Is it real? Visual Effects in the Film and Media Industry

The images that we see on the television and other media devices on a daily basis have more computer generated content than ever before in the history of the medium. The level of detail and visual fidelity can sometimes be staggeringly photo realistic these days. They can even go so far as to project a flawlessly re-created version of you favorite deceased stars or idols. These images are so lifelike, that at a distance you would swear that you are looking at the real life person!

Truly the level of precision and amount of detail that can be reproduced are quite literally endless. asks you to just think for a minute about some of the things you have seen on the big screen alone in the past 10 years.

One man responsible for some of these amazing technologies is John Textor.Best known lately for the painstakingly detailed virtual holographic performances you can see on the web.
Being the chairman of the Pulse Evolution Corporation, Textor is staying on the cutting edge of entertainment technology across many platforms and avenues.
A busy man on many fronts, another being the chairman of Digital Domain productions inc., the Director of Multicast Media Technologies inc., and the Director of Multicast Media Networks LLC.
John Textor has been a huge part in leading over 25 feature films and had his hand in many more. Truly a visionary digital creator in his own right.

Yes, the rate at which the visuals creep toward the inevitable (Is it real?) moment is closer and closer indeed. Especially with the ever increasing realism of the new V.R. technologies that are out now, we are sure to have many surprises in store for the future of visual entertainment.

I for one am very excited to see what’s in store for us.

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  1. The change between the quality and realism of the computer generated visual effects is quite obvious when when you compare two films with heavy special effects from either end of the decade you see a huge difference. The testimonials given is not anything to go by for them.

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