Gino Pozzo And Family Venture Into The Football Business

Born to football enthusiasts, Gino Pozzo is currently the owner of the Watford Football Club. He is known for taking low division clubs to top leagues thus being one of the most respected personalities in European sports. He spent his early childhood in Italy before going to the United States to study. He was related to the former president of Udinese Football Club through his mother.

He moved to London with his family so that he can manage the daily operations of his club. His father bought the Udinese club with profit generated from their tool-making family business. The family sold the business to focus on investing in football clubs. The Udinese Club rose to the Champions League after Gianpaolo, Gino’s father financed the team after they faced difficulties in the past seasons. The family’s passion for sports is certainly the secret to their teams’ success.

Gino is said to be the mastermind of the Pozzo family since he facilitated in the acquisition of Granada F.C.while he lived in Barcelona. Through Gino’s involvement in the team, they rose to the Primera Liga an achievement that took them more than three decades. He purchased Watford Football Club in 2012 because of his belief in English football. Gino Pozzo says the playing of the English Premier League is completely different from the rest and wanted to be associated with it.

Gino Pozzo trades his players freely to the family’s teams to make a significant impact on all of them. Pozzo family is heading in the right direction since the Premier League is set to be making millions in the future. He says that it is important to look for new opportunities in football since it is a long-term project. Gino appreciates the ideas and visions of his managers in developing skills to the young players. He is passionate about Watford’s success since he has demonstrated financial and emotional support to the team.