Creating a Positive Culture in School Using ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an education technology application that was founded by Sam Chaudhary. The application is a communication platform that can be used to bring the community of teachers, pupils and parents together.


Sam Chaudhary designed ClassDojo to address some of the issues that teachers and guardians felt were left out during a student’s learning process. The platform brought forward a remarkable change in classroom experience by actively engaging teachers and parents to bring a positive culture in schools.


ClassDojo has significantly transformed the education sector. The application is already being used in two-thirds of schools in U.S and in schools across 180 other countries. The application can be downloaded from Google play using Android mobile devices.


ClassDojo works like a social platform that enables parents to follow up on their children’s school work via photos and videos that are uploaded by teachers. Subsequently, parents can communicate with teachers on the progress of their children in school. The application also has a behavior tracking feature that allows parents to send private messages to teachers.


ClassDojo seals the gap that existed between parents and the school. The firm has facilitated parents to work hand in hand with teachers to bring a ground –up change in education. Parents can regularly communicate with teachers on various school matters without having to wait for the rarely arranged parent-teacher conferences.


Most parents have attested that they have always wanted to be involved in every aspect of their children’s progress in school. What is more, messages sent to parents via the ClassDojo app can be translated into different languages.


ClassDojo has established an active culture in school. Teachers and parents can encourage students on their best skills in school hence encouraging them to perform better. Moreover, the mobile application has empowered students to take charge of their learning experiences thereby sharing it with their parents.


The active involvement brought forward by ClassDojo, has facilitated encouragement and empowerment of students by regular and positive feedbacks on their portfolio. Students can know when they are doing what is expected of them in school. Positive comments from parents encourage them to put more effort in their skills. It has helped students to develop various life skills such as teamwork, hard working and leadership skills.


ClassDojo was designed to be user-friendly. A single device can be used in a classroom. It is also designed with privacy policies that guarantee security while being used by students. Despite the security protocols, the application does not need complicated login credentials as it is used by students.

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