White Shark Media Offers Expert Services in Legal and Dental Field

White Shark Media is widely regarded as one of the best advertising companies in the United States and has developed a large presence the country, especially in the legal and dental fields. These fields make up the majority of White Shark Media’s customer base, and because of this, the company has developed expertise in the legal and dental fields. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/training-accreditation-find-a-pro-directory?companyid=4313

These fields are usually filled with business owners who are in desperate need of innovation in their advertising campaigns. Dentists and Lawyers may feel like there is no way to create new ideas in marketing for their fields, but White Shark Media is able to provide creative new insights about campaign initiatives.

According to WhiteSharkMedia.com, White Shark Media Shark Media has excelled in the legal and dental fields largely because of the diligence and attention to detail the company provides to every client. Those who own dental or legal businesses usually have a reputation for an exceptional eye for detail. This is what makes these business models so keen to work with White Shark Media. White Shark Media is known for an attention to detail that leads to exemplary advertising campaigns that lead to massive company growth and expansion.

White Shark Media has helped build the businesses of several thousand legal and dental firms to date. On the White Shark Media website, there is a page that lists testimonials from previous company clients who have experienced amazing business growth through White Shark Media.

A vast majority of these clients are the owners of dental offices and legal firms. White Shark Media has developed instrumental knowledge about the legal field and the dental industry that these clients flock to the advertising company by the hundreds. White Shark Media Review team has become the go-to company for those who are interested in growing legal practices and dental businesses.

White Shark Media hopes to acquire more clients in the legal and dental field. This is a growing industry for this advertising company and the leaders of White Shark Media have announced plans to develop further expertise in the fields of dentistry and law. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

Because of the company’s commitment to these particular industries, White Shark Media executives plan to expand programs that are related to them. By the end of the coming fiscal year, the company plans to offer several new programs related to the fields of dentistry and law. White Shark Media executives are very excited about this transition and the growth of the company.

Richard Blair from Wealth Solutions Will Optimize Wealth Management

 Renting property through AirBNB is a quickly becoming a new source for quick money for property owners in certain areas, and may be an attractive possibility for many people, however there are risks involved with renting your property and you should be aware of all of them.

Incorporate these possible risks when thinking about renting on AirBNB: liability any injuries to renters, property damage to yours or the neighbors, theft, or illegal drug or other activities on your property. Additionally, some tenants have found ways to get out of paying completely.

There isn’t much for Insurance coverage when dealing with short-term renting such as AirBNB.

Secondary protection given via AirBNB only works if you have exhausted all of your own resources for damages!

After assessing these types of risks with renting, it is advised to still speak with a qualified insurance professional or investment manager. Richard Blair, sole owner of Wealth Solutions, Inc. can help you understand the options you have and produce advice that is tailored to your needs and situation. Blair’s Wealth Solutions has existed in capital management for 22 years and operates with over $54 million in assets.


The company offers customized and collaborative strategies that include:

• Expert and trusted professional financial advice.
• Specifically tailored investment goals.
• Personalized asset management solutions.
• Constant 24-hour access to available investment options.
• Great account security.

Blair holds the following certifications
Certified Annuity Specialist® (CAS®)
Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS®)
Certified Estate and Trust Specialist™ (CES™)
Certified Tax Specialist™ (CTS™)
Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®)
Certified Income Specialist™ (CIS™)

Richard Dwayne Blair’s involvment with wealth management and financial planning has propelled him to constantly stay educated on the most cutting edge trends, advanced technologies, and analyses offered in financial industry sector. His early years at the University of Houston showed he had a passion for educating, informing, and assisting others by optimizing their investment management. This passion has brought him into the financial sector immediately after finishing his education in University of Houston and has led him to develop Wealth Solutions 22 years ago. Wealth Solutions offers professional financial strategies and innovative solutions for investment portfolios with an ultimate goal to lower taxes, heighten benefits, deliver estate investing ideas, and creating consistent income streams.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/richard-blair

The Achievements of Malini Saba

Malini Saba is the chairperson of Saba Company. The company retains various investment interests all over the world. It has interests in oil and gas in China, technology in the United States and real estate in India and Australia. The former United States Clinton inaugurated the Stree to offer healthcare and legal empowerment to women in India, Africa, Eastern Europe and Central America.

The organization is a non-profit one, and its primary objective is to change the lifestyles of low-income women and children all over the world. In 2005, Malini made a tour to Tsunami raved places in Sri Lanka and India and made a pledge of $10 million to the victims. Her investment began as a Silicon Venture capitalist back in the 1990s.

The origin of Saba’s idea

She had an idea of starting a company and investing it. Therefore, Malini founded Saba. The company retains investment interest in various parts of the world in sectors such as oil and gas, technology and real estate.

