ClassDojo has raised $21 million in a Series B round of funding

ClassDojo has raised $21 million in a Series B round of funding that was led by General Catalyst. The Company got new investors that include GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.


ClassDojo is an education start-up that is based in San Francisco and has been in existence since 2011. The objective of the company is to develop an application that connects students, teachers, and parent all year round. Through the platform, parents and teachers can communicate consistently and share information about the student’s activities as well as social and behavioral development at school.


The funding ClassDojo received was closed late in 2015. According to the co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the capital that was raised from the Series B round of funding will be used to research and try and figure out the type and kind of content that and app features that will add value to parents who use the app. While doing this, they are not only focused on its use at school but also at home. They intend to make it useful to parents so that they can get a guide that will help them support and enhance the learning and development that their kids are doing at school.


The ClassDojo app allows teachers to schedule activities and make it known to parents that are using the application. They can take photos and videos and post them on the platform of all student activities throughout the day.


When the start-up was starting in 2011, they looked at what other similar startups were doing. Some of the things that they noticed is that most edtech startups were creating content that they were selling to students, teachers, and parents. ClassDojo decided to do it differently by developing a platform that was free and easy to use so that they could create a culture and community between students, parents, and teachers.


Since they started, the platform has grown and is now used by more than 8500 teachers in various schools across the United States. Most teachers that are using the app are those teaching kindergarten through to 8th grade. Focus is on distributing the app to more teachers, not only in the United States but also in other countries.


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Spring Has Sprung- Get Some Work Done With Handy

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get some work done. Work around the house in terms of spring cleaning that is. For many people, the reality is that there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done around the house that we would like to. For this reason, there are service providers out there such as Handy that offer handyman and cleaning services to individuals such as ourselves.

Spring cleaning can consist of many things ranging from thoroughly cleaning your home all the way to reorganizing, redecorating, and even sometimes remodeling. The trusted professionals at Handy offer services to get all of these tasks completed at a great price without you having to devote your precious time to doing them yourself.

Just shortly after their third anniversary Handy announced that they had reached a milestone of booking over 1 million service calls to clients worldwide. Handy is more than just a home and office cleaning provider. They also offer many day-to-day handyman services. Whether you simply need some dusting and cleaning done around your home or if you are looking to install new locks throughout your house and perhaps paint a room or two the trusted professionals at Handy are here to help.

Handy has quickly grown to become the number one handyman and cleaning service provider in many of the locations in which they operate. This is primarily in thanks to their devotion to customer satisfaction and professionalism. Spring has sprung, so call Handy today and get some work done!

Starting Up Companies Like Marc Sparks

There are many people who are interested in starting up their own company. Starting a business takes a lot of time, money, and the ability to deliver value to customers. In the Dallas area, there are more people starting up companies than ever before. One of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the Dallas area is Marc Sparks.

He has been able to start and run many successful companies in the area. Anyone who is wanting to learn how to build up a company needs to work with him in the future. Marc Sparks now serves as a venture capitalist with his firm. He loves to offer up funding to people starting companies in the Dallas area. Over time, he has been able to positively influence the lives of many people in the area.
Early Life of Marc Sparks

There are some people who are born to start up a business. From an early age, it was obvious that Marc Sparks ( would become great at something. He always had a big personality and was able to relate well with people. Over a period of many years, he would start and run several successful companies.

This experience would prove to be very valuable later on in life. He would later talk about how important it was in those early years to start up a business with little funding or financial backing.

Venture Capital

There are a lot of companies that have great ideas and products. However, many times it takes financial backing to take the next step as a business. There are many people in the state of Texas who have companies that they operate. Texas is one of the most tax-friendly states in the country.

Marc Sparks has been able to operate in this area with great success. As a venture capitalist, he works with small companies that need funding in order to grow. In exchange for his money and expertise, those business owners give Marc Sparks a piece of their overall business. This is something that Marc Sparks has been able to use with great success. Over a period of many years, Marc Sparks has been able to invest in dozens of great companies.

Giving Back to Others

One of the features that makes Marc Sparks unique among highly successful people is his willingness to give back to others. There are a lot of people who would simply take the money and retire. However, he has dreams to help as many people as possible in his career journey. There are many people who look up to him for this feature.

Anyone who wants to help others is limited by both time and money. Due to his vast career success, Marc Sparks has a lot of both. Over the long term, he wants to help millions of people in his area of the country achieve their business dreams.

He is a motivational speaker and has even authored several books. There are many people who look up to his work, and he is highly regarded in the community as a whole. Anyone who wants to positively impact the world needs to take a lesson from the life and career of Marc Sparks. There is a lot of opportunity to help others if we just look around us and get to work.

What Is iFunding And Who Is Behind It?

Ifunding is a crowdfunding company that allows investors to invest in high quality commercial real estate projects with a small minimum investment of only five thousand dollars. This is in stark contrast to the typical requirement of fifty to one hundred thousand dollars often obliged by real estate developers to have an investment share in a project. Ifunding also helps real estate developers, home renovators, construction firms and housing developers quickly and effectively raise the capital they need from investors by crowdfunding through ifunding’s website.

