Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

Human rights have a variety of different meanings and standards, however the most universally explanation is that they are fundamental rights that every single person on earth is entitled to. These can refer to moral standards held by individuals or as a set of laws and regulations determined by a country or group of countries. These rights are given to a person no matter what, without discrimination, these are rights are inherent no matter of their nation, location, language, religion or any other type of status that a person has. Under the eyes of the law this should be the same with everyone in order for them to be deemed equal.

Although Human rights are international and there is international laws that protect people, there are many situations in which countries will not adhere to these rules and will have their own set of regulations. There is however constant international debate on how these human rights should be laid out. There is a strong contingent if people that believe human rights should only encompass the minimum requirements to protect people from abuses. While another train of through believes that the laws should be more broad, such as the rights to a fair trial, free speech and right to education to name a few.

One of the first examples of Human Rights and international standards was conceived directly after World War II, in response to the huge amount of wartime atrocities that occurred. The result of this was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and was adopted in 1948. This is a non-binding agreement and by no way a law, it is viewed as the pioneering statement of international rights in the world. And although this is not enforced it promotes member nations to adhere to a certain set of standards relating to the governance of its people, the document urges countries to promote human, civil, economic and social rights.

A prominent current human rights activist is Yeonmi Park, born in 1993, Park is a North Korean Defector who escaped to South Korea in 2007. While in North Korea Park and her family were considered part of the ruling elite, however now residing in South Korea she is an activist who talks primarily on North Korean refuges. Yeonmi Park is best known for her speech at the One Young World summit where she spoke of her experience in escaping the secretive country. She is constantly facing attacks from North Korea attempting to tarnish her image and discredit her accusations. She is an incredibly brave person to stand up to North Korea and counts herself lucky to have been able to escape.

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  1. There is hope to see young people stand out and are up and doing in raising their voices against oppression and injustice in the world. We all stand together in smartwritingservice to say that there is one humanity and just like in the free world that we should live in, there has to be the same freedom to allow all people to have freedom as well. This is really the bane of our civilization as it opposes to the recall of something that has happened in history before.

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