The Official Launch of All of the Above with Norman Lear on PodcastOne

Norman Lear is popular among many Americans especially for his celebrated role as the creator of legendary siticoins such as Good Times, The Jeffersons, Maude and All in the Family among numerous others. Not only were his productions spectacular but they also defined and revolutionized the American Television.

Other than being a creator, Norman Lear has much more to his name. He is a World War 11 veteran, a director, producer and a writer.

On the 24th April 2017, an official announcement was made by the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz that All of The Above with Norman Lear will engage listeners in enlightening conversations ranging from comedy to family, politics, music current events and many more interesting topics. Each week, Mr. Lear is joined by Paul Hipp, another person he considers as a great friend. Paul Hipp is a composer, sidekick and an actor.

Other personalities in the celebrity guest list include Amy Poehler who is set to cover the topic on religion, Julia Louis-Dreyfus who will cover the topic on veep, Jerrod Carmichael covering the subject of race in media and America Ferrera who will cover the topic on Training for a Triathlon.

The setting of the podcast

The podcast officially began on May 1, and henceforth, a new episode aired every Monday on Lovers of the series could as well follow the podcast from the PodCastOne application and on iTunes. Learn more:

The remarks of Mr. Lear and Mr. Pattiz

Mr. Lear said he wanted to wait until half of his life was over before he could launch a podcast. He went ahead to state fans should subscribe and disregard his age as he sees himself as one of his peers.

Mr. Pattiz acknowledges he had known and admired Norman for a long time now. He considers having Norman’s podcast on PodCastOne network as big and cool. Learn more:

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the Chief Executive Officer of PodCastOne. He is also the founder and acting chairman of Westwood One, a giant radio network which provides people with timely and relevant news, entertainment, sports and other interesting talk shows and programs.

In the year 2010, Mr. Pattiz went ahead to launch Courtside Entertainment Group, a company which produces and finances multi-platform quality programming. It was in 2013 that Mr. Pattiz founded PodcastOne, a company which quickly grew to become a leader in audio on-demand programming.

Norman Pattiz Establishes Effectiveness Of Ads On His Audience Through Market Research

Norman Pattiz is one of the biggest names in the radio industry. He was the founder of Westwood One, one of the largest networks in America. However, with the slow decline of the radio industry, Norman Pattiz had to embark on a lookout for the next best thing in the listening industry. With the growth of the internet, he decided to start up the radio equivalent on the web, podcast.

He began PodcastOne, which was a network dedicated to delivering high-quality original content through numerous podcast channels. Norman Pattiz even tied up with celebrities to give his users one of a kind content that they wouldn’t find elsewhere.

One of how podcast differs from the radio is the space for advertising. Most podcast networks do not give out their spaces to brands, which is also why they do not make good profits.

Norman Pattiz wanted to change all of that to bring in more income to the network. He decided to approach advertisers to showcase their ads in between the shows on the network. Few brands agreed, and within six months, Norman Pattiz has gathered more advertisers than most podcast networks. However, he wanted to push it even further and get more brands onto his side.

‘However, brands are often met with skepticism when it comes to selling to audiences through a podcast network. To prove that the ads showcased on the channels are indeed effective, Norman Pattiz decided to team up with Edison Research to conduct a market analysis on the effectiveness of the products that were being advertised on the podcast network.

The study was conducted in two phases. The first phase was done by asking the subject groups a few questions about the brands that were going to be advertised on the channel.

The second round of analysis was conducted after the subjects had listened to a good amount of ads on the podcast network, in between shows. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

They were then asked questions to determine the level of brand recall that these people had for the products being advertised. The results were extremely positive and show that the brand recall is extremely high in most brand situations.

For example, when the subjects were asked about a particular grocery brand, only seven percent actually knew what the interviewer was talking about. However, after the listening session was concluded, almost sixty percent of the subjects could recall the brand solely based on the ad that was aired.