The process of investing or raising capital at Ifunding is very simple. If you are an investor you select from over a hundred different projects available to invest in at the time. Detailed information is provided, including what kind of investment stake you will have such as whether it is preferred stock or a debt investment in the project. The estimated return is given as well as how long it will take to make a profit from your investment. Location, a description of the company in charge of carrying out the project and much more detailed info is proved on the investment.

Once you have chosen a project to your liking as an investor, you simply select it and after reviewing the terms you pay and invest a minimum of five thousand dollars. If the project does not crowdfund enough money to reach its target investment goal, then your money will be completely refunded. There will be no fees or charges, you get your money back and you are free to invest in any other project.

So who is the man behind ifunding? How was it started? CrunchBase tells us the man who created the ifunding company is William Skelley. He created ifunding when he saw a brilliant idea for alternative real estate investments. In an interview iFunding CEO Mr. Skelley made it clear he thought, why not combine the idea of crowdfunding with real estate investments? This idea lead to William Skelley creating a crowdfunding investment site that allows smaller investors to pool money together to invest in big projects that would only be available to wealthy investors and big banks.

William Skelley has been instrumental in new hires as MarketWired points out, and he has so far been involved with overseeing over two billion dollars worth of transactions at ifunding so far. He lives in New York City and Boston. Mr. Skelley is a frequent and notable speaker at conferences that discuss crowdfunding in real estate investment. Before starting ifunding William worked at General Electric and Olympus, as covered by

Bryan Singer Signs on for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

A new version of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is coming to the big screen. The original Disney-produced film is considered a classic. The new film may very well rise to similar heights. The director is Bryan Singer, and he is not known for disappointing fans.

Singer is the director of the soon-to-arrive X-Men: Apocalypse. He understands sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure quite well. He is a fine choice for the frequently stalled 20,000 Leagues reboot. A few short years ago, the new version was slated to be produced by Jon Urbana in either Australia or New Zealand, but the project was stalled. The excessively high budget was the primary reason. Now, things are back on track for the feature.

Singer is happy with his home at 20th Century Fox. The studio has faith in his ability to handle big-budget projects. After the fiasco with the Fantastic Four reboot, the studio does not want to see another money loser.

Still, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is still a risky film to make. Science-fiction is hot again, but most audiences connect sci-fi with outer space. 20,000 Leagues is set underwater. Plus, the film is not set in the future. The events take place during the Victorian era. Modern audiences may not necessarily flock to this feature.

Marketing and promotions does play a role in motion picture success. A good advertising strategy – and the right stars – boosts the film’s box office potential immensely.

Jon Urbana Displays Artistic Skills In New Videos

Lacrosse athlete and former Villanova star player Jon Urbana has released several videos displaying his artistic side. When Jon is not working with local Denver area charities or helping out at his lacrosse camp he finds the time to make videos of his artistic interests including his photographic work and life as pilot. Jon is an FAA licensed pilot and often shares his adventures on his social media accounts. Jon’s videos can be found on his Vimeo page and through YouTube as well as Daily Motion.

Jon’s most recent Vimeo video entitled “Jon Urbana Photography”, which was posted to YouTube in late December 2015, features nearly 10 minutes of his artistic photography set to complementary music written by Urbana in a slideshow. The video shows a flow of many of Jon’s recent travels around the world including China, as well as still life photographs and detailed lion photographs.

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Another recent video by Jon from late December 2015 entitled “Goldfish in a Cabernet Glass” was posted to Vimeo, featuring a goldfish in a Cabernet glass. The video is simplistic and modern with a single focus, the goldfish swimming in a water filled elegant glass set alone with no other objects in the video. The freestyle video is one of Jon’s shorter but more artistic videos, showing off a different artistic style than his other videos.

The third most recent Vimeo video from Jon, shows more of his photography skills in a video entitled “Stadium Scenes, by Jon Urbana.” The video features a high-speed time lapse style scene of a busy stadium and passing clouds with a tinted sky. This video shows off Jon’s technical startup skills and eye for color editing.

Jon has additionally posted videos spotlighting his charity work on Vimeo, including a fundraising video for Earth Force as well as ARAS. Jon uses the videos as a way to deliver the highlights of his fundraising efforts and give information on how viewers can spread the word about the fundraisers and contribute to the campaigns.

Gourmet Taste Beneful Puppy Formula Feeds Eleven

Keeping my dog healthy is the reason I purchase Beneful dog food. I was reading the news when I came across an article about a dog food that taste good enough for humans to consume. This was sort of shocking but believable since I have seen my dogs eating their food. Purina dog foods such as Beneful are quickly becoming gourmet tasting dog foods and could be good enough for anyone or anything to consume. In Pennsylvania, Fresh-pet is becoming one of the dog foods that pet owners are watching. They began using cooked meat instead of by-products in their food. Using fresh ingredients can help your dog to be healthier and happier. Fresh ingredients have more flavor and may be considered a gourmet food for your pet. The manufacturing chief actually picked up a bite of food and put it in his mouth. He ate it speaking of how delicious it actually was. In my opinion, anyone that will eat their own dog food and like it tells me that the food must be of good quality and that I can trust it for my pets. It is no wonder that the Freshet company is quickly becoming one of the fastest increasing pet food creators on the market.  We went to the Veterinarian and she said we could add in some soft dog food to help feed them. So we are buying a large bag of Beneful puppy formula to help our Gracie feed her babies. Beneful puppy is full of everything our dogs need. They love the taste of the sample we brought home so we know they will love the food. We believe that our pets deserve the best in dog food so that is why we give all 11 of them Beneful. Like the article I read, I expect any food I give my pets to be good enough for me to eat.

