Jason Hope Provides Support In The Fight Against Age-Related Illnesses

For the most part, human beings view the process of aging as a natural event that is unavoidable for all regardless of how healthy a person chooses to live their life. It is a generally accepted that fact that bones will eventually break down, the skin will grow wrinkled, and many activities that are enjoyed in a person’s youth will become off limits to them.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist that does not subscribe to this notion. Hope seeks to aid individuals to live longer and healthier lives by the slowing down and perhaps even the reversing of the process accepted as aging. He has been known to donate considerable amounts of money to support research what he feels will one day be transformative in the way that the healthcare industry approaches the subject of aging and illnesses that are related to aging.

A major beneficiary of the support provided by Jason Hope is the SENS Foundation. Hope made his initial donation to the foundation in 2010 in the amount of $500,000 and has supported the organization since that time.

The SENS Foundation is a research organization that is bullish on the prospects of using biotechnology to develop more modern approaches to the prevention and treatment of human illness and disease. Through their research, the foundation observes living organisms and organic specimens in order to develop products that have life-improving properties.

Mike Kope, the chief executive officer of the SENS Foundation, credited the support of Jason Hope with providing the Foundation with the ability to act faster in their fight to eradicate age-related illnesses. Kope also expresses his desire to one day see the use of biotechnology to positively affect the lives of individuals across the globe. He says donations like the one given by Hope can one day make this dream a reality.

About Jason Hope
Jason Hope is a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona and is the founder of multiple successful business entities. Hope attended the University of Arizona where he earned a bachelor’s degree before picking up a master’s degree at the Carey School of Business.

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Meet Tony Petrello: As The CEO Of Nabors Industries Ltd.

Mr. Petrello produced impressive results in his 20 plus years as an executive and has supported philanthropic causes in Houston, Texas, and at Princeton University. As the current President and CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello, has received many commendations for his impressive knowledge in the fields of mathematics, computer science, and law, Petrello has made a real impact in terms of business expansion and strategic moves while leading in an executive role at Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries, a global oil and gas drilling services based firm, is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. Consequently, Nabors’ executives are located in Houston, Texas. Nabors Industries is a company that is known for having the world’s largest fleet of land-based rigs for drilling.

Prior to becoming the top executive at Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello worked as a lawyer. Tony Petrello practiced corporate law, international arbitration, and taxation. Petrello had been managing partner at Baker & McKenzie’s law firm in New York since 1986. Petrello accepted a position on Nabors’ board of directors in 1991. In October 2011, Petrello replaced Eugene Isenberg, then he added chairman of the board to his work title in 2012.

Tony Petrello was able to utilize his law degree to position himself to reach the apex of corporate success as CEO of Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello’s educational background includes not only a bachelor’s degree but also a master’s degree from Yale. Petrello also earned a Juris Doctor from Harvard University.

In terms of Tony Petrello’s philanthropic efforts, in 2006, Petrello pledged at least $150,000 to create an endowment for Princeton graduates who were going to start their own business or choose an entrepreneurial path. In addition to the $150,000 that Petrello donated, he also said that he would match any other donations at the original donation. Petrello stated that the endowment was in honor of a friend, mathematician, mentor and teacher, Professor Serge Lang. Lang and Petrello both started together at Yale in 1972, when Petrello was a Freshman. Lang had just joined Yale as a professor after leaving Columbia University. Because of Tony Petrello’s endowment to his alma mater, the gifts helped to fund an annual prize named after Lang.

Anthony Petrello and Cynthia Petrello are big fans of Broadway and Tommy Tune. Cynthia, Petrello was once a model and actress, who worked in New York. Tommy Tune, who was born and raised in Houston, Texas, was welcomed home to Texas by the Petrello’s in January 2018. The 50 guest cocktail party for Tommy Tune took place at the estate of the Petrello’s.

Find more about Anthony Petrello: https://www.broadwayworld.com/houston/article/Tony-Petrello-Welcomes-Tommy-Tune-Home-To-Houston-20180104

Billionaire George Soros Makes Largest One-Time Donation In History

George Soros, billionaire investor, and one of the few men who tops the list as the most generous philanthropist donated $18 billion dollars to his Open Society foundation. With this transfer, Open Society is now one of the richest foundations, and second behind the $40 billion Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. According to Fortune magazine, this transfer represents a large chuck of his wealth, and is one of the biggest benefits of any private donor to a single foundation. Many are speculating what Soros plans to do with such a large injection of cash and what does this mean.

Soros attained special recognition through a major financial bet; in 1992 he speculated successfully against the British pound, which is known today as Black Wednesday in Europe. Forbes magazine estimated the assets of the 87-year-old billionaire most recently to be around $23 billion dollars, and his past charity donations have all been immense sums, estimated to be up to $14 billion since 1979.

Born in Budapest in 1930, the guru investor, who emigrated in 1947, first to the UK and 1956 in the USA, began a stellar Wall Street career. He escaped communist Hungary to the UK, and began studying at the London School of Economics. He earned his BA in 1951 and a Master of Science in 1954. Specializing in European equities, he emigrated to the U.S., and joined Wertheim & Company in 1959 as an analyst. In 1963 he became Vice President at Arnold and Bleichroeder, and in 1973 he founded the famous Quantum Fund. For nearly two decades, George Soros managed annual returns that were above 30 percent.

His stellar career has been marked by diverse roles. He’s followed his lifelong passion of advocating for equal access, as well as a list of philanthropic efforts on various other game-changing advances, like life sciences.

Soros established Open Society, a global grant-making foundation in 1979. Soros is a major contributor to liberal and democratic causes, and his organization advocates primarily for democracy, justice reform, human rights, and U.S. Policy. The foundation’s 2017 budget was more than $1 billion and included funding for early childhood, several other educational programs, and grants to institutions.

George Soros has opened offices around the globe in more than 130 countries, and has philanthropic dealings in everything from helping South African college students at the University of Cape Town to helping the European immigration movement. He continues to push equality for all. and Follow him Twitter.com

Jason Hope of Scottsdale, AZ Strongly Desires A Better Future For the Aged

Jason Hope believes that in order for people to have a happier and healthier future, we need to change the way we approach medicine. Medicine should not just be about treating and hopefully curing illnesses; doctors have to educate their patients about preventative care.

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He received his B.S. degree in Finance from Arizona State University. Hope earned his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU.

Jason Hope is a big supporter of the SENS Foundation, an anti aging center that is committing to improving the quality of a person’s life. SENS is committed to understanding the diseases that break our bodies down, such as Alzheimers, lung disease, and heart disease.

For example, the Ebola outbreak. the first step to preventing Ebola is to first find out where it originated from and how it was spread. Once that is accomplished, people need to be educated about how to avoid contracting this disease. Hope is strongly fighting aging and the effects it has on us.

Jason Hope take philanthropy very seriously, he even donated half a million dollars to Sens in Cambridge laboratory in the United Kingdom to find their AGE-breakers program. Sens has drugs and other treatments that being used to fight the aging process. Jason hope has also created a grant program to help local Scottsdale high school and university students get a quality education.

Researchers discovered that one of the components to aging is called glucosepane that is found in human tissue. Researchers are creating therapies that will remove glucosepane from the body. If the researchers can target the genes and substances that cause aging, they can prevent the aging illnesses from ever happening.

As a futurist, Jason Hope is looking at exhaust emissions that tend to cause many lung related diseases such as Emphysema and lung cancer. He also interested in the accuracy of the data found on the internet. Are the exhaust emissions really as low as it is claimed on the internet? Much of the data that concerns our health may not be as accurate as they claim to be.

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