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Just at 46, Ken Griffin is super rich as Forbes estimates his wealth to be in the region of $7 billion. For a fact, it takes so much to make such an astounding fortune within a short period. For example, wealthy business moguls like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs started off their business empires in the 1970s. Besides, they have been in the game for so long to deserve such luxuries and status. Moreover, they are in the technology industry; that is one of the new developments of the modern age. It is the primary reason Kenneth Griffin deserves a part on his back. He is young, entrepreneurial, and of course, filthy rich. But, his successful career did not just appear by chance. Only after leaving Harvard, he received about $1 million from Frank Meyer, a founder of Glenwood Capital LLC., to invest. He exceeded Meyer’s prospects and made a return on investment of about 70 percent. He then founded Citadel in 1990 with just $4.6 million.

For sure with over $7 billion in wealth, this guys moves like a king. He can afford absolutely anything this planet can offer. He can buy a Boeing, a yacht, or a mansion in Los Angeles or any other Porsche city. Ken Griffin on turtletrader is the real deal and an emblem of perseverance, determination, and resilience. He is a role model for most young entrepreneurs that wish to start businesses, but scared of the outcome and longevity of their ventures. However, it has not been a walk in the park to reach such great heights. It has taken him a lot of precaution and courage to fend off competition and distracters.

Unlike Bill Gates and the group, Kenneth Griffin’s source of wealth is hedge funds. He is the founder and Chief Executive of Citadel, an international investment firm. As of March 2015, the company recorded a high $25 billion in investment capital. Citadel is one of the leading alternative investment firms worldwide. The company’s collection of hedge funds appears among the most successful corporations in the world. In 2012, Forbes highlighted Griffin as one of the highly paid hedge fund managers. Besides, he was named among Forbes 400 rich list.

Apart from being one of the wealthiest businesspeople in the globe, Griffin also has a big heart and gives out just like he gets. He engages in a couple of donations just like Bill Gates and his wife that have founded the Melinda and Gates Foundation. In 2014, he donated over $150 million to Harvard University as part of the financial aid program. Experts consider the donation as one the single leading ever to be made to an institution. He has also made noteworthy contributions to the Art of Institute of Chicago, a public establishment. Besides, he has helped the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the public library as well. Currently, Griffin’s contributions to various foundations stand at a whopping $500. This trend among the rich leaves us to wonder if the hand that gives ever remains blessed. Kenneth is a real definition of empowerment, and he leads by example as other follow suit.

Why Flipora May Be the Missing Link in Web Search

When you take into consideration the amazing technology that goes behind search engines, one cannot help but be impressed. Over the last 20 years, search technology has taken incredible strides. It’s hard to believe that the largest search engine in the world, Google is only 17 years old. Now what was once a small renegade search engine is a commonly used worldwide name, as much a part of our lives as our television sets or automobiles.

Growth is the backbone of technology. Without constant advancements and improvements, our lives would be made less convenient.

One can hardly fathom that search technology could actually be improved upon, especially when we have the information of the entire world as close as our cell phones. But is there room for improvement? Can search technology actually be improved upon in this day and age? Can we actually expect something better than the zenith of what we have now?

Flipora, a brand-new search engine is breaking new ground and how people use search and the results that they receive. The search engine is the creation of Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, two graduates from Stanford University who had a better idea for a search engine than the ones that occupy the present space. And their plan was so simple, it makes sense upon further inspection.

One of the main complaints about search engines is that they don’t reply to inquiries with information that is relevant to the user. In many cases the information that a search engine returns is based upon an algorithm that is written by a team of programmers, and not necessarily convey the real world, common knowledge known by individuals. Flipora attempts to bridge that gap by incorporating a unique approach that utilizes social usage online. By combining social usage received with a proprietary search algorithm, Flipora returns search results that are more personal in nature and has more data relevant to the search than other search engines.

The upstart search engine recently received a $1.5 million stipend from a group of investors, including Anil Dharni, the Co-Founder of Funzio, and Mayank Bawa, Founder and CEO of Aster Data. Since their initial startup in 2012, they have received close to $4.5 million worth of startup funding.

The technology behind search engines are constantly evolving and changing, but in many ways lack the human touch.

Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

Human rights have a variety of different meanings and standards, however the most universally explanation is that they are fundamental rights that every single person on earth is entitled to. These can refer to moral standards held by individuals or as a set of laws and regulations determined by a country or group of countries. These rights are given to a person no matter what, without discrimination, these are rights are inherent no matter of their nation, location, language, religion or any other type of status that a person has. Under the eyes of the law this should be the same with everyone in order for them to be deemed equal.