Darius Fisher: Helping to Keep Your Brand at a Maximum Level.

In today’s society, most people understand the power of the internet. News travels at the click of a mouse whether good or bad. Many companies, public figures, and politicians have sought out organizations to help them manage their online presence to make sure things are running smoothly. One of the top figures who many of these clients reach out to is Darius Fisher.

Similar to the character (Olivia Pope) portrayed on the popular weekly tv series, Scandal, Darius Fisher has cemented himself among the elite in crises management with many high profile clients. As the president of a company called, Status Labs, he has catapulted his company to the top of the list of people you want to know if you are concerned about your business or personal reputation. To give you an idea of how important his company is, he has more than 1,500 clients in over 35 countries. His purpose is to catch problems before they spiral out of control, address and correct the issue as promptly and adequately as possible. People who hold high positions or have significant investments are realizing more than ever that the services Darius provide are crucial when your reputation needs to remain spotless.

With digital marketing evolving with the growth of the business market and how they function, companies like Status Labs have cornered the market when it comes to providing damage control for many executives. By helping executives realize how vulnerable they are to bad press or how negative comments can lead to a loss in profits, companies are willing to invest in their services. One of the primary services that Status Labs provides is cleaning up Google’s search results. Everyone knows that bad news travels fast. By providing rich content and relevant websites that relate to the business, Google searches produce positive results.

While many may question the moral compass of the company, Darius is quick to mention that they do not take jobs from clients that go against their moral structure and that they have rejected clients for reasons that go against their beliefs.

Status Labs Continues to Fight Digital Reputation War

There is no doubt that after the “share post” button is hit, many of us wish we had it to do all over again. One seemingly simple comment can be seen as harmless by most, but taken very negatively by many others, and cause them to feel as if they are the brunt of a bad joke or being cyber-bullied. And it’s those negative responses and shares that cause the unforeseen trouble. This was the case when HootSuite CEO and founder Ryan Holmes posted a pic and comment to the company site; in what was meant to be a parting toast for his laid off employees, was instead regarded as an insult. The resulting negative feedback forced HootSuite to remove the post…without any further comment.

According to online reputation expert Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, “After all, executives are the face of the company and should represent their company’s voice,”…“Even if it’s on their personal social media platforms.” Status Labs believes that business owners and especially upper management should have training in how to properly navigate different social media platforms. To simply assume everyone has a Facebook account therefore everyone knows what to say and how to say it, is a huge mistake when it comes to public figures and business leaders. The snowball effect of a negative post can take a lot of PR work to fix.

Some other proactive steps businesses should be aware of and Mr. Fisher stresses, is to make sure the privacy settings on your social media sites are properly set and to also have the mindset that nothing is truly private in the digital world. Going after data brokers like PeopleSmart and WhitePages to remove your personal information is also a good idea. Regular Google searches on yourself, when done the right way may bring up any negative information, but hiring a service like Status Labs ensures that not only is bad data removed but it is also replaced with good content that shines a positive light on you or your organization. With specialist in search engine optimization, social media and content marketing, and public relations, Status Labs can turn a catastrophe into a turning point.

Premium Tasty Dog Treats Are Making Their Way

Down in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania lies an industrial et food market that is cranking out some of the most tasty dog treats in the business. The Freshpet Inc. factory is creating top of the line dog food that is trying join in on the $23.7 billion dollar pet food industry that continues to rise every single day. They are trying to design products that are not only tasty, but also immensely healthy for pets to start eating. Over the past few years, pet food companies have been trying to bring in ordinary foods like lamb and salmon to help offer organic and grain-free food. Whether it’s Freshpet or Blue Buffalo Co., there are so many wonderful pet food companies that are retrying to get a step above other brands to sell and create healthy foods that still remain tasty. There are so many ways other brands are trying to come up with unique ways to stand out. Purina created a Twitter website that allows for pet owners to create their very own customized blend to give their pets the best possible healthy options. This simple benefit is truly going to benefit your pets greatly. The President of the Pure Research Group has made it clear that pet stores and dog food companies are constantly looking to come up with the best innovation to help pet owners with their pets and their health. Beneful is another great dog food brand that is always trying to come up with different dog foods that are only going to give them tasty treats and healthy options. has even taken it another step forward by providing foods that are even giving to help clean their teeth and remove any tartar or plaque buildup. There are all kinds of products they are trying to come up with that can help keep your dog healthy. If you are looking for guide your dog to be healthier and also give them premium dog food options, Beneful is the brand worth going after. Head through their collection of dog food options to give your dog an effective set of healthy foods to eat.