Corruption is Eminent: Lacey and Larkin’s perspective on the Presidential Pardon of Arpaio

The justice system has created a unique precedent with the recent decision of Donald Trump to pardon Joe Arpaio. Despite numerous criminal allegations and a long history of harmful misuse of political office, the former sheriff of Maricopa County has been pardoned.

There is no threat of jail time for this intolerable public servant who has detained thousands illegally in this special internment camps. With a significant loss of life numbering in the thousands, Joe Arpaio has done a lot of things wrong throughout his tenure. Nevertheless it seems that he will not have to pay for these actions in any way.

Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin have been explaining the deplorable nature of this individual for years. Nevertheless, their efforts have compounded in the recent months following Trump’s pardon. They have been part of the public outcry about this decision and created steadfast results in numerous ways.

Lacey and Larkin themselves had been targets of Arpaio more than a decade ago. After they wrote some pieces about an impending trial, Arpaio’s special task force held them hostage in two separate facilities. It was clear that he did not want the facts of the case discussed let alone propagated in journalistic media outlets.

Since there are so many ways that Arpaio has misled people and contributed public harm, Lacey and Larkin have helped to advocate for his victims and the countless families torn apart by his selective task force.

After being held captive, Lacey and Larkin filed a lawsuit which was rewarded with several million dollars.

The funds were used to establish the Frontera Fund which is designed to support migrant workers and individuals looking for legal help and council. The need for these services may be amplified due to the way that Trump has pardoned Arpaio.

They speak about the corruption of recent legal trials this month, explaining how the numerous detestable actions of Arpaio have gone unaddressed. Instead of meaningful results that can further protect civil liberties, the decision of the president shows that harmful misuse of power can go unaddressed and even forgiven.

Without anything being done to support the families and lives of his victims, Trump has created a standard of corruption that may grow in the future.

The Frontera Fund is an important way to leverage support of key principles that protect fundamental constitutional rights. Even though this is not possible in the case against Arpaio as it has been pardoned, it is needed in future trials as well as legislative actions overall.

The importance of the Frontera Fund has increased in recent times. They have created a lot of results in their actions over the past few years and continue to promote the best practices throughout the state of Arizona.

By creating better results for migrant workers as well as immigrants, the Frontera Fund provides ongoing support for those who need it most. They implore legislators to create better standards and to advocate for civil liberties throughout the state.

Further, Lacey and Larkin are personally vocal about the issues brought up by the recent pardon.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s advice on EPS

Every company aims at making profit. To ensure that they are able to make profit each year, it has to create a stable economic environment for the benefit of its employees and its investors. For this reason, companies come up with long term goals that will see them grow and make investments of its own. Despite this having a promise of profitability, survey shows that companies that use incentive based strategies like EPS, which are short-term, do better compared to those that have long term strategies. Learn more:

EPS is commonly used as a way of determining a company’s profitability. Every time the company declares profit, a portion of it is divided to each outstanding share. Therefore, if the dividend per share is high, investors consider it an indication that the company is profitable. This makes EPS a great influencer of an investor’s decision to either buy or sell. It also allows the company to pay its employees better.

Since EPS makes the company appear profitable in the eyes of investors, many companies have included EPS as part of their overall pay structure. However, some executives use EPS to give themselves an unfair advantage in the market. It is possible for the CEOs to skew the results to show that their investors get more dividends. This is quite misleading if not criminal.

Opposers of EPS say that the fact that it does not provide for collective decision making, executives and CEO have too much power yet they need to be held accountable. In companies that use EPS, the CEO is the only one who can determine the company’s profitability. Since EPS depends on investor activity and is based on performance, it does not provide for a stable economic environment.

Jeremy Goldstein, an attorney with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, recommends a compromise between short-term profit making strategies and long-term. He says companies can devise a way to have its executives accountable for their decisions and give long term strategies equal importance as short term. By doing this, companies will be able to experience sustainable growth and enjoy the benefits of share sales.

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He is known as an over achiever with an ability to pay meticulous attention to details. This has seen him work with big companies like United Technologies, Duke Energy and The Dow Chemical Company.

Lime Crime’s Lip Veils Add Flair to the Classic Nude

Lime Crime, the web-based beauty brand, has made a specialty of embracing unique makeup trends. They continually add new products and colors to fill out their adventurous product line. Their newest addition is Plushies, which are lip veils available in 12 sumptuous shades with names like “Turkish Delight” and “Grape Jelly.” These deliciously scented lip veils add soft, non-opaque coverage to enhance the wearer’s natural lips.

