Humanitarian Rescue? Glenn Beck Ignorant Comments To Discredit George Soros Failed!

The New Yorker commentary that recited Fox News Glenn Beck’s brutish opinion of billionaire hedge-fund tycoon George Soros is profoundly upsetting. Puppetry? Beck described Soros as a grand puppet master. The vices he’s cited to arrive at such a conclusion raises puzzling questions. It’s surprising that Beck conceived the accusations levied against Soros considering his current position. While the author of the piece that decorated a section of the Fall 2010 issue clearly didn’t perceive Glenn Beck as a puppet. It’s apparent he’s not acting of his own accord. Who are the masterminds fueling Beck’s arrogant rants? Perhaps Fox News heads and its counterparts influenced this attack. Nazism in today’s era? Certainly, it’s irresponsible of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes to fuel this scandalous debate. George Soros an anti-Semite? Glenn Beck has surely painted a vivid image with his opinion. Utter lies! Global libertarians cleave to Soros’ personable confessions of a past life. released a controversial interpretation of Beck’s remarks that same Fall season. The piece raises convincing arguments about the integrity of Soros’ story about escaping a crumbling Jew-slaughtering world. Yes, it revisits Glenn Beck’s commentary summed up in three chapters. Today, George Soros Ukraine commands a mighty crusade under his Open Society Foundations. The Funds aided many uprisings across Europe, including Georgia’s Rose Revolution, Ukraine’s Orange Revolution and the Velvet Revolution orchestrated by the Czech Republic. Is Beck’s interpretation of these life-changing events rational? Soros practices philosophies that emulates that of the Open Society originator Karl Popper. It’s unfortunate that Beck’s understanding of the concepts is so profoundly wrong.

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Although Beck’s malicious, insensitive criticisms to downplay Soros reputation knows no end. The champion hedge fund investor/philanthropist/author expressed little regard for this growing conspiracy. The loss of lives while Soros escaped communism and a cruel Holocaust-era haven’t gone unnoticed. What path should a frightened 14-year-old have taken? The Jewish Council itself fronted terrified leaders who had exhausted all options, according to The Daily Beast “Beck’s Dangerous Campaign.” At which time, Soros served as a messenger boy to the council. Having received the message to instruct Jews to meet at designated collection points, Soros fled Hungary under his father’s advisement.

Society has credited Soros for his part played in demobilizing the wheels of communism that once drove Hungary. Beck described George Soros as the world’s “most powerful influential figure.” Why decorate him with such a title? He stressed that Soros commands the power to dismantle governments globally. It’s unfortunate that he believes in this philosophy so strongly. George Soros mission has aided positive causes that Beck has failed to acknowledge. Isn’t everyone entitled to an opinion? Of course! Maybe, this brings light to Soros’s silence meanwhile controversy spreads. Alongside Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, and Ronald Reagan, George Soros wrecked the vehicles of European communism. Had he not escaped a communist Hungary, what would the nation’s fate? Nobody knows! Although some Budapest Jews have criticized Soros in a negative light, not all share the same opinion. Certainly, he’s aided in piloting the nation to freedom and out of the arms of communism.

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