Although Human rights are international and there is international laws that protect people, there are many situations in which countries will not adhere to these rules and will have their own set of regulations. There is however constant international debate on how these human rights should be laid out. There is a strong contingent if people that believe human rights should only encompass the minimum requirements to protect people from abuses. While another train of through believes that the laws should be more broad, such as the rights to a fair trial, free speech and right to education to name a few.

One of the first examples of Human Rights and international standards was conceived directly after World War II, in response to the huge amount of wartime atrocities that occurred. The result of this was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and was adopted in 1948. This is a non-binding agreement and by no way a law, it is viewed as the pioneering statement of international rights in the world. And although this is not enforced it promotes member nations to adhere to a certain set of standards relating to the governance of its people, the document urges countries to promote human, civil, economic and social rights.

A prominent current human rights activist is Yeonmi Park, born in 1993, Park is a North Korean Defector who escaped to South Korea in 2007. While in North Korea Park and her family were considered part of the ruling elite, however now residing in South Korea she is an activist who talks primarily on North Korean refuges. Yeonmi Park is best known for her speech at the One Young World summit where she spoke of her experience in escaping the secretive country. She is constantly facing attacks from North Korea attempting to tarnish her image and discredit her accusations. She is an incredibly brave person to stand up to North Korea and counts herself lucky to have been able to escape.

Shaygan Kheradpir – Switching Career Successfully

For people wanting to switch jobs, here is a word of advice. If at times, choosing a position sounds a little discouraging, do not be put off. There are thousands of positions in any given field to choose from and myriad ways to getting it. But first, you need to point out all the various concerns that must be considered when selecting one position out of the bunch.

If you are not tied down by basic problems in life, you have every opportunity to succeed. It is challenging and sometimes difficult to choose. It takes time and effort and sometimes money during the process. But it is far from impossible to undertake. If you take a look around, people who want to switch from one career to another, from one field to another are everywhere. And new career provides more than just personal wealth for these people. Some of the positions are the lifeblood of a company’s economy. Take for example, Shaygan Kheradpir on recode who is a business executive in the technology industry. After completing his doctorate from Cornell University he got hired to many tech companies. There he served in many different positions from manager to chief executive officer. His notable contribution was as the executive of Verizon where he reduced the company’s expenditure by about 30 percent over the years. After a decade in Verizon, Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays and later became the chief executive officer of Juniper Networks till November 2014.

People who switch from one job to another are also motivated by other factors such as job satisfaction and challenges the job brings. Moreover, these people are the source of most innovations happening around because they have new ideas, great ideas and different ideas all gained from their previous experiences in various fields. And their new position serves as the incubators for their ideas as well. The point is that, switching jobs is not a sin but a boon for some people like Shaygan Kheradpir. People can succeed in new jobs as much as they did in their previous one. They just have to be willing to put some extra effort.

There are many resources that provide people with the information they need to successfully make the transition from one job to another and from one field to another. Those resources identify the key issues that must be addressed in order to turn their ideas and passion into action and therefore a successful and profitable career. Job seekers and entrepreneurs can effectively organize various activities that go into switching jobs. More important, what they need to increase the chance of success and survive in the new field is the right motivation. Motivation can come in any form like money, power, passion, position, fun and much else.

Stephen Murray Defines the Success of CCMP

Over the years, many countries have invested a lot in the global arena. The emergence of investment firms has improved the conditions of doing business. Through investment firms, people can easily access funds and technical support to start entrepreneurship. This has also facilitated economic growth where structural development has taken center stage in reviving the economic stability of countries. Investment firms are the source of financial support for different stakeholders who undertake the development and growth of business entities. Financial institutions highly depend on the investment firms for capital investment. This is made possible because they depend on the firms for security issuances on properties and assets. The banks also acquire financial aid with reduced interest rates. Most of these investment firms deal with leverage and acquisition of assets and properties where majority of institutions use their services.

Governments are also the beneficiaries of investment firms since they acquire financial support from the firms to invest in structural development. Through reduced lending rates, the government can acquire loans which they pay over a long period of time. Corporate institutions depend highly on the investment firms when it comes to capital investment. There are many capital investment firms in the United States of America. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an investment firms that deals with leverage and acquisition of properties. The firm was established in 1984 and was formerly owned by JPMorgan Chase. This was a private partnership between JP Morgan Partners. The company’s headquarter is in New York city and over the years the company has grown and has developed umbrella branches in London, Hongkong and Tokyo. The firm has over 50 professional employees who have invested a lot in terms of skills and have ensured only the best is delivered to their clients. The company has gradually grown over the years to a net worth of approximately 12billion dollars in assets. This has been made possible because of the high knowledgeable leadership structures which have scaled the company to be among the leading capital investment firms globally. The firm has invested highly in capital growth where the investment made is channeled through the capital market with the aim of realizing increased outcome.

