Ransomware’s Personal Cost

Although international organizations and governments have been in the news every since the ransomware WannaCry cyber attacks, personal information is what cyber thieves are most often after. Once your personal information is acquired, individuals can use saved passwords and other information to infiltrate your personal accounts or your small business accounts. This situation can cost small businesses thousands of dollars worth of data and it also can cost them their reputation. But what about personal losses?


When a hack occurs the first thing to go is money. Ransomware attackers ask for money in exchange for data. If the ransom doesn’t work they can simply drain an account. It’s a loss many of us cannot afford. But we can’t usually afford the protection against ransomware attacks, either.


Cyber security experts such as Rubica assist personal victims of ransomware by providing them with the same level of security as global organizations receive and you don’t even need an IT department. With a simple app download, Rubica assesses your business or personal account’s activities and determines whether or not ransomware is hiding out on your computer. Finding it before it attacks is key to cyber security. Rubica has helped many hacked business owners and individuals like myself.

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