Medicare Advantage Plans enable access to Better Healthcare

Many people struggle to afford quality healthcare in most parts of the word due to the high cost of medical bills. One of the ways to control your expenditure on medical bills is to buy an insurance cover. Medical insurance covers are not cheap either, so most governments step in and pay for their citizens’ medical cover partially or fully.

The US government came up with a managed insurance covers for its citizens, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans like InnovaCare Health. The programs were introduced in the 70s. They allow beneficiaries to receive medical care from their preferred healthcare providers across the country.

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The private Medicare providers are paid by medical insurance companies that have been contracted by the US government. The companies in return are paid premiums by the government equivalent to the services delivered. Under the Medicare Advantage Plans, beneficiaries can access an even wider range of services as opposed to those covered under the original Medicare program.

Medicare plans are divided into part A to part D where each part has a premium option. These premium options allow patients to access specified services as listed under Medicare cover. The federal government limits the amount payable from a patient’s pocket when he or she has enrolled to the Medicare program.

Each of existing Advantage Plans has their different set of rules that affect service delivery. The rules may vary for the same plans because different service providers also design and follow different rules and policies.

Anyone willing to join Medicare Advantage plan is free to do so as long as she has a Medicare basic plan B and lives in an area that has a plan service area to ensure she can access the services. Applicants should also not be diagnosed with an end-stage renal disease.

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Patients suffering end-stage renal disease and required to attend dialysis or need a kidney transplant, can be able to join the Medicare Advantage plan if they join the plan for people with special needs. This plan has been developed to serve patients with special needs or end-stage renal disease.

There are many centers that provide Medicare services to Medicare Advantage policyholders. One of the most outstanding centers is InnovaCare health. This Medicare provider is also a leading company in offering managed healthcare services.

Due to its able and experienced leadership in collaboration with highly trained professionals, InnovaCare provides services that are cost effective and sustainable through the integration of high technology.

The company is led by Rick Shinto who serves as the CEO and Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the chief administrator. Richard is an experienced doctor who holds a master’s degree while Penelope Kokkinides is an administration graduate that has previously held high-profile medical positions throughout her 20 years’ experience.

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