A typical day for Malini

Malini wakes up at 5 am then handles conference calls with Asia because her commodity venture is based there. After that, she takes her daughter to school by 7 am. Malini says that they walk to school with her daughter so that they get enough time to talk.

She then goes back to the office to deal with issues in Europe and USA offices. She then picks her daughter from school at 3 pm. Typically, her days entail meetings. She believes that meetings must not last longer than 45 minutes.

Bringing ideas to life

Malini says that she analyzes market trends then she does the opposite, basing it on where the world will be in the next five years. She explains that the commodity market excites her since it yields significant returns. Her habit of taking the bull by its horn has made her a productive entrepreneur. Steve Jobs has influenced her thinking.

About Malini Saba

Saba originates from Perth where she studied Psychology. The quest for overseas work enticed her to migrate to the United States. She first lived in San Francisco after setting up her home in the 1990s. She has been running her business for the past 20 years and counting.

During her 25 years in business, Saba invested in more than 22 ventures and traveled all over the world. Saba describes herself as a venture capitalist. She has been appointed as CEO, and the new role holds a new challenge.

Search Cleanup to the Rescue!

Online entrepreneurs and business owners should be aware of their online reputation before they start their business, for complete clearance. Searchcleanup.com is a phenomenal way to clean up negative articles online, as well as your co-owners and management personnel that come onboard. Cleaning any online relationships you have means dealing with any negative remarks or comments that have popped up.

Managing your brand name is strategic in maintaining a professional profile. The basic knowledge of protecting your online presence are tools of the trade that are not necessarily always the responsibility of your marketing and PR team. Every entrepreneur should be familiar with the clean up process in order to maintain an excellent profile. Here are eight tips for managing your online reputation.

1. New companies on the Web need to start online reputation management as soon as they know they will be launching an online business. The name and brand can then be protected more efficiently.
2. Your Google status should optimally occupy the first three search results, but as long as you are displayed on the first page, in the first 10, this is a good placing.
3. When you find negative content online, consider the nature of it, and place several testimonies that add fresh content to your brand. This is where SearchCleanup gets involved as they identify and clear your online presence.
4. Manage the reputation of your executives online and how they relate to your brand.
5. Entrepeneurs should be familiar with the management of their reputation in social media.
6. Seek outside professional help to secure your reputation.
7. A damaged online reputation requires more than PR strategies and content marketing to repair the damages.
8. Take your first fundamental steps to actively building a superior campaign for online reputation management.

Using a professional cleanup company will provide an effective way to begin the cleanup of your reputation and the executives that represent you. There is no obligation to obtain a free quote on SearchCleanup.com and with the negative marks against your company cleared, your brand will reach the Google position you desire.

New York City Is Loving The Shared Office Space Workville


Working in an office can sometimes involve being able to sufficiently share office space. The business owner may want to utilize space that allows him to monitor his employees or create more space in the office for work related equipment. The traditional work space is a cubicle, but there is a way to upgrade your office space, create additional space, and monitor your employees. Workville has wonderful office space solutions to help your employees continue to thrive at work and be productive. In fact, Workville creates New York offices for rent for a diverse clientele including freelance workers, remote workers, independent professionals and more.

In a recent article Harvard Business Review, a poll of offices workers reported that shared office space makes them feel like their work is meaningful. Employees that work well with people can share co-working spaces and effectively communicate, create ideas, and solve problems. When you have a mixture of diverse employment backgrounds the creativity and social atmosphere will help the individuals thrive and feel better about coming to work. Co-working spaces help employees support each other and creates a environment for communication. They can function as themselves with out having to put on a persona because their are unique personalities working all around them.

Workville is located in central New York City on Broadway on the 21st floor of a luxury building and conveniently located near Bryant Park, Times Square, and several transportation hot spots. The co-spacing provides a friendly and flexible co-working space. It inspires employees to come to their job everyday and be creative. Co-working spaces at Workville provide ready to move in office space, shared offices, and open desks for working productivity that minimizes your out-of-pocket cost. You want have to buy office furniture you can simply price a wide selection of office ready spaces.

You can go to work knowing that you’re ready to meet the demands of the day with office space that encourages communication and get employment support when it means the most. Their current members take meetings, spread out to work, provides an area to take calls, and a phenomenally spaced lounge area. Best of all, the provide (3) terraces providing plenty of space for your business or an employee to have the functions of a traditional office. Workville caters to start-ups and small businesses. Our co-working spaces encourage success.

Marc Sparks and His New Project

There are so many people walking on this planet who do not know who Marc Sparks is, which also means that they know nothing about his inspirational story.

Today, Marc Sparks is known as one of the world’s most successful business men and entrepreneurs. Many years ago, however, his life was completely different and could be described as being on the opposite end of the spectrum.

While Marc Sparks was growing up in his hometown, he and his family had little to no money. In a recent interview, Marc talked about how he could remember going to a gas station to buy groceries since they were much cheaper there compared to a regular grocery store.

