I Use Securus To Chat With Family At The Holidays

We have quite a few family members who are spending time in jail this holiday season, and I have sought after a visitation method that helps us reach everyone. I grow quite concerned about family at this time of year, and I discovered Securus offes video visitation that creates family connection even at the worst of times. This article explains how I became a fan of Securus when making Christmas phone calls.


#1: How Does Securus Work?


Securus has built a large network of video cameras that sit in prisons around America, and each camera is used to help inmates communicate with their families. I have the Securus app on my phone, and I may place a call to the prison at any time. I find it quite important that I check in with family as often as I can, and I want to bring everyone around the table for a Christmas phone call when it is time.


#2: What Is The App Like?


Video visitation is quite simple when you enter the Securus app. I select the person I wish to call, and the phone call is connected with the prison. My family member is placed in front of the camera, and I enjoy seeing them on the camera at every visit. We cannot drive out to the jail, and I believe they feel a connection with us even though they are far away.


#3: Why Is Video Visitation Important?


I have quite a few family members who may only travel to one place a year for the holidays, and we cannot make out way to the jail for the holidays. The jails are spread out across the country, and I wish to keep everyone together as we make each new call. I place the call on my tablet, and place the tablet on the dining hall table where everyone may see. We all have our chance to offer our love, wave and blow a few kisses. We place each call during our reunion, and we offer a loving energy that is helpful for our family members.


There are quite a few people around America who wish to visit with their loved ones over video, and they may use Securus just as we have. Our family feels a lovely connection with those who are still in jail on each call, and we thank Securus yearly for their video visitation service.


Important Communication in a Time of Need

Keeping lines of communication between family members is very important, but even more so when one is incarcerated. Regardless of the reason a person is incarcerated, they still deserve to have a way to communicate with their loved ones, especially in times of crisis. The floods in Louisiana have brought about devastation to many people’s lives and many people have even lost their lives. Countless others have lost everything they own and are having to relocate. Securus Technologies provides inmates with a way of communicating with their loved ones through a phone service and now with the massive floods occurring they are offering this service free to inmates in Louisiana jails in order for them to check on loved ones and reduce anxiety and worry.


With a home base in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has been providing phone service and other communication service technologies to correctional facilities in 45 states of the Unites States and other facilities in the District of Columbia, Canada and Mexico. Their customer service team is professional and efficient and able to handle any problems that may arise and assist the facilities in technical support. Click here to learn more about Securus and the many things they offer.


 Communication is very important during a time of need and the ability to know that loved ones are safe during a crisis can help a person feel better and feel relieved. Family members and friends can also feel relieved in knowing they are able to speak with their loved one who is incarcerated. Securus has been providing open lines of communication between inmates and family members and friends for a long time, but offering this service free during this time of great need shows they also care about the inmates and how they must feel about their family members in danger or in need.