Finding a House Cleaning Service Is Easier Than You Think

While there is nothing better than getting off of work and coming in to a sparkly clean home, taking the time to make it happen can be a real drag. There are much more enjoyable things to do than spending the day cleaning but it is one of those things that must get done. People have a ton of responsibilities and would like to spend their free time doing something they actually enjoy.

When someone doesn’t want to spend their time cleaning, the use of home cleaning services can suit their needs. With people having to work more hours on a weekly basis and still tend to their families needs, the use of house cleaning services are becoming commonplace. It helpful for people to outsource certain activities to make more time for themselves. Itunes’ Handy cleaning services was once seen to be a luxury for the rich and upper-class, but this is no longer the case.

There are many things to take into consideration when looking to hire a house cleaning service. After all, these are people who are going to be coming into the home. It has to be a company that can be trusted and places high value on delivering quality service. Hiring a cleaning service should be taken seriously. Many questions should be asked prior to hiring the service and research must be done on the company.

Is the company insured? Is the insurance adequate in the case of an incident? What type of screening process do the employees go through? Are there actual employees or independent contractors coming into the home? What type of training does an employee go through? How many people will be coming into the home? What type of services are offered? What are the rates? Is there a guarantee on the service?

These are just a few of the many questions that should asked and taken into consideration when doing research on a potential company. Everything should be clear and upfront before an exchange of money or anyone coming into the home. Ask as many questions as possible. A reputable company should be more than happy to address any concern that may arise in the vetting process.

One company that makes finding house cleaning services simple and easy is Handy. Handy is a home cleaning service that provides cleaning services from highly qualified professionals at an affordable price. They vet their employees thoroughly to ensure that they provide customers with the best service possible from trusted individuals. With Handy, one can use the app or go to their website to search for individuals to hire. They make things simple for people so they spend less time worrying and engaging in unwanted task and more time enjoying life.

Dreading housecleaning days is becoming a thing of the past. Hire a house cleaning service today and spend that free time pursing a hobby or enjoy time with family and friends.

Men Should Give Themselves The Chance To Buy Nice, Trending Shoes

The trends for men’s shoes are always changing, and it might feel hard for a man to keep up with all of the changes, and to keep switching over to a new pair. But, those are the kinds of sacrifices that one makes in order to stay in style. It might be a lot of work, but the work will be worth it when one knows that they are wearing something that looks great, and that is completely fashionable.

One brand that offers trending men’s leather shoes that are both fashionable and not likely to go out of style anytime soon is Paul Evans. This brand puts out shoes that are made with the highest quality standards. Everything about the shoes, from the style to the fit, is perfect. When men try out this brand they immediately love everything about it. Paul Evans might not be the cheapest brand that is available, but that is just what makes them all the more special.

Trends are constantly changing when it comes to shoes and everything else, but men don’t have to feel quite so bad about that when they pick up a pair or two of luxury men’s shoes. These kinds of shoes will stay trendy even after others go out of style, plus they will keep one’s feet comfortable, as well. There is nothing like a pair of fashionable, high quality shoes to make a man feel good about himself and how he is looking. Every man should give himself the chance to purchase a pair of nice, trending shoes from time to time.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services Is Consolidating The House Cleaning Market Nationwide

Hiring a Handy home cleaning service can be stressful though. There is the factor that a stranger will be entering the home, and they’ll be going through and seeing things that a family would normally try and pick up before company arrives. There is also a pride issue. There are some people that greatly need the help of a home cleaning service because they’re either too busy or they just aren’t good house keepers, but there is apprehension there because it’s an intimate exchange to give people money to see how dirty a house or apartment is allowed to get especially to the point of needing a service. Fortunately, there are some tips and guidelines that can be followed that can make the selection process safer and more comfortable.

The first thing a person needs to do is to take inventory of all the rooms in their house, and they need to decide what rooms they’re going to trust strangers to work in and move things. The trust doesn’t necessarily need to be applied to a worry about theft, but surely there will be homes where there are very valuable things, and the homeowners don’t want to risk having someone else damage or destroy them even by accident. Also, once a set of rooms is decided upon, clients need to decide what exactly they will allow to be done inside the room.

Picking the right person or team to come and clean a home is probably the hardest part of the process. Most home cleaning services rely on good referrals, and they also have to depend on the internet review sites to rate their performance. This is a good place to start for the client. Asking around would be the first thing to do. Always check with family, neighbors and friends to see if they have utilized a home cleaning service, and what their impression of the employees were or are. Hopefully, they will still be using a service which would be a good indicator of quality.

Always ask a potential service to do an interview. There are so many questions that need to be asked before hiring someone. This also gives the prospective employee a chance to consult with the client about what they want done, and it gives them a chance to decide if they even want to take the job.

