Greg Secker a Foreign Exchange Trading Expert and a Philanthropist

Greg Secker is a go-getter who is not shy to try anything new. Greg, the owner of Learn to Trade, is also a philanthropist who has been creating awareness for the charity and has been giving money to those in needs in the society. Greg is passionate about showing people how and where to make money.

Greg education background is in agriculture and food sciences although he works in the financial sector. Greg move into the finance sector was by sheer accident. While at school Greg side hustle was building and selling computers and it is through this that he got to learn about coding and programming. The venture would later see him attend a job fair where he met a guy from Cook Financial Services who was also hugely interested in computers. The guy by the name Thomas then invited Greg for a job interview which he passed and became a coding expert in the online currency trading platform. Greg interests in Forex trading grew while he was working on the Virtual Trading Desk. Greg mastered how trading was done, and as a result, he borrowed 5000 dollars and invested in Forex, and within a year he had already made more than 60,000 dollars.

Greg after making a decent amount from trading retired, however, he did not stop there as he had the passion for sharing his knowledge with others and help others make money too. He became a motivational public speaker in the year 2003, and since then he has been on stage speaking to people from different part of the world about 6000 times. Some of the events that Greg Secker has shared his knowledge on foreign exchange trading include National Achievers Congress, the Success Summit Congress and most of the wealth expos conferences in the US and across the Pacific.

Greg Secker is a serial entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an expert in Forex Trading. As a serial entrepreneur is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group which is made up of Capital Index, Smart Chart Software, FX Capital, Learn To Trade and the Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg began his trading career at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he started running a new business by the name Virtual Trading Desk. Secker left the company and joined Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the Vice President. In 2003 Secker retired from Mellon and ventured into forex trading full time.

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