How Ronald Fowlkes Helps His Company After Serving America As A Marine And SWAT Member

Ronald (Ronnie) Fowlkes is a successful businessman who lives in St. Louis. Upon graduation from high school he joined the Marine Corps. His service lasted from 1989 until 1993. He was a dedicated Marine who received two promotions and he also served in the first Gulf War. As part of his service, he received Marine Combat Training and he was a student at the Marine Corps School of Infantry. He served his country honorably and ably and he is justifiably proud of his service to his nation.

He now works as an executive at a tactical gear company called Eagle Industries Unlimited. His job involves communicating with customers all over the country who want to buy or find out about what his company offers. His job involves educating customers about Eagle Industrie’s products and why the offer superiority over their competitor’s products. He has been with this firm since July 2008. He works at his company’s headquarters which are located just outside of St. Louis in Fenton, Missouri. He says he really enjoys the area where he works because it is a really nice place that offers a peaceful existence.

Ronald Fowlkes says that his company offers products to law enforcement, other security servies, and the sporting community. Eagle Industries is a trust brand which offers products which are known to be high quality and thusly reliable. Ronald Fowlkes job title is Business Development Manager and his objective is to increase the revenues and sales of this business. He says that he enjoys selling their products because he used them during the time after he left the Marines and was a SWAT officer for the St. Louis County Police Department.

During the time Ronald Fowlkes was in the SWAT team he managed over 250 entries that were deemed to be high risk by his superiors. He often entered into high-risk neighborhoods where he was tasked with doing investigations into such illegal activities as illegal gun possession by felons, looking into drug trafficking, and gang activity. He also responded when there were riots in order to keep the peace.

In his spare time Ronald Fowlkes is an avid sports fan. His favorite sport by far is hockey and in particular the National Hockey League (NHL). He is such a fan of this sport that he maintains a blog where a lot of people follow him as he posts news about the happenings of the people who play this game. During the recent Winter Olympics, he wrote a post about how the North and South Korean Olympics teams joined their hockey teams together as a show of working together. The article Ronald Fowlkes posted said that this move was unprecedented and provided hope for the future.


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