Nick Vertucci: Not Your Typical Rags-to-Riches Story

Nick Vertucci has just released a new book, called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” and this book is a total game-changer. Anyone looking to succeed in life in terms of wealth and financial stability should pick this book up, or even just as a motivating tool! This book, as explained in its Forward, by none other than a multi-millionaire original member of the hit show Shark Tank‘s Kevin Harrington, as a man who went from “rags to riches, back to rags, and then back to riches!” You already know that the author of this book has been through some huge life-altering experiences and will have much to share in this book just from reading that!

But let’s talk about Nick Vertucci, who is he? Well, Vertucci today is an accomplished real estate investor plus the founder and CEO of his own self-titled companies, The Nick Vertucci Companies of Irvine, California. Vertucci wasn’t always as successful as he is today, he started out without having the education or money he required to build a successful life, but then made quite the dollar by getting into the tech industry. Later, even though he once again found himself broke, he tried his hand once more and once again found himself to be a millionaire. All of that, and more is in this wonderful book that will provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.

Additionally, Vertucci founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (also called the NVREA), which is a great program that assists those trying to make success for themselves as real estate investors.

In addition, Vertucci is in charge of developing the Fortunes in Flipping system, where he is a teacher to aspiring entrepreneurs and real estate developers of how to purchase, remodel, and then put a property on the market. Vertucci, once a tech guy, even a seller of computer parts and such, got into real estate only by chance, by one day participating in a training real estate seminar with one of his friends.

Don’t forget to keep up with Vertucci’s endless real estate projects and latest business ventures, by also catching him on his well-known radio segments on the “Real Estate Investing Hour” on KFWB News Talk 180, where he discusses in detail how his Fortunes in Flipping kit will help aspiring real estate investors, or even those looking to make the extra buck to make ends meet!

To learn more about this inspiring real estate investor, you can also visit his Facebook page.

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