PSI Pay is Regulated by Financial Conduct Authority in Britain

PSI Pay is a global contactless payment company that is revolutionizing the way individuals purchase goods and services and is currently regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority within the British government. PSI Pay was licensed in 2011 and continues to provide the utmost transparency and safety of its transfer of money over its established infrastructure. PSI Pay continues to abide by regulations established by the European Union and is providing opportunities to supply easy transfers of electric money throughout the EU and in over 170 countries around the globe.

Furthermore, PSI Pay is a principal member of MasterCard a universally recognized credit card company that has provided safeguards and regulatory infrastructure development that safely allow customers to make purchases both personally and online with the security and comfort that their transactions will be made safely and assure customers will be protected as they conduct purchase of goods and services.

PSI Pay has established prepaid accounts where individuals can link their bank accounts and other means of establishing money transfers to connect to their contactless pay accounts and give individuals easy access to their funds and a convenient way to make purchases of goods and services. With the new technologies developed by Kerv one of PSI Pay’s cutting-edge affiliates who continue to expand the horizon within the contactless technologies utilized today. The new technology allows individuals to make purchases without swiping credit cards, handling cash, or checkbook and make easy convenient transactions at various checkpoints that allow them to utilize the new technology.

PSI Pay is able to link Kerv’s newly developed contactless payment rings to accounts that give individuals an opportunity to make purchases by waving their hand over payment terminals installed all over the world. Because PSI Pay is heavily regulated by both regional and international authorities they have been allowed to perform electronic money transfers with a safe and reliable approach to purchasing goods and services and delivering quick and convenient exchanges of value.

PSI Pay is regulated by the British and European Union institutions of government regulations such as the Financial Conduct Authority to regulate their money exchange infrastructure and as a result PSI Pay continues to provide safe secure and reliable means to transfer wealth to its users which creates an opportunity for them to purchase goods and services swiftly and conveniently.

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