not been disappointed by the returns he has received.

Visit: http://www.metropolismag.com/uncategorized/freedom-check/

Badiali is a scientist who is changing the lives of many investors living in the world. Badiali has been working with one of the top international firms that is known as Banyan Hill Publications for a long time, and he has assisted so many people to get the best investments in the American complex market. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.

Jeff Yastine: Reaching Out To Investors Globally Through Profitable Writing

Jeff Yastine is a proficient editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing Company in 2015 as an editorial director. Jeff has a vast experience in financial journalism and stock market investment. He uses his profound expertise in writing about investment and financial markets. This provides the readers who are major investors with the latest insights revolving around economic, business, profit-making opportunities, and financial trends.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff worked for “PBS Nightly Business Report” as a correspondent between 1994 and 2010. Jeff has landed in the hands of many investment giants where he had the opportunity to interview them. Through such involvements, Jeff was able to learn some secrets and acquired knowledge on investments. Some of the entrepreneurs and investors that Jeff interviewed included Michael Dell, Bill Gross, John Bogle, Mr. Richard Branson, and Warren Buffets among many others. Read this article at Medium.com.

Jeff Yastine has helped many individuals to realize the available invested opportunities surrounding them. This has been possible through the reports he makes in the publishing company through his writing. Jeff has also contributed to the turnaround in most companies in different sectors. These include agriculture, retails, and biotechnology. Apart from highlighting the investment opportunities in the market, Jeff has helped several people in being cautious about major events in different nations. For example, he warned investors about the dangers regarding the unstainable growth during the late 1990s. Jeff Yastine has crossed through several places among them being Cuba where he went to cover the effect of foreign investors in any nation’s economy. This happened twice, in 1994 and 2003. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

Jeff Yastine was nominated for Business Emmy Award in 2007 due to his incredible work in reporting matters around less funded road systems, public infrastructure, and bridges in the United States among other issues. He is also recognized for being involved in 2002 NBR journalist team who got an award for New York State Society. Jeff joins a team of committed and excellent experts at Banyan Hill to offer the best services to clients and readers. They make subscriptions to their newsletters and receive valuable information from these experts, which is meant to be an eye opener towards their financial freedom and innovativeness in their lives. Companies have also benefited from the information posted, and this has helped many to realize their potential in containing total wealth in the United States and the entire world. This allows one to have considerable freedom in making an informed decision towards the financial destiny and decisions that will lead to their growth in terms wealth. The publications contribute towards lowering the risks of investing and financial worries that many people harbor.

Learn: http://releasefact.com/2018/01/jeff-yastine-highlights-little-known-industry-with-tremendous-potential/