Lime Crime’s Lip Veils Add Flair to the Classic Nude

Lime Crime, the web-based beauty brand, has made a specialty of embracing unique makeup trends. They continually add new products and colors to fill out their adventurous product line. Their newest addition is Plushies, which are lip veils available in 12 sumptuous shades with names like “Turkish Delight” and “Grape Jelly.” These deliciously scented lip veils add soft, non-opaque coverage to enhance the wearer’s natural lips.

The brand known for vivid and risque color palettes doesn’t disappoint with the new lip veil product line. They take tints to a new level with deep and rich shades that enhance the lip’s natural colors to intense depths. Lime Crime took the concept of nude lips and ran with it. Designed for all day wear without fading, these products will add definition and create a memorable makeup look that definitely isn’t boring.

Makeup aficionados will also find a wealth of other makeup products on Lime Crime’s web-based store including hair dyes, eye shadows, lipsticks and even makeup accessories and brushes. Best of all, Lime Crime’s products are cruelty-free and vegan, which means you can shop in good conscience knowing you are buying products that aren’t tested on animals or made from animal by-products.

If lip veils aren’t bold enough, check out Lime Crime’s lipstick Velvetine collection. The Velvetine collection of matte lipsticks features reds and pinks of all shades, or vivid greens and blues for a step outside the norm. For those who enjoy a little sparkle and shine, the Diamond Crushers lip toppers offer iridescent shine in a plethora of intense colors. Or check out the Metallic Velvetines to bridge the gap between matte and shine.

Lime Crime’s beauty accessories aren’t limited to the lips. Check out their Unicorn hair dyes and tints to find vibrant hair colors to match the makeup. Like the makeup products, Lime Crime’s hair dyes and tints are completely cruelty-free and vegan. Show off your inner unicorn with these vibrant designs and makeup to match. They have several lines of complementary colored eye shadows as well. All and all, Lime Crime is ready to outfit the beauty needs of any rebel looking for a dramatic stock of products.

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