Don’t Let Sciatica Put You on Your Back! North American Spine Has the Answer.

The leading cause of disability in the entire world is sciatica. Nearly everyone has suffered low back pain at one time or another. And while the causes of this pain may vary from person to person, the fact is that the condition may persist and grow even worse with age. So, if you have experienced an injury to your lower back or have been suffering from painful sciatica, you owe it to yourself to contact North American Spine for a consultation.

Sciatica general term that is commonly used when speaking of the pulsing, disabling pain that radiates through the lower back and down through the thighs. Sciatica symptoms range from pain in the afflicted areas that worsens upon remaining seated for periods of time, tingling or numbness throughout the upper, lower or sometimes the entire leg, weakness or burning or possible difficulty moving about, a continuous pain on only one side of the body, centering in the lower back region, and jabbing pains that make being on your feet for long periods extremely difficult. Sciatica normally affects one side of the lower part of the body, but may reach the feet or toes. The degree of pain can be low or completely debilitating. It may be occasional or frequent. Nevertheless,it always has the possibility to grow more intense over time. Some of the issues created by constant sciatica may include previously mentioned foot and leg weakness and difficulty walking. It may also include problems with bowel or bladder control.

North American Spine reviews mention that they utilize a method called the AccuraScope. This technique reduces pressure created by bulging disks. This same technique is also used in repairing herniated discs. Although this is considered an invasive outpatient procedure, the you will typically experience near-instant relief from pain. Normal activities are usually resumed as soon as the next day.

With AccuraScope, the surgeon slips a tiny tube called an endoscope into the spinal canal through a tiny opening at the bottom of the spine. With this cutting-edge technique, the specialist can see the injury through a high-definition camera and laser, and then can determine and treat one or possibly multiple injured areas with a single procedure. The procedure typically lasts less than one hour and requires a small adhesive bandage to over the tiny opening.

North American Spine’s speciality is reducing sciatica pain with the AccuraScope technique. If you have been suffering with sciatic pain, don’t wait any longer to be checked. If you decide it’s the right step for you, you will be back on your feet and to your old self within a week.

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