How Susan McGalla Increased Sales Of Steelers Gear

Over the years various researchers have looked at how diversity affects businesses bottom-line. It is now pretty clear that businesses who have a diversity of employees do better than those who do not. It looks pretty clear that the reason for this phenomena is that businesses with diversity are more open to different viewpoints and ways of looking at things. Unfortunately, most S&P 500 companies have ignored this research for the most part and still have little to no diversity in their highest ranking executives.

Susan McGalla is one of the few women to buck this trend. She started out at American Eagle Outfitters and steadily earned promotions until she was the president of this firm. She went on to own her own companies and be a top executive at other companies like The Wet Seal, Inc. She says that the way most women networks and initiatives over the years designed to get women into the top ranks of companies have failed. She thinks a different approach is needed, such as assigning each promising women with a mentor who can help guide their careers.

Today Susan McGalla is a top executive for the Pittsburg Steelers. She directs both their business strategy and their creative development efforts. She came up with an implemented a plan to sell more Steelers gear, for example, in 2015. At the time she stated that she wanted to make it quicker and easier for fans of this NFL team to shop their products. This greatly increased how much clothing and accessories they were selling.

Susan McGalla is originally from East Liverpool, Ohio. Her first professional position was at Joseph HOme Company after she graduated from college. She is a graduate of Mount Union College and during her college years she was on their Board of Advisors.

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