Handy on facebook, Home Cleaning Services is a business with a great reputation nationally, and they are highly recommended. There aren’t too many cleaning services that are national chains, but according to Handy, they want to be the Uber of home cleaning services. They are doing over 1 million a week in booked jobs, and they’re quickly becoming the go-to service for people to choose to let someone come into their homes. With reliability, a good reputation and a growing national business, Handy is demonstrating the criteria needed when selecting a service.

Status Labs Is The Most Reliable Online Reputation Management Firm

Are you worried about your online reputation or the reputation of your company? Do you need a trusted Online Reputation Management firm to help build and maintain a great impression or reputation about you or your company? Protect your brand with Status Labs’ Online Reputation Management services and know the information that is generated online won’t compromise your reputation or your business online image.

Search the name of your company online. See anything you don’t like? Then contact Status Labs to help counter negative search results online. It’s important to understand how online reputation management firms can help you, and to ensure you choose a service that is trustworthy and effective. These services can make a great impact on your personal success and that of your business.

There are many services out there that promise to make negative or derogatory information disappear. But keep in mind that not all Online Reputation Management services are created equal. It is important to choose a company that comes highly recommended in the industry. When it comes to choosing the most reliable Online Reputation Management firm, look no further than Status Labs.

For many years, thousands of professionals and comapnies have turned to Status Lab to help improve their search engine and online image. If you are searching for a way to create an impressive online image or if you want to repair your online image or reputation, it’s imperative that you choose the most trusted Online Reputation Management to assist you.

Status Labs is the leading online reputation management service, digital marketing, and public relations company with offices in São Paulo, New York and their new larger office in Austin, which accommodates the firm’s growing number of talented professionals. Their goal is to help their clients build and maintain a great reputation online and boost sales through effective public relations strategy and digital marketing technique. Status serves over 1500 clients in more than 35+ countries, and their clients include public figures and Fortune 100 brands.

The new facility is between South Congress Avenue and South 1st Street, and it features expanded office space with modern conference rooms. Just steps from Auditorium Shores and scenic Town Lake, the new location offers the firm’s staff the opportunity to exercise during breaks and enjoy the outdoors.

The company has spent the past several years developing top notch products and services to help their clients look their best online. As many large companies and corporations, as well as individual professionals scramble to establish an effective online reputation management service, you will find that Status Labs is very well positioned to meet industry demands.

Status Labs design custom content marketing strategies and execute campaigns for public figures and businesses. They recognize you are unique, and that every online community is different.

Atlanta Hawks Eye Future After Historic Season

The Atlanta Hawks went on what could be considered their most successful season the past 50 years. Atlanta rolled through the regular season and racked up the second best record in the NBA. In the postseason we saw Atlanta dismantle two of the better teams in the Eastern Conference before falling apart in the Conference Finals against the LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers. Though the outcome was heartbreaking for the small market Atlanta fans, the overall season was one worthy of joy.

In fact, last season marked the final year with owner Bruce Levenson. Levenson took over the team back in 2002 when they were little better than a 25 win team. Over the years Levenson, along with scouting talent, molded the Hawks into a skilled team that was just on the verge of breaking through. The drafting of Al Horford in 2007 and then Jeff Teague a few years later would set the tone for what the Hawks would try to do going forward. Levenson’s work changed the Hawks for good and now the team will move forward without him.

What’s next for Atlanta?
After last season’s unceremonious ending the onus will be put squarely on Atlanta in the early going and their ability to get off to a hot start. The Hawks had to play at an incredible clip to win the 50+ games that they ended up racking up and that will be hard to duplicate, though coach Mike Budenholzer is up for the job.

The biggest issue for Atlanta, of course, will be in how the team reacts to the loss of Demarre Carroll. Carroll was Atlanta’s small forward for the past couple of years and he added borderline elite defense with the ability to step out and shoot beyond the arc. In last year’s playoff run Carroll turned into one of the most important players on the court, routinely leading the team in minutes while adding in 15 – 20 points per game. Carroll will be patched up with a motley of players like Tim Hardaway Jr and Kent Bazemore.

While Atlanta tries to get around the loss of Carroll we will also see center Al Horford under intense scrutiny. Horford all but vanished in the elimination game of the ECF while posting single digit points and rebounds before ultimately being consigned to the bench. The play of Horford was embarrassing as you could consider him their star player and the face of the franchise. Horford will have to intensely train this off season in order to come out strong and hungry.

Still, there is reason for optimism in Atlanta. Teague and Horford are a great guard – center combo and the Hawks are as deep as they’ve ever been.