Through the leadership structures of Stephen Murray, the company has continued to offer investment services to a professional level. Stephen Murray graduated with a degree of economics from the Boston College and later pursued his master’s degree in Business Administration from the Columbia Business School. These skills he acquired have propelled him to reach greater heights in the entrepreneurship field. Apart from the investment field, he has also contributed a lot in the philanthropic world. He has contributed to the Make-A-Wish Foundation based in New York which dealt with food for lower earning counties.

The Eucatex Company in Brazil

Eucatex Company is a firm that has its focus on environment and uses raw materials from the eucalyptus trees in the manufacture of ceiling tiles and panels. The company started more than five decades ago. Initially, the company manufactured soft boards but later started producing hard boards. They also produced paints that were used for coating their panels and the ceiling tiles. To ensure their self-reliance in raw materials production, the company has bought large tracts of land and emphasize on reforestation. Towards the end of the 1980’s, Eucatex had their products exported to more than fifty countries.

Eucatex produced varnishes and paints in their considerably developed laboratories. The product of the company became recognized globally, and the firm became certified. In recent times, Eucatex started embracing modern technology and techniques in the production of furniture such as the doors. By the time the company was commemorating its 60th birthday, it had managed to manufacture products such as wall partitions, laminate floors, MDF and MDP panels, doors and paints.

In a bid to support and give back to the community, Eucatex has engaged in social activities and has concentrated more on NGOs in aid of children. “House of Nature” is one of the popular programs that Eucatex Company has developed with more than 680 visits and above 20,000 visitors. The primary aim of this program is developing and transmitting environmental conservation concepts through training of the learners. It also gives the guests an opportunity to learn the ecological system of the region.

In a recent move, Eucatex engaged parents, teachers and students of a school in Santo Andre, SP, in a project whose main focus was to renovate the floor and the entire wall of the school. During this project, Eucatex donated paints to the school that came in handy for renewing the whole school. Besides, the children with artistic painting talents were used to paint the floors. The company has encouraged the employees over years to practice the social responsibility by donating diapers, clothing and food after every quarter of a year to go to the vulnerable group in the society.

Flavio Maluf, the vice chairman, the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Company’s Executive Board has been steering the Company to success. He has specialized in manufacturing, supply chain management, product management, training and leadership among others. This professional expertise has helped him to steer the company to greater heights. He has distinctive team leadership and planning skills that have been imperative in his management role. He is an expert in mechanics as well as an entrepreneur. He is a graduate from FAAP located in Brazil. He is the son of Paulo Maluf, a politician. He is also a community volunteer.

Fallout After Ashley Madison Hack: Extortion and Identity Theft

The recent attack on the affair-seeking site Ashley Madison exposed millions of users’ data to the world, followed shortly by those attempting to make money off the stolen data – blackmailing the users themselves, using some of the private data for phishing scams and other forms of identity theft, and more.

Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, describes the repercussions of the attack as longer-lasting than simple blackmail schemes. Attackers can decide both how and when they want to make use of the data, potentially leading to damage further on in the future, after the press buzz around the hack dies down.

The company recommends that people steer clear of suspicious offers to help hide one’s identity if one has used Ashley Madison – such sensitive data triggers an immediate response that is best left checked and observed before action is taken.

Users should remember that removal of their information from the source of the data is impossible. Once in the database, their information is there to stay, and promises to remove it or hide it are impossible to carry out.

Online reputation management companies like Status Labs help optimize a company’s search engine results, not hide data in a situation like the Ashley Madison hack. Their services are not geared toward manipulation of data itself as they are toward informing how data are presented to potential consumers – for example, what results from a Google search of their company or field will turn up.

Affected users should take steps to protect their identity in the future, such as changing passwords and not responding to any suspicious identity protection offers, rather than feed into the designs of those working with the stolen data.

Finding a House Cleaning Service Is Easier Than You Think

While there is nothing better than getting off of work and coming in to a sparkly clean home, taking the time to make it happen can be a real drag. There are much more enjoyable things to do than spending the day cleaning but it is one of those things that must get done. People have a ton of responsibilities and would like to spend their free time doing something they actually enjoy.

When someone doesn’t want to spend their time cleaning, the use of home cleaning services can suit their needs. With people having to work more hours on a weekly basis and still tend to their families needs, the use of house cleaning services are becoming commonplace. It helpful for people to outsource certain activities to make more time for themselves. Itunes’ Handy cleaning services was once seen to be a luxury for the rich and upper-class, but this is no longer the case.

