How Realtors Like Tammy Mazzocco Are Driving The Renaissance of Ohio’s Real Estate Industry

Now that the global economy has recovered and the national economy is following behind it the country’s real estate market looks, fortunately, to not be far behind it. Perhaps one of the most promising areas of growth for the national real estate market is in the Mid-Western state of Ohio. According to the publication Ohio’s real estate market performed quite well in 2016. The performance of the Buckeye State’s housing market actually set a record. Even though the housing market in other parts of the country have seen the number of homes that are being sold lose some momentum the housing market in Ohio experienced a large amount of growth in 2016 that it had not seen since 2005. More than 150,000 homes were bought in the state during 2016 which represented an increase over the amount of homes that were purchased by buyers in the state in 2015. The good news comes from research conducted by the professional group the Ohio Association of Realtors.

The report’s findings about the increase in home sales arguably show that hardworking Ohio realtors like Tammy Mazzocco are part of the variables that are driving the success of Ohio’s real estate sector. Tammy Mazzocco is an Ohio-based real estate agent who has been working diligently in the industry since 1999 when she entered the field as a full-time real estate professional. Today Tammy Mazzocco works with RE/MAX selling homes in central Ohio. She helps connect prospective home buyers with properties in counties like Fairfield, Delaware and Licking. Before that she worked with Judy Gang and Associates where she found a great mentor in the firm’s founder Judy Gang. In addition to helping sell single family homes Tammy Mazzocco has experience managing apartment homes. She spent part of her career working with T&R Properties, a company that helped to manage apartment homes and an office complex.

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