Global Growth of OSO Group

Having a brand that’s nationally recognized is big business, but having a brand that’s internationally recognized is even bigger business. OSI Group is the epitome of a global brand even though it started out as a local business. This food wholesaler has roots that come from Germany. OSI Group is the manifestation of a small company that was known as Otto & Sons. This local butcher shop perfectly served its Chicago-based community with quality meats. This butcher shop was operated by Otto Kolschowki, and his two sons. Many of Chicagoland’s immigrants were from Germany, and these people brought in a sense of hard work and values. As the years passed, Otto & Sons went into food wholesale.

At this point in time, the country’s economy was thriving thanks to all of the small businesses that were in place. Many of the immigrants operated from farming as the agriculture scene exploded. World War I had ended and America was on the verge of something big. The country’s cities began to expand and even more small businesses came into fruition. The Midwest region of the US was booming with economic activity. This particular region held many different titles, including the “hog butcher of the world” and the “stacker of wheat.” Kolschowski, and his business secured lucrative deals with popular brands, including McDonald’s.

A simple handshake was all that it took between Ray Kroc and the Kolschowski family. These two entities still have a strong bond to this very day. From Oak Park, Illinois, to Aurora, Illinois. Otto & Sons had grown into OSI Group, and this wholesale food company was growing by leaps and bounds. OSI Group has built factories all over the US in Utah, in California, in Iowa and in Wisconsin. In addition to that, the company now has facilities in the Netherlands, in India, in Hungary, in Japan and in many other nations.

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