The brand known for vivid and risque color palettes doesn’t disappoint with the new lip veil product line. They take tints to a new level with deep and rich shades that enhance the lip’s natural colors to intense depths. Lime Crime took the concept of nude lips and ran with it. Designed for all day wear without fading, these products will add definition and create a memorable makeup look that definitely isn’t boring.

Makeup aficionados will also find a wealth of other makeup products on Lime Crime’s web-based store including hair dyes, eye shadows, lipsticks and even makeup accessories and brushes. Best of all, Lime Crime’s products are cruelty-free and vegan, which means you can shop in good conscience knowing you are buying products that aren’t tested on animals or made from animal by-products.

If lip veils aren’t bold enough, check out Lime Crime’s lipstick Velvetine collection. The Velvetine collection of matte lipsticks features reds and pinks of all shades, or vivid greens and blues for a step outside the norm. For those who enjoy a little sparkle and shine, the Diamond Crushers lip toppers offer iridescent shine in a plethora of intense colors. Or check out the Metallic Velvetines to bridge the gap between matte and shine.

Lime Crime’s beauty accessories aren’t limited to the lips. Check out their Unicorn hair dyes and tints to find vibrant hair colors to match the makeup. Like the makeup products, Lime Crime’s hair dyes and tints are completely cruelty-free and vegan. Show off your inner unicorn with these vibrant designs and makeup to match. They have several lines of complementary colored eye shadows as well. All and all, Lime Crime is ready to outfit the beauty needs of any rebel looking for a dramatic stock of products.

CEO Barbara Stokes Innovates Modular Housing

Modular housing is one of the critical elements to many projects ranging from disaster relief to various commercial and government uses. Today, one company is innovating the design, manufacturing, and delivery of modular housing. That company, GSH of Alabama and their CEO Barbara Stokes is innovating the way modular homes are brought to people across America.

Green Structures Home Delivered or GSH of Alabama is one of the leading designer and manufacturers of modular homes. With experience in both the private sector as well as the public sector, GSH of Alamaba has become the go-to company for everyone from the state of Alabama government to the United States military. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Led by CEO Barbara Stokes, GSH of Alabama has worked on hundreds of projects, delivering tens of thousands of modular homes on time and within the stated budget. Of note is Mrs. Stokes ability to led disaster relief projects throughout the Southeast. One example is the delivery of thousands of modular homes to help with the recent Hurricane Harvey disaster. That Federal contract, worth $28 million dollars, is just one of many federal contracts awarded to GSH due to Mrs. Stokes expertise and leadership.

Among the projects completed under the leadership of CEO Barbara Stokes includes modular projects for the United States Army, Navy and Air Force; FEMA disaster housing, student housing in the state of Mississippi as well as modular projects for the University of Mississippi.


Barbara Stokes was educated at Mercer University where she studied Physics as well as Bioengineering. After graduation, Mrs. Stokes worked in several capacities at the Boeing Corporation as well as the Pieces Corporation. Several years later, Mrs. Stokes became the CEO of GSH of Alabama where she leads a team of engineers, planners and manufacturing experts in the building of sustainable modular homes.

From disaster relief to military contracts, Barbara Stokes displays a wide array of expertise to deliver her company’s modular housing projects on time and within budget. As the company continues to grow, GSH of Alamaba will rely on the leadership of CEO Barbara Stokes to innovate into the next decade. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Jason Hope and Healthy Aging

Aging is inevitable. At some point we will all grow old. However, it is not a must that we suffer from age related diseases. These diseases only accelerate the aging process and keep us from enjoying life at an old age. Naturally, the body’s metabolism wears the body down with age. This gives way to age related diseases to attack. When these diseases manifest, the person suffering from them is robbed of the joy of old age and ages faster. This explains the difference between two 90 year olds. One may look older than the other because diseases related to old age are accelerating his or her aging process.

Before the foundation of SENS, most scientific research was channelled toward curing and managing age related diseases instead of prevention. This saw many scientists come up with incredible methods on managing diseases like diabetes but none in terms of keeping it from occurring in the first place. SENS, is an organization dedicated to fighting premature aging by finding ways of preventing age related diseases. SENS’ approach in rejuvenation biotechnology is unique compared to other companies that try to do the same because; instead of coming up with products that slow down the aging process, they come up with ways to fight diseases that accelerate the process. This way they promote healthy aging.

