New York Real Estate with Outdoor Space is Available under $500,000

In an article recently published by the New York Times, the author visited the idea and desire for individuals looking to buy property in New York that offer a little greenery. In the story they specifically looked at properties available for less than $500,000 that had an outdoor space. As stated in the article if you’re searching on Staten Island you will not have an issue locating a property in this price range with an outdoor space however in other areas the search is not as easy. The article did a search on a real estate site and could only find 156 properties in NYC apartments for sale within this price range that offered an outdoor space. This listing provided them with results including a penthouse in Manhattan, an apartment in Brooklyn, an apartment in the Bronx with a balcony, a Manhattan townhouse with a private outdoor space, and a condominium in Queens. Most of these listings had a co-space for outdoor areas that was shared among other tenants. This is a common finding in a city such as New York. Sometimes though it is all about where you are looking.

Town Residential is the Luxury Real Estate Company of New York

Town Residential is another real estate company serving the New York area. Town Residential has hundreds of listings under $500,000 that have some amazing outdoor spaces that any tenant would love. Town Residential is a luxury real estate services firm based in New York City. The company was founded in 2010 and created by the current CEO and co-chairman Andrew Heiberger. Town Residential was voted as being one of the best firms to work for in New York City as well as one of the top 50 best places to work in New York City. With representatives that are professionals who live in and love New York working with you to find your perfect place of residence. you can be sure you will receive the best real estate services offered today.

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