Honey Birdette: Australia’s Premiere Sensuality Boutique

Honey Birdette is Australia’s first sensuality boutique. Honey Birdette recently launched a dedicated United States e-commerce website. This past year the company garnered a nearly quadruple increase (374 percent) in online sales in America, it seemed like a sound business decision. Eloise Monaghan, the founder of the lingerie brand, told the press that she believes this US e-commerce website will specifically “enhance the consumers’ experience.”

It is reportedly convenient in a number of ways. The website offers customers a broader selection of Honey Birdette merchandise. It also offers express delivery and, for those who spend more than $100.00, they provide free express delivery.

After witnessing such a significant climb in sales in the US market, Honey Birdette is now hoping to go beyond its trio of stores in the United Kingdom. In fact, they plan to open 37 more retail locations in the United Kingdom by the close of next year.

It has been but a year since Honey Birdette opened its first three stores outside of Australia. The first outlet opened in London’s Convent Garden. The other two are in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City.

Since then, the business has been growing rapidly. More recently, Honey Birdette announced that the first 10 of the new stores are located in Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, and Westfield Stratford. They also plan to open other retail stores all across Europe.

Some are surprised to think that Honey Birdette, which presently has 55 business locations in Australia alone, began in Brisbane just 11 years ago in 2006. The company is also expanding its product line to include not only lingerie but also latex, and adult toys.

With the financial aid of BBRC, an investment company, Honey Birdette will include a total of almost 100 stores by the end of 2018. Critics and business experts alike conclude that Honey Birdette is currently doing what it takes to attract and sustain satisfied customers.

Check out Honey Birdette videos on YouTube.

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