Home Cleaning Service Business with Its Mobile App Application

Home cleaning is a market that is growing rapidly as cleaning companies reposition themselves to match the demand. A new trend in home cleaning services is, however, being witnessed where the market for online and mobile cleanup or home repairs seem to be a preferred service. Amidst the increasing booking for these mobile cleaning and home repairs, Handy is one startup that has increasingly gained popularity.

Only two years following its launch, Handy Home Cleaning Services had hit over $1 million in bookings every week. The chief operating officer Umang Dua said that the company had its run rates move from approximately $3 million to about $52 million.

In the new on-demand home cleaning service, it offers a kind of model that makes it better for service professionals and consumers, according to Hanrahan and Dua. It’s like an ATM machine right in your pocket when you use the Handy’s new mobile app. What you just need is to tap on your iPhone and a cleaner, plumber, or a handyman will be at your doors ready to handle the cleanup or plumbing task.

It is so easy, convenient, and a saver when it comes to keeping your home in order. Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded Handy Cleaning Services, and it allows you to order services including a cleaner, handyman and plumber by tapping your phone. People are busy these days and every minute they save allows them to create time for other obligations.

According to Hanrahan, Handybook is like the Uber of home maintenance in today’s Mad Lib’s style of start-ups. Handybook offers a marketplace where schedules for both demand and supply in home services and payments are taken care of seamlessly.

Led by General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners, this startup has grown fast and has raised over $12 million in just two rounds. The New York-based company has sales that have been growing exponentially. It has more than 50 employees alongside thousands of freelancers who handle more than 10,000 jobs in a month.

Handybook acquired west coast cleaning business known as Exec for a price that is reported to be under $10 million, though not publicly disclosed. In the unreliable, complicated, and sketchy environment provided by cleaning agencies or maid services, Handybook replaces all that will a simple app and business website.

Just enter you zip code, the number of rooms that you need cleaned, the time you want to task to commence, and there you are— a quote is provided with tax and tip included. In case the price impresses you, then your card is charged. All Handybook’s freelancers are thoroughly screened to ensure only the right cadre of workers is picked and from thousands of applications, only about 3 percent are likely to be accepted.

In person interviews, references, and background checks are conducted to make sure no loopholes are created during the hiring process. On top of that, Handybook offers a money back guarantee to customers who are dissatisfied with the work the cleaners do and covers replacement costs in case something is damaged during the cleanup and plumbing work.

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