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Life Line Screening is an Austin Tx. based company founded in 1993. Their mission is to make people aware of health care problems that have not yet been detected and enable them to seek follow up treatment with their own physicians. Life line has partnered with several Insurance companies, hospitals and organizations.

The three types of preventative health screenings performed are Ultrasound, Finger-tip blood screenings and limited electrocardiograph. These screenings typically provide normal results easing the mind of individuals that may be anxious due to family history or other reasons of concern. However when something is detected it provides the individual the opportunity to seek treatment much sooner or make lifestyle changes to improve future health.

The screenings are performed by highly trained technicians using the same equipment found in hospitals. Life line screenings are safe, require minimal preparation on your part and are painless. Results are reviewed by board certified physicians. Results should be shared with your personal physician.

Taking a proactive role in maintaining your health is essential. We all know we should eat healthy foods, maintain health weight, and exercise. Life line screenings provide you one more way to care for your body by detecting and even preventing disease or other illness prior to development. In addition to improving the quality of your life it can also prove to be a smart financial move as medical treatment can be costly. You could be able to head off extensive treatment by making simple lifestyle adjustments.

By looking at family history and your medical history, as well as age and overall health, they are able to develop an individual health risk profile. This allows Life line screening to determine which tests would be important and the most beneficial for you. Your health is your single most important asset, it makes sense to do everything you can to protect it.

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