Dating In Russia More Easily

The process of finding a mate can take time.  People also look for others who can help them do better in life and have a partner who is supportive and loving. Someone who be fiscally successful may not be happy in life because they have not found the right person to marry. Another person may have entered into a relationship but found that it does not meet their needs and they want to divorce that person and find another mate who is more compatible with their own worldview.

The process of finding a mate who shares ones values and interests can take time and effort. Sometimes people will need to leave their own nation and go to another place in order to find a person who fits their specific wants. They may find that the people they meet at home are just not people who share their innate values or that the people they tend to meet are looking for different things out of a relationship than the person seeks from them. The result can be a series of highly unsatisfactory dates and relationships in their native lands that do not work.

This is why certain people look to help them find a mate in places such as Russia. Russia is a well known nation where people have values that are often similar to those of people living in more western nations. Many Russians value hard work, education and economic opportunity. In modern day Russia, economic opportunity can be hard to come because of issues beyond the control of ordinary Russians such as locally corrupt government. This is one of many reasons why so many Russians of all backgrounds are highly open to the possibility of having a relationship with someone from a more economically open nation such as the United States. Many Russians are happy to be part of a culture where they can easily find friends and someone who can help provide them with material goods not widely available here.

Those who wish to consider dating a Russian look for help in doing so. Russian culture can be complex. It is not always clear how to find Russians who are happy to have such a relationship nor how to interact with them once they have been located. This is why people of all backgrounds turn to Anastasia Date for help. The website is a website that offer people from outside of Russia the chance to meet Russians who may be interested in a foreigner who wishes to date them and perhaps even get married to someone from Russia. Many people from abroad have been delighted to discover just how the site can help them find the kind of relationship they want with someone who is happy to date them.

Entrepreneurial Soul: What A Venture Needs To Be Prosperous

It is evident that entrepreneurship is not for everyone as much as most of us want to be our own bosses. There are a couple of ways to know if entrepreneurship is meant for you or not. Some compelling questions that can make you aware of your stand include what it takes to be a leader and whether you can lead yourself to be able to conduct your business and employees in the future. Many traits have been associated with successful entrepreneurs among them being hard work, passion, perseverance, high self-motivation, willingness to fail and a whole bunch of other attributes.

But today, I would like to talk about something different that is more or less associated with the qualities of successful entrepreneurs. Starting a business takes a lot and requires a solid plan to push through but that’s not all. It takes more than this to keep a business afloat. The trick is to establish a business with a soul and not just build it for the sake of it. It might be challenging to define entrepreneurial soul, but once you go through it, you get a vivid picture of what I’m talking about. In some articles, they describe it as passion or inner drive. Entrepreneurial soul necessarily means the things that give you purpose. This is a principal factor for every flourishing business-those with an internal drive and for sure most customers will be die hard clients of such businesses. A business without a soul is as good as chocolate without sugar.

Having a soul does not actually have a long-term impact on the economy or the culture as a whole. The soul is an essential factor, insipid is not.

A perfect example is Marc Sparks, the Chairman, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Unistar Financial Service Corp. who through his comprehensive and distinctive experience in the insurance, investment banking, surety bonding and premium finance sectors, Sparks has sparked the world with various ventures in these areas. His inner drive and passion for these fields have made him successful in establishing and managing different companies. Focusing on the soul again, Marc Sparks has gone in-depth by founding Great Southern General Agency, International Surety & Casualty Company, Advanced Underwriters, Eagle Underwriters, Eagle Premium Finance Company among others.

He is also certified by the Texas Department of Insurance as a Managing General Agent (MGA), Surplus Lines Agent and has a Texas Premium Finance license

The sequential entrepreneur and author has released his book; They Can’t Eat You, where he talks about his personal life and his journey from an average C+ student to being a serial entrepreneur. He also presents ‘Fifty sparks’ that that can help potential entrepreneurs establish a successful path. These hints are a phenomenal way to laying a bedrock in forming a venture.

Read the full article on Entrepreneurial Soul at

Customer Reviews Shape the Company’s Online Reputation

To know more about a particular brand, customers generally research about that company online. Unsatisfied customers will submit negative reviews on the website, and these comments cannot be deleted. Potential prospects judge the reputation of the brand based on these reviews submitted by other customers. Exceptional firms focus on this aspect; hence hire digital agencies that work on reputation management. Reputed organizations have strong marketing engines, and public relations firms have the required resourced to make this reputation management everyday task. Nowadays even small scale companies want to focus on this strategy and hence opt for a cost-effective option.


While some CEOs respond to these negative feedback, and this may sometimes turn to an argument. Hence, they have to focus on client service.