Since Marc Sparks and his family were so poor, he rarely had any money to pay the gas station attendant for his groceries. The solution to this problem was to put all of the expenses on a credit card, thus allowing him and his family to attempt to pay the amounts later on.  Read more: Who Is Marc Sparks?

As Marc Sparks was growing up, he made the decision that he was not going to live in poverty for the rest of his life. He wanted to grow up to become someone special who had a lot of money and did not have to wonder where his next meal was coming from.

It goes without saying that this is obviously exactly what he did. Whenever he was older, he decided to start up his very own auto insurance company. This alone brought Marc Sparks much success. He also began to write books, which brought in a bit more money.

Here recently, Marc Sparks started working on a new endeavor. This new project is referred to as Spark Tank. Spark Tank is basically a project that is allowing Marc Sparks to give back to the world and to his supporters.

Spark Tank consists of about 14 applicants who are responsible for using $5,000 in order to help a charity, organization, or just to do good within the Dallas, Texas area, which is where Spark Tank takes place.http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1132595

In a recent interview about Spark Tank, Marc Sparks was asked what made him want to give out such a large chunk of money to 14 different people. Marc Sparks responded by saying that he grew up thinking that there was no hope for him in the world.

He knows exactly what it is like to be filled with such despair and hopelessness. Marc Sparks said that he has been blessed so greatly with his unorthodox success and he felt that it was only right to give back to the people who helped make his life what it is today. Learn more about Marc Sparks: https://angel.co/marcsparks3

He hopes to fill people, especially the young children, with a sense of hope for their future as well as giving them a smile upon their faces.

The Success Of Seattle Genetics Under The Stewardship Of Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company headquartered in Bothell, Washington. It was incorporated on July 17, 1997 and is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market. Its main area of business is developing antibody-based therapies for cancer treatments. The treatments involve injecting special antibodies into the body of a cancer patient in order to kill cancer cells.
Currently, the company’s flagship product is Adcetris. This drug is already being sold in at least 50 countries around the world including Canada, the US, Japan and EU member countries. The drug, technically referred to as Brentuximab Vedotin, is the first in a new class of antibody-drug conjugates.

After its incorporation, Seattle Genetics grew fast due to its innovative products. Currently, the company has over 650 employees. Most of these employees are experts in research and development of drugs. Over the years, Seattle Genetics has been involved in different collaborations such as the 2009 collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, the 2010 collaboration with Genentech, and the 2011 collaboration with Oxford BioTherapeutics. Apart from Adcetris, the company has manufactured other products such as SGN-75, SGN-CD19A, ASG-5ME and ASG-22ME.
The current chief executive officer of the firm is Clay Siegall. He is the founder of the company. He is also the President of the firm and a member of its Board of Directors. In his determination to see the company succeed, Siegall has been involved in different capital raising initiatives such as the 2001 initial public offering. In total, he has been able to raise more than $1.2 billion in capital.
Siegall is an alumnus of the University of Maryland. Here, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Zoology degree. He received his doctorate in Genetics from The George Washington University. Clay began his professional career at National Cancer Institute in 1988 before joining Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical in 1991. He resigned in 1997 to found Seattle Genetics.
Apart from managing Seattle Genetics, Siegall also sits on the boards of several companies. These corporations include Alder Biopharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. He is also an inventor and an author. Currently, he has 15 patents to his name and at least 70 publications. Most of Siegall’s publications focus on cancer and genetics.

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Wengie’s DIY Peel Off Mask To Remove Annoying Blackheads

Oh My Goodness. Don’t you just hate those annoying blackheads that seem to pop up at the most unfavorable time. You start applying your makeup and noticed that a blackhead is forming right in the middle of your forehead. You start thinking that you could cover it up with makeup or pretend that it is a beauty mark. Well, Wengie is a beauty blogger that has a great treatment for blackheads. It is a DIY Peel Off Mask. Wengie is a famous beauty blogger that is based in Australia. She is a favorite on YouTube and has over a million followers.

Wengie’s Mask Peel
However, Wengie has a DIY blackhead treatment that she believes is just as effective as the store brands. In this video Wengie is going to compare her DIY blackhead formula with a few store brands. She prepares the mask with ingredients that some people might already have around the house. These ingredients seem kind of strange. The ingredients are white glue and charcoal. You have to check them out. She applies the mixture to one part of her face. Wengie believes that they are amazing and a really good treatment for blackheads. Wengie applies a popular store brand to the other side of her face. Her boyfriend gets involved and Wengie shares the peel off mask with him too. Which mask is better? Is it the DIY mask or the store brand mask? Well, you will have to check out the video.

