Jon Urbana Displays Artistic Skills In New Videos

Lacrosse athlete and former Villanova star player Jon Urbana has released several videos displaying his artistic side. When Jon is not working with local Denver area charities or helping out at his lacrosse camp he finds the time to make videos of his artistic interests including his photographic work and life as pilot. Jon is an FAA licensed pilot and often shares his adventures on his social media accounts. Jon’s videos can be found on his Vimeo page and through YouTube as well as Daily Motion.

Jon’s most recent Vimeo video entitled “Jon Urbana Photography”, which was posted to YouTube in late December 2015, features nearly 10 minutes of his artistic photography set to complementary music written by Urbana in a slideshow. The video shows a flow of many of Jon’s recent travels around the world including China, as well as still life photographs and detailed lion photographs.

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Another recent video by Jon from late December 2015 entitled “Goldfish in a Cabernet Glass” was posted to Vimeo, featuring a goldfish in a Cabernet glass. The video is simplistic and modern with a single focus, the goldfish swimming in a water filled elegant glass set alone with no other objects in the video. The freestyle video is one of Jon’s shorter but more artistic videos, showing off a different artistic style than his other videos.

The third most recent Vimeo video from Jon, shows more of his photography skills in a video entitled “Stadium Scenes, by Jon Urbana.” The video features a high-speed time lapse style scene of a busy stadium and passing clouds with a tinted sky. This video shows off Jon’s technical startup skills and eye for color editing.

Jon has additionally posted videos spotlighting his charity work on Vimeo, including a fundraising video for Earth Force as well as ARAS. Jon uses the videos as a way to deliver the highlights of his fundraising efforts and give information on how viewers can spread the word about the fundraisers and contribute to the campaigns.

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