Wengie’s DIY Peel Off Mask To Remove Annoying Blackheads

Oh My Goodness. Don’t you just hate those annoying blackheads that seem to pop up at the most unfavorable time. You start applying your makeup and noticed that a blackhead is forming right in the middle of your forehead. You start thinking that you could cover it up with makeup or pretend that it is a beauty mark. Well, Wengie is a beauty blogger that has a great treatment for blackheads. It is a DIY Peel Off Mask. Wengie is a famous beauty blogger that is based in Australia. She is a favorite on YouTube and has over a million followers.

Wengie’s Mask Peel
However, Wengie has a DIY blackhead treatment that she believes is just as effective as the store brands. In this video Wengie is going to compare her DIY blackhead formula with a few store brands. She prepares the mask with ingredients that some people might already have around the house. These ingredients seem kind of strange. The ingredients are white glue and charcoal. You have to check them out. She applies the mixture to one part of her face. Wengie believes that they are amazing and a really good treatment for blackheads. Wengie applies a popular store brand to the other side of her face. Her boyfriend gets involved and Wengie shares the peel off mask with him too. Which mask is better? Is it the DIY mask or the store brand mask? Well, you will have to check out the video.

The good news is that Wengie likes to share her honest opinions about products on her YouTube channel. The even better news is that Wengie produces an amazing amount of high quality content for her million plus subscribers every week. I really like her beauty tutorials and her skin care tutorials are some of the best on the YouTube site. Subscribers are the first to get news about Wengie’s latest videos. Check out Wengie’s Channel on YouTube.


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