Their unique approach to anti-aging has seen them attract philanthropists such as Jason hope, an internet entrepreneur. Jason Hope says that his main reason for getting on board with SENS vision is their unique approach to anti-aging. It not only promises old age free of diseases, but also promises prevention of diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. He believes that SENS will see the field of medicine take a step forward. Jason Hope: The Entrepreneur from Arizona

In his support to SENS, he donated half a million which the organization used to put up its first Laboratory in Cambridge and have it fully equipped. Since this donation, Jason has given up to one million dollars of his own fortune toward the organization. In addition to his monetary contributions, Jason also does his bit in the organization’s outreach ventures. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Jason says that his decision to support SENS is also fuelled by the presence of the founder of the organization, Aubrey de Grey. His experience in the field of science studying and researching issues on anti-aging promises to be a great asset to the organization’s future. His passion to solving the world’s aging issues will surely see the organization bring ground breaking results in the field of medicine. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Makes The Best Deals!

Nexbank Capital, Inc. is a financial company based in Dallas, Texas. Recently, the company was in the news due to a $54 million offering of subordinated debt that it recently completed. The notes were made as private offerings, with the firm of Sandler O’Neill and Partners, L.P. acting in the role of sole placement agent. The deal was made and announced on September 19.

The notes were offered as subordinated notes with a fixed-to-floating rate. This means that the notes will accrue interest at a set rate for five years. After that, the interest rate will be made based on the current 3-month LIBOR. All these notes of credit cannot be called in for five years, and are set to mature on September 19, 2017.

With the closing of this deal, Nexbank has raised $283 million in debt, loans, and equity since 2016. The loans are not covered under the Securities Act.

Nexbank Capital, Inc. provides its services mostly to corporations and financial institutions, but also to private real estate investors. Their charter was written in 1922. Their four main areas of business are mortgage banking, commercial banking, corporate advisory, and institutional services. They are registered with the FDIC and are routinely rated well. They are the 10th largest bank in Texas, and the 161st largest bank in the United States. Their money market rates are 3 times the national average. The company reports that it has about $7.6 billion in assets as of September 30, 2017.

Although they are a regional bank with only 4 physical locations, they do business all over the USA and elsewhere. Apart from this, they are active in sponsoring a number of community organizations. For example, the company recently announced that it would sponsor the 32nd annual luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. This is a group that works to secure a greater amount of female leadership, particularly in the financial sector. Nexbank gave them a generous $100,000 to support their goals. They also provide accomodative housing and consumer loans to over 2,200 Texas veterans.

For nearly a century now, they have been making great deals, and helping others to do the same. While the headline of this article may be debatable, it would nevertheless be hard to disprove.

Sussex Health Care, Adding New Services To Their Care Homes

Sussex Health Care is one of the largest independent care homes located throughout the United Kingdom. With more than a dozen care homes located throughout the country, Sussex Health Care has been able to provide their residents with diverse and unique health care options at each one of the locations.

Sussex Health Care is one of the only care homes that has received dual accreditation and is also licensed by multiple organizations. The care home is lead by a well known medical professional which is Shafik Sachedina. Shafik Sachedina does a great job with keeping the facility in code and up to date with the latest technologies for their patients.

Sussex Health Care recently added audiology services to their care home. Their audiology services are provided in the location of Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire. The audiology services has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services. Since the center has opened, it has been receiving amazing feedback. Residents have been happy with the services that Sussex Health Care provided with their audiology services. Residents have been able to restore their confidence and their independence after receiving care from Sussex.

Sussex Health Care starts off by proving their patients with assessment test to determine if an age related hearing disorder exists or not. After a hearing problem has been detected, Sussex Health Care then provides their patients with hearing aids and hearing aid fitting to ensure that the size is perfect for the patients. Sussex health Care’s audiology services are the best because patients are able to still receive care from Sussex Health Care even three years after the first assessment has been given.

In addition to Sussex Health Care proving their patients with the new services of audiology, Sussex Health Care has also provided their patients with a new gym. The gym is located in their West Sussex location, and people have really been enjoying this new addition. The gym is open to senior citizens of the community. Seniors will be able to interact with the residents of the care home while they enjoy exercise and all of the benefits that the care home has to offer. Sussex Health Care has defiantly been providing the health care field with all of the modern care services that the field has been missing!


Ronald Fowlkes

As a professional or law-abiding citizen, anyone dealing with Ronald Fowlkes needs to know that he’s quite serious about his profession. And to put things simply, his profession is law enforcement, combat training and being a keeper of the peace. He is quite knowledgeable about his job and profession with a cadre of personal experience in tow. Starting from the top with the newest first, his list of employment includes Eagle Industries Unlimited where he is the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement and Commercial products. In the course of his work, day he makes calls to customers, ensures that 150 sales personnel are educated on their sales product, and he is involved with product development and selection for sale. For sure, this is a big deal. But, it’s not the most impressive position on his resume, debatably.


