Clay Siegall Stands As The Pillar Behind Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics and the guiding force behind all of the company’s endeavors. Seattle Genetics is a company that aims to study the genetic composition of human beings for research of numerous disorders that can affect a person. Clay is someone who is extremely well versed in the scientific field and has a tremendous amount of experience in both the scientific and managerial aspects that concern the company. Even for recreation, Clay is heavily involved with scientific discoveries and advances in the field, as evidenced by his blog.

His love for science can be seen in the numerous things that Clay does. Over the years, Clay Siegall has worked with various companies and organizations for the development of treatments for some of the most deadly diseases in the world. Clay Siegall had set his aim of helping people a long time ago, and till today works to always trying to live that mission. Through Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall points for the research of treatments for cancer which can soon benefit numerous people who are diagnosed with this in the future. He believes that through research, new technologies can be developed which can change the way physicians and surgeons look at and treat cancer.

Clay Siegall knows that a cure for cancer is hard to find and that a lot of time, effort and funds would go into the process of finding a cure. With this aim, Clay Siegall personally raised over $1.2 billion for the development of new research methodology for the treatment of cancer. These efforts have earned Clay a good spot in the limelight as he has been recognized for his efforts to create a change in people’s lives. He has received numerous awards all through his life, like the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences which is a highly prestigious award for someone in this field. Through his leadership, Seattle Genetics has managed to stay on the right track that will someday help them create a difference in people’s lives and change the way people look at cancer and cancer treatment.