How Imran Haque is Providing Professional Medical Care to North Carolina Residents

Imran Haque is a renowned medical practitioner based in Asheboro, North Carolina. He works as an internist at Horizon Internal Medicine, a premier facility in North Carolina. The facility specializes in delivering exceptional medical care. Dr. Imran Haque is also affiliated to several health facilities including the Randolph Hospital.

For more than 15 years, Imran has emerged as one of the leading internal medicine experts. Besides performing physical examinations, he administers an array of treatments. His longevity in the medical industry has also enabled him to establish numerous referral networks that enable him to link his patients with specialists in extreme cases. This is what has helped him succeed in his profession.

Education Background and Career Progression

Imran Haque is an alumnus of Santo Domingo’s Universidad Iberoamerican where he graduated top of the class with a degree in medicine. Later on, he pursued his postgraduate studies in internal medicine at the University of Virginia. From a young age, Imran Haque always wanted to pursue medicine. This saw him excel in his studies, and has been the driving force in his medical. He is licensed to practice in North Carolina and has distinguished himself as one of the best in his area of specialization.

Imran’s career has seen him administer treatment to hundreds of patients. His standout characteristic is the dedication that he has towards his patients and the medical profession. He is always at hand to attend to emergencies whenever he is called upon. Since he started working at Horizon Internal Medicine, the facility’s stature has grown exponentially due to his professionalism and dedication to humanity.

Patients love Dr. Haque due to the super attention that he accords them whenever he visits the facility. His willingness to offer follow-up services has also endeared him to patients. If his career progression is anything to go by, it is safe to argue that Imran is living his childhood dream- to alleviate human pain and suffering.


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