How You Can Mange Your Reptutation By Yourself

Think you need a professional reputation management company to manage your reputation for you? There are actual many things you can do to manage your reputation yourself. We describe what you can do yourself, before having to resort to a reputation management specialist. Try these things out yourself and see what happens.

Your online reputation speaks volumes about your company or yourself if your are an entrepreneur or professional. Try to snap up domain names that include your company, product or personal name as soon as possible. If you can not snap up a domain name of your company, product or personal name try to get a variation that is close enough. Bear in mind that you can also create your own website, as long as the domain has not been created yet by anybody.

The reason why owning company domain names is important is because these domains will often show up first in search engine results. People will also tend to click on them more frequently and search the terms found in the domain name.

If you can’t get or find an ideal domain name, then work with what you have and focus on optimizing your content. Put keywords and phrases that people are searching on the web into your website. Include it in your content, blogs, postings, titles, and descriptions. All of this will bring customers to you and establish credibility to your name.

After your content is optimized and you have a good domain name, keep an eye out for negative and false content appearing on the web. Be vigilant and proactive. Create content on social media, through blogs, on professional websites like and consider creating several domain websites with variations about your business. Remember the more positive and useful content you have, the less likely negative content is to surface and appear when someone searches your company or name.

While you can do a lot to manage your reputation on your own, sometimes the task at hand requires expert advice such as that found on This is a company that can clean up bad search results and eliminate negative reviews and ripoff reports from the web. The service found at comes with a free, no obligation estimate. It is best to turn to an expert if you are already suffering from a reputation crisis or have lots of negative content that you cannot handle on your own. Follow Search Cleanup on Twitter @search_cleanup to learn more.

Search Cleanup to the Rescue!

Online entrepreneurs and business owners should be aware of their online reputation before they start their business, for complete clearance. is a phenomenal way to clean up negative articles online, as well as your co-owners and management personnel that come onboard. Cleaning any online relationships you have means dealing with any negative remarks or comments that have popped up.

Managing your brand name is strategic in maintaining a professional profile. The basic knowledge of protecting your online presence are tools of the trade that are not necessarily always the responsibility of your marketing and PR team. Every entrepreneur should be familiar with the clean up process in order to maintain an excellent profile. Here are eight tips for managing your online reputation.

1. New companies on the Web need to start online reputation management as soon as they know they will be launching an online business. The name and brand can then be protected more efficiently.
2. Your Google status should optimally occupy the first three search results, but as long as you are displayed on the first page, in the first 10, this is a good placing.
3. When you find negative content online, consider the nature of it, and place several testimonies that add fresh content to your brand. This is where SearchCleanup gets involved as they identify and clear your online presence.
4. Manage the reputation of your executives online and how they relate to your brand.
5. Entrepeneurs should be familiar with the management of their reputation in social media.
6. Seek outside professional help to secure your reputation.
7. A damaged online reputation requires more than PR strategies and content marketing to repair the damages.
8. Take your first fundamental steps to actively building a superior campaign for online reputation management.

Using a professional cleanup company will provide an effective way to begin the cleanup of your reputation and the executives that represent you. There is no obligation to obtain a free quote on and with the negative marks against your company cleared, your brand will reach the Google position you desire.

Status Labs Continues to Fight Digital Reputation War

There is no doubt that after the “share post” button is hit, many of us wish we had it to do all over again. One seemingly simple comment can be seen as harmless by most, but taken very negatively by many others, and cause them to feel as if they are the brunt of a bad joke or being cyber-bullied. And it’s those negative responses and shares that cause the unforeseen trouble. This was the case when HootSuite CEO and founder Ryan Holmes posted a pic and comment to the company site; in what was meant to be a parting toast for his laid off employees, was instead regarded as an insult. The resulting negative feedback forced HootSuite to remove the post…without any further comment.

According to online reputation expert Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, “After all, executives are the face of the company and should represent their company’s voice,”…“Even if it’s on their personal social media platforms.” Status Labs believes that business owners and especially upper management should have training in how to properly navigate different social media platforms. To simply assume everyone has a Facebook account therefore everyone knows what to say and how to say it, is a huge mistake when it comes to public figures and business leaders. The snowball effect of a negative post can take a lot of PR work to fix.

Some other proactive steps businesses should be aware of and Mr. Fisher stresses, is to make sure the privacy settings on your social media sites are properly set and to also have the mindset that nothing is truly private in the digital world. Going after data brokers like PeopleSmart and WhitePages to remove your personal information is also a good idea. Regular Google searches on yourself, when done the right way may bring up any negative information, but hiring a service like Status Labs ensures that not only is bad data removed but it is also replaced with good content that shines a positive light on you or your organization. With specialist in search engine optimization, social media and content marketing, and public relations, Status Labs can turn a catastrophe into a turning point.

Status Labs Is The Most Reliable Online Reputation Management Firm

Are you worried about your online reputation or the reputation of your company? Do you need a trusted Online Reputation Management firm to help build and maintain a great impression or reputation about you or your company? Protect your brand with Status Labs’ Online Reputation Management services and know the information that is generated online won’t compromise your reputation or your business online image.