There are many things to take into consideration when looking to hire a house cleaning service. After all, these are people who are going to be coming into the home. It has to be a company that can be trusted and places high value on delivering quality service. Hiring a cleaning service should be taken seriously. Many questions should be asked prior to hiring the service and research must be done on the company.

Is the company insured? Is the insurance adequate in the case of an incident? What type of screening process do the employees go through? Are there actual employees or independent contractors coming into the home? What type of training does an employee go through? How many people will be coming into the home? What type of services are offered? What are the rates? Is there a guarantee on the service?

These are just a few of the many questions that should asked and taken into consideration when doing research on a potential company. Everything should be clear and upfront before an exchange of money or anyone coming into the home. Ask as many questions as possible. A reputable company should be more than happy to address any concern that may arise in the vetting process.

One company that makes finding house cleaning services simple and easy is Handy. Handy is a home cleaning service that provides cleaning services from highly qualified professionals at an affordable price. They vet their employees thoroughly to ensure that they provide customers with the best service possible from trusted individuals. With Handy, one can use the app or go to their website to search for individuals to hire. They make things simple for people so they spend less time worrying and engaging in unwanted task and more time enjoying life.

Dreading housecleaning days is becoming a thing of the past. Hire a house cleaning service today and spend that free time pursing a hobby or enjoy time with family and friends.

Men Should Give Themselves The Chance To Buy Nice, Trending Shoes

The trends for men’s shoes are always changing, and it might feel hard for a man to keep up with all of the changes, and to keep switching over to a new pair. But, those are the kinds of sacrifices that one makes in order to stay in style. It might be a lot of work, but the work will be worth it when one knows that they are wearing something that looks great, and that is completely fashionable.

One brand that offers trending men’s leather shoes that are both fashionable and not likely to go out of style anytime soon is Paul Evans. This brand puts out shoes that are made with the highest quality standards. Everything about the shoes, from the style to the fit, is perfect. When men try out this brand they immediately love everything about it. Paul Evans might not be the cheapest brand that is available, but that is just what makes them all the more special.

Trends are constantly changing when it comes to shoes and everything else, but men don’t have to feel quite so bad about that when they pick up a pair or two of luxury men’s shoes. These kinds of shoes will stay trendy even after others go out of style, plus they will keep one’s feet comfortable, as well. There is nothing like a pair of fashionable, high quality shoes to make a man feel good about himself and how he is looking. Every man should give himself the chance to purchase a pair of nice, trending shoes from time to time.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services Is Consolidating The House Cleaning Market Nationwide

Hiring a Handy home cleaning service can be stressful though. There is the factor that a stranger will be entering the home, and they’ll be going through and seeing things that a family would normally try and pick up before company arrives. There is also a pride issue. There are some people that greatly need the help of a home cleaning service because they’re either too busy or they just aren’t good house keepers, but there is apprehension there because it’s an intimate exchange to give people money to see how dirty a house or apartment is allowed to get especially to the point of needing a service. Fortunately, there are some tips and guidelines that can be followed that can make the selection process safer and more comfortable.

The first thing a person needs to do is to take inventory of all the rooms in their house, and they need to decide what rooms they’re going to trust strangers to work in and move things. The trust doesn’t necessarily need to be applied to a worry about theft, but surely there will be homes where there are very valuable things, and the homeowners don’t want to risk having someone else damage or destroy them even by accident. Also, once a set of rooms is decided upon, clients need to decide what exactly they will allow to be done inside the room.

Picking the right person or team to come and clean a home is probably the hardest part of the process. Most home cleaning services rely on good referrals, and they also have to depend on the internet review sites to rate their performance. This is a good place to start for the client. Asking around would be the first thing to do. Always check with family, neighbors and friends to see if they have utilized a home cleaning service, and what their impression of the employees were or are. Hopefully, they will still be using a service which would be a good indicator of quality.

Always ask a potential service to do an interview. There are so many questions that need to be asked before hiring someone. This also gives the prospective employee a chance to consult with the client about what they want done, and it gives them a chance to decide if they even want to take the job.

Handy on facebook, Home Cleaning Services is a business with a great reputation nationally, and they are highly recommended. There aren’t too many cleaning services that are national chains, but according to Handy, they want to be the Uber of home cleaning services. They are doing over 1 million a week in booked jobs, and they’re quickly becoming the go-to service for people to choose to let someone come into their homes. With reliability, a good reputation and a growing national business, Handy is demonstrating the criteria needed when selecting a service.