Darius Fisher


Darius Fisher is a Digital Crisis Expert, and he is the president of Status Labs, which is headquartered in Austin. This company focuses on renewing a client’s digital presence, and it does not matter if it via Search engines or on social media. He confirms that the biggest mistake is indifferent attitude and lack of preparation. Some top-notch executives do not give much attention to their online reputation. Moreover, they are lacking in foresight and thereby get affected by bad press or customer attacks. A company has to invest in online reputation management and should screen their web presence.


Darius Fisher’s Company specializes in even altering Google’s search results. However, this takes considerable time and effort along with proper planning. First they develop and promote new content and then publish it on the websites. Now Google displays the new content about a person, establishment first. They cover only positive aspects about that individual or company and include them in social media, personal websites. In addition to that they release dynamic videos, press releases, guest articles and much more than that. Status Labs is referral based and has gained immense popularity among top executives.

Flipora Will Rock Your World With Amazing Web-Site Suggestions

Do you get tired of surfing the web and finding something amazing, only to find that a matter of minutes later you cannot remember where you were? It happens all the time. The internet is full of amazing facts, recipes, exotic vacation destinations and things to learn. Too often the problem is that we surf so many pages our cue cannot hold all the information. If this is your problem, then the solution is Flipora.

If you have never heard of Flipora, you are in for a treat. It is only one of the hottest web surfing applications out there. It’s in the minority because there just isn’t much competition. The app allows you to set preferences, and it will guide you to websites that you find useful. Better still, it keeps all these websites in a cue that you can access anytime you want. No more contemplating where you saw that great recipe or picture you wanted to share.

Flipora is new to the circuit, but it is growing by leaps and bounds. It fits in the category or a social media outlet, except it is a social media surfing outlet. When you sign up for an account, you can choose from more than 57 different topics that suit your fancy. The popularity is something else that cannot be ignored. More than 150,000 people use this site each and every week. So much for keeping a good thing a secret. The best thing is how easy it is to use. It’s one of those apps that is designed just to make your life a whole lot simpler in a matter of minutes.

We are all so very busy in life. With jobs, kids, spouses and household responsibilities, having an application that can keep track of things we need so that it can quickly be accessed is miraculous. You no longer just have to stumble on great websites, Flipora will lead you to sites that you probably never knew were out there, and now you cannot live without.

Best of all you can leave a post or tweet on other social media outlets when you find something great that you want to share. Fliproa will change your life, for the good. There are 8 million users, and the site accesses 20 million pages every day. They also have users in over 200 countries worldwide. What are you waiting for? Make your life a whole lot easier using the incredible services of Flipora.

Spirituality and Business Not So Different After All


Spirituality in business is best depicted by the life and history of Joseph Bismark. Before realizing his business break through, Bismark embarked on a self-driven spiritual expedition that led him to the Philippines. Here he learned different principles including the meditation and other spiritual cuttings that were very instrumental to his success as an entrepreneur. As he puts it in many occasions, the spiritual lesson that he learned while at convent in the Philippines helped him very much in his search towards financial stability and freedom. Most people seek freedom from external factors but what they do not know is that the threat is actually the enemy within. He understood the values of inner peace and this helped him to understand and view life from a very different perspective.

As it is depicted from Bismark’s expedition, spirituality can actually be traced in most of the business related principles that are currently even taught in business school. Spiritually is a discipline that teaches humanity to hold onto to certain beliefs even though they are not reasonably clear to the human brain. Spirituality is a mind provoking activity that helps the brain achieve its uttermost potential. For instance, meditation is the art of examining one’s self to find his or her inner power and free his thoughts from earthly desires. Bismarck learned this through outs his spiritual expedition.

As he argues, his life now is dedicated to serving others other than himself. He believe that he succeeds in order to save humanity and this principle has been part of his business goal ever since. In business on the other hand, the same principles are applied. For instance, business is a game of faith and hope that returns are going to be made. When you embark on a business as an entrepreneur, you risk losing your resources and money but the intrinsic faith and need to serve others overwhelms your threshold of fear. Entrepreneurs are normally people who feel and see need and they want to satisfy it. That is in actual sense service to humanity. Spirituality teaches giving to the poor and the giving will come back to you and in business the same principle applies.

Spirituality has actually influenced business in that ethical aspects of business are based on spiritual beliefs and teachings. Unfair play for instance in business where unscrupulous business people try to embezzle or deliberately use other people’s resources for their own gain are harshly condemned. Most of the very successful entrepreneurs and businesses are those that have a passion for humanity. Companies are currently taking initiatives to save humanity throughout the world through green technology. Caring for the environment and caring the poor is a spiritual aspect assimilated in business and it works very well in both realms.