The good news is that Wengie likes to share her honest opinions about products on her YouTube channel. The even better news is that Wengie produces an amazing amount of high quality content for her million plus subscribers every week. I really like her beauty tutorials and her skin care tutorials are some of the best on the YouTube site. Subscribers are the first to get news about Wengie’s latest videos. Check out Wengie’s Channel on YouTube.


Read more about Wengie:


Benefits of NutriMost for Weight Loss

Being overweight is not just an issue that affects your health. It also damages your confidence and self esteem. There are many ways in which obesity and related conditions inconvenience people. Are you looking for ways to lose weight and get the shape you want? There are many products which claim to help people lose weight. However, most of them are not. However, the good news is that with NutriMost, you can lose the weight you want through a program that caters to your unique needs.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost was launched in 2014 and is doing well in the weight loss industry. The product was developed by Dr. Mitch Gordon, a chiropractor who has over 20 years of experience in chiropractic practice. The interesting news is that the doctor himself used the product and he was able to shed an impressive 38lbs. If you have tried to lose weight before and failed, you can trust NutriMost plans. It is designed to help you lose weight and also keep it off in the first place.

The patients who have used the program to lose weight have confirmed that it indeed works. They are also taught how to stay away from putting on weight and to maintain a desired healthy weight. F you are tired of plans and regimens which do not help you lose any weight, with NutriMost you will see a change.

NutriMost has several advantages. The first one is that with the program, you get to lose weight the natural way. You need not use supplements and other harmful chemicals, all you have to do is stay on the program and you will lose weight through natural means. With the program, you can shed weight with continual exercise and healthy lifestyle choices. Try NutriMost today and experience its benefits in your life.

Watch this YouTube Video to learn more

Humanitarian Rescue? Glenn Beck Ignorant Comments To Discredit George Soros Failed!

The New Yorker commentary that recited Fox News Glenn Beck’s brutish opinion of billionaire hedge-fund tycoon George Soros is profoundly upsetting. Puppetry? Beck described Soros as a grand puppet master. The vices he’s cited to arrive at such a conclusion raises puzzling questions. It’s surprising that Beck conceived the accusations levied against Soros considering his current position. While the author of the piece that decorated a section of the Fall 2010 issue clearly didn’t perceive Glenn Beck as a puppet. It’s apparent he’s not acting of his own accord. Who are the masterminds fueling Beck’s arrogant rants? Perhaps Fox News heads and its counterparts influenced this attack. Nazism in today’s era? Certainly, it’s irresponsible of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes to fuel this scandalous debate. George Soros an anti-Semite? Glenn Beck has surely painted a vivid image with his opinion. Utter lies! Global libertarians cleave to Soros’ personable confessions of a past life.

Reason.com released a controversial interpretation of Beck’s remarks that same Fall season. The piece raises convincing arguments about the integrity of Soros’ story about escaping a crumbling Jew-slaughtering world. Yes, it revisits Glenn Beck’s commentary summed up in three chapters. Today, George Soros Ukraine commands a mighty crusade under his Open Society Foundations. The Funds aided many uprisings across Europe, including Georgia’s Rose Revolution, Ukraine’s Orange Revolution and the Velvet Revolution orchestrated by the Czech Republic. Is Beck’s interpretation of these life-changing events rational? Soros practices philosophies that emulates that of the Open Society originator Karl Popper. It’s unfortunate that Beck’s understanding of the concepts is so profoundly wrong.

Read more:
George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

George Soros – Project Syndicate

Although Beck’s malicious, insensitive criticisms to downplay Soros reputation knows no end. The champion hedge fund investor/philanthropist/author expressed little regard for this growing conspiracy. The loss of lives while Soros escaped communism and a cruel Holocaust-era haven’t gone unnoticed. What path should a frightened 14-year-old have taken? The Jewish Council itself fronted terrified leaders who had exhausted all options, according to The Daily Beast “Beck’s Dangerous Campaign.” At which time, Soros served as a messenger boy to the council. Having received the message to instruct Jews to meet at designated collection points, Soros fled Hungary under his father’s advisement.

Society has credited Soros for his part played in demobilizing the wheels of communism that once drove Hungary. Beck described George Soros as the world’s “most powerful influential figure.” Why decorate him with such a title? He stressed that Soros commands the power to dismantle governments globally. It’s unfortunate that he believes in this philosophy so strongly. George Soros mission has aided positive causes that Beck has failed to acknowledge. Isn’t everyone entitled to an opinion? Of course! Maybe, this brings light to Soros’s silence meanwhile controversy spreads. Alongside Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, and Ronald Reagan, George Soros wrecked the vehicles of European communism. Had he not escaped a communist Hungary, what would the nation’s fate? Nobody knows! Although some Budapest Jews have criticized Soros in a negative light, not all share the same opinion. Certainly, he’s aided in piloting the nation to freedom and out of the arms of communism.

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