Eric Pulier Makes the World a Better Place

Father of four, Eric Pulier, has had quite an accomplished life that has been centered around the betterment of others. Pulier has held a role as : entrepreneur, technologist, columnist, published author, philanthropist, and founder of over 50 companies.

Eric Pulier grew up in New Jersey. Before completion of his high school diploma from Teanack High School in 1984, Pulier showed signs of a budding entrepreneur by developing a business programming computers. Pulier had an early interest in technology. He started programming computers as early as 4th grade, and his interest in technology has continued into adulthood.

After high school graduation Pulier pursued a degree at Harvard where he excelled as a journalist. While at Harvard, Eric wrote for the Harvard Crimson as a student journalist. In 1988, he graduated from Harvard with a Bachelors of Arts in English and American literature ( magna cum laude). In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of professional growth.

After relocation, Eric became involved in People Doing Things which focused on three of Pulier’s interests: health care, education, and the usage of technology. A few years later he founded Digital Evolution which later became US Interactive LLC. During this time, he also started to promote, Starbright World, a social media network for chronically ill children. These are just a few of his many professional ventures. Other career endeavors include: Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana Desktone, Service Mesh, and IM Forum. Furthermore, he was the co- author of “ Understanding Enterprise SOA”.

Eric Pulier also has been an advocate for philanthropy. His philanthropic efforts include The Painted Turtle, a camp for children with chronic illness, X-Prize Foundation, and numerous non-profit organizations. In addition, he created the game, Starlight World, a game that allows children with diabetes a chance to tour the inside of bodies and see what happens with blood sugars and insulin levels in people with diabetes. These are just a few of his charitable involvements.

Ms. Eric Pulier continues to live a flourishing life as an active professional and philanthropist with his four children in Los Angeles.

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