His previous experience includes working with the Department of Defense as a contractor and working with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. This previous position is with United States Army while working in Iraq. The duties entailed with that position include the mounting and dismounting of infantry operations while in a combat zones no less. Ronald also has experience in teaching military personnel about tactical operations, hostage rescue, post-blast analysis evidence collection, and other strategic activities of that nature.


His law enforcement experience spans more than a dozen years, with a decade in the Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department and just three years with the St Louis County Police Department. Amazingly enough, he even manages to throw in seven years of service with the Saint Louis Metropolitan HRT team. This is an extremely dangerous yet rewarding job, and he is personally involved with high-risk entries into high-crime areas for more than 250 takedowns a year. And, when he’s not protecting the neighborhood from bad men by kicking in doors and doing what other people are frankly afraid to do, his unit and its members work and more so on investigations, which track gang activity and illegal gun possession. He also keeps his finger on the pulse of the narcotic activity in his community, as a law enforcement professional.


But, Ronald Fowlkes is not just a brave and courageous man of action. He is also a Marine. His service record includes the years 1989 through 1993. And in that time, he is promoted twice. He is also a veteran of the first Gulf War. And have no doubts, his esteamed record of service is not something that he just stumbled into or settle for. There are quite a few prestigious training institutions on his resume as well. For example, he is a former attendee of the Marine Combat Training program at the Marine Corps School of Infantry. His training also includes basic engineering at the air Naval Gunfire Liaison company. There is a little bit of US Army Parachute School in there as well.


Talkspace for Those Who Need Therapy

If you’ve gone to therapy in the past but didn’t have much luck with it, there is a better and more modern option available to you. The problem that comes with therapy is that it is often expensive, ineffective and inconvenient. You might have gone to therapy in the past and found that you just weren’t connected with the professional and they weren’t understanding your unique problems. Other times, you might have found that going to a local therapist was downright expensive, even if they were helping you out. Often, people find going to a therapist to be highly inconvenient because of the weekly appointments and trying to find time away from work and family to see someone.

Thankfully, a New York City-based company created a brand new option known as Talkspace. Talkspace enables you to gain access to a network of professional therapists who are app-based. This means that after you download an app to your mobile device, you can be messaging a therapist and getting the help that you need. This is ideal for anyone who has had a bad experience with conventional therapy in the past and knows that they need something that will work with their hectic lifestyle.

Talkspace is a lot cheaper than what you might be used to as well. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per session at a local therapist’s office, you’re only paying a few dollars a day for 24/7 access to licensed care. This is an essential part of your mental health and it is crucial that you talk to someone when you feel you need it the most. Get your life back on track without the inconvenience of seeing someone locally by downloading Talkspace and giving it a try for yourself to see if it can help you as it has for so many others.

Glen Wakeman and the Five Dimensions of Performance

Glen Wakeman is a business professional with a wide range of experiences, including mergers and acquisitions, guiding startups and leading large companies. His diversity of experiences gives him a unique and original perspective on entrepreneurship and business. Throughout his decades of experience, Glen Wakeman has embodied his five key dimensions of performance: Leadership; Human Capital; Execution; Risk Management; and Governance. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Mr. Wakeman received his BS in Economics from Scranton University in 1981, and subsequently his MBA from the University of Chicago. He started his executive career at GE Capital and, for more than twenty years, Glen Wakeman was an indispensable asset for the conglomerate. During the final stages of his tenure with GE, Mr. Wakeman was CEO of GE Money Latin America. Under his leadership, GE Money Latin America grew from a startup to a company with $12 billion in assets, $100 million in annual earnings and nearly twenty-thousand employees. Wakeman worked in six different countries and garnered experience with emerging markets in this way. Ater leaving GE, Mr. Wakeman moved to the Miami area to start his brainchild: Launchpad. Read more on

Mr. Wakeman’s Diversity of experiences -with a focus on entrepreneurship- led him to create Launchpad. Launchpad is a platform meant to springboard entrepreneurs into success by creating a simple and workable plan of action. Launchpad is a Software as a Service -or SAAS- company. Launchpad software infuses Wakeman’s experience and expertise with the convenience of an app in the business planning stages. A labor of love, Glen Wakeman is working to help new entrepreneurs achieve the same type of success he has.

By focusing his efforts on the most important things in his life, Mr. Wakeman has paved a road to success for others to follow. The work he has done is a model for others who wish to become successful entrepreneurs.

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