Search the name of your company online. See anything you don’t like? Then contact Status Labs to help counter negative search results online. It’s important to understand how online reputation management firms can help you, and to ensure you choose a service that is trustworthy and effective. These services can make a great impact on your personal success and that of your business.

There are many services out there that promise to make negative or derogatory information disappear. But keep in mind that not all Online Reputation Management services are created equal. It is important to choose a company that comes highly recommended in the industry. When it comes to choosing the most reliable Online Reputation Management firm, look no further than Status Labs.

For many years, thousands of professionals and comapnies have turned to Status Lab to help improve their search engine and online image. If you are searching for a way to create an impressive online image or if you want to repair your online image or reputation, it’s imperative that you choose the most trusted Online Reputation Management to assist you.

Status Labs is the leading online reputation management service, digital marketing, and public relations company with offices in São Paulo, New York and their new larger office in Austin, which accommodates the firm’s growing number of talented professionals. Their goal is to help their clients build and maintain a great reputation online and boost sales through effective public relations strategy and digital marketing technique. Status serves over 1500 clients in more than 35+ countries, and their clients include public figures and Fortune 100 brands.

The new facility is between South Congress Avenue and South 1st Street, and it features expanded office space with modern conference rooms. Just steps from Auditorium Shores and scenic Town Lake, the new location offers the firm’s staff the opportunity to exercise during breaks and enjoy the outdoors.

The company has spent the past several years developing top notch products and services to help their clients look their best online. As many large companies and corporations, as well as individual professionals scramble to establish an effective online reputation management service, you will find that Status Labs is very well positioned to meet industry demands.

Status Labs design custom content marketing strategies and execute campaigns for public figures and businesses. They recognize you are unique, and that every online community is different.

Customer Reviews Shape the Company’s Online Reputation

To know more about a particular brand, customers generally research about that company online. Unsatisfied customers will submit negative reviews on the website, and these comments cannot be deleted. Potential prospects judge the reputation of the brand based on these reviews submitted by other customers. Exceptional firms focus on this aspect; hence hire digital agencies that work on reputation management. Reputed organizations have strong marketing engines, and public relations firms have the required resourced to make this reputation management everyday task. Nowadays even small scale companies want to focus on this strategy and hence opt for a cost-effective option.


While some CEOs respond to these negative feedback, and this may sometimes turn to an argument. Hence, they have to focus on client service.


Darius Fisher


Darius Fisher is a Digital Crisis Expert, and he is the president of Status Labs, which is headquartered in Austin. This company focuses on renewing a client’s digital presence, and it does not matter if it via Search engines or on social media. He confirms that the biggest mistake is indifferent attitude and lack of preparation. Some top-notch executives do not give much attention to their online reputation. Moreover, they are lacking in foresight and thereby get affected by bad press or customer attacks. A company has to invest in online reputation management and should screen their web presence.


Darius Fisher’s Company specializes in even altering Google’s search results. However, this takes considerable time and effort along with proper planning. First they develop and promote new content and then publish it on the websites. Now Google displays the new content about a person, establishment first. They cover only positive aspects about that individual or company and include them in social media, personal websites. In addition to that they release dynamic videos, press releases, guest articles and much more than that. Status Labs is referral based and has gained immense popularity among top executives.

Repairing and Taking Responsibility of Your Online Presence

The first impression of any brand, company, or service these days is the information we find on the internet. If we want to know what a restraint is like, the first thing we do in this world of the internet is to look it up and see what other people are saying about it. This view of the brand or business is made and broken based on what the customer sees online. However, these rantings or ratings might or might not come from a real patron. It has been found that many of the negative comments are done by 1 or 2 people that didn’t like something about the brand or employees that are looking to get back at the company. Regardless, every brand and business has to look into what their brand looks like online. The game is simple, the more positive the comments the higher rating you have. The more negative the ratings the more negative the ratings are. The first thing that any business can not do is simply ignore the comments. These comments are not going to go away, therefore you have to work at accumulating more and more positive comments than negative ones. The easiest way to do this is to ask each patron to make a positive comment about the brand. All in all, the way a brand looks on the net is how the brand looks to the people.

An individual whose entire job is to make a brand or a businesses’ digital presence look good is Darius M. Fisher the president of Status Labs. Darius Fisher and his company spend their entire time dealing with online crisis and fixing digital reputations. They either work to clean up and repair the digital presence of a company or work to advance the reputation. His job is to fix the reputation of his public figure clients or business. He coaches his clients on how to use social media such as so that there is no way for anyone to ever retrieve personal information about you or about your relatives in any way. Actually, he suggests that no matter what the privacy settings say; you should never post anything you don’t want to go public on any of the social media platforms. Everything you read in the newspaper or on a blog is not always the full story. Darius sees himself as a fixer of people’s online identities, and for those in the public eye, he gives them a second chance of a new online identity. According to Fisher, the more you protect what information is leaked into the world of the internet, the better your online identity will be. All of us need to pay attention to our online identity.