Malcolm CasSelle and WAX Eliminate Fraud Without Third-Party Intervention

Malcolm CasSelle a successful businessman and CEO and President of (WAX) World Asset Exchange pursues efforts to eliminate fraud in the transfer of online virtual assets without the intervention of third parties that are consistently prevalent within the centralized banking institutions. Malcolm CasSelle has established a revolutionary approach to online asset transfers with the creation of WAX tokens that are utilized as gaming value that individuals investing in cryptocurrency can also take advantage of and transfer assets around the globe without the interference and Interruption of the centralized banking industry. In fact, the WAX tokens create an opportunity to eliminate the risk of fraud that is apparent within centralized marketplaces due to the common issues such as failure to deliver goods are incomplete assets transferred over these platforms. By utilizing WAX tokens, the value that is established and transferred as smart contracts with guaranteed delivery of the goods over the online blockchain platforms is creating an opportunity for individuals to have a level of trust and security in their asset transfers that were not possible with the centralized banking infrastructure.

Malcolm CasSelle continues to provide incredibly high levels of analysis and creativity in the production and establishment of platforms that create user-friendly approaches to online asset transfers and create an environment for individuals to move assets over geographical and continental locations with ease and simplicity without institutional regulations. With the utilization of the WAX tokens, individuals can have the peace of mind that their delivery of assets will be accomplished without any complications. Malcolm CasSelle continues to innovate and inspire the expansion of computer science technology in the form of virtual asset transfers of value online with the incredibly efficient platforms at World Asset Exchange.


Malcolm CasSelle has held various high-level leadership positions within some of the larger and most successfully ran online social media and information technology companies. The expertise and knowledge gained over a successful career within the information technology industry have provided Malcolm CasSelle with tremendous insight and perspective in ways to eliminate fraud without the intervention of third parties that can be costly for end users.


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