Ian King: The Exponential Growth of Cryptocurrency

When cryptocurrency first came into existence, many people looked at it as something almost sci-fi related but ultimately something that would not have much of an impact on their everyday life. Ian King saw something different, he saw an investment opportunity for himself and his readership. Ian King, a Lafayette College graduate in the field of psychology, never believed that he would enter into the world of investments. In fact, he sent some of the time in college sincerely believing that he would become a doctor with pre-med. Instead, fate had different plans for him and he found himself learning more about cryptocurrency. He spent time at Merrill Lynch in a significant internship and also worked for various other big-name investment firms such as the financial district of Citigroup. Eventually, he decided to take his developing knowledge base to Banyan Hill publishing and participate in an authoring opportunity that continues to touch people to this day. Read more at Talk Markets.

One article that discusses some of his predictions for the future of cryptocurrency is “Ian King Explains How CryptoCorns Are Changing the Investment Landscape”. This article is important because it explains how the typical investor for this sector is evolving to include individual who would be considered newbies or casual investors. The presence of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has made it a very accessible system for these individuals. This gives them a sense of empowerment when accessing these systems. They make bigger trades and feel more confident to go out and do more. They are also talking about there experiences and attracting new investors. Ian King believes that this is a significant indicator of growth and people should remain cognizant of the sector as it is poised to explode in the coming years. Visit cryptoprofitsummit.com to know more about Ian King.


This is further demonstrated by the article “Ian King Says Robinhood Could Help Cryptocurrency Values Soar” which details an app that has been specifically designed to make this process even easier for this new wave of investors. Robinhood gives the investors a taste of the cryptocurrency action without putting them in a position where they are required to pay crippling fees to trade them. They are allowed to get into the program and stay because of the lower fees associated with buying and selling. In fact, Robinhood is seeking to provide these services all over the country at their lowered rate. An idea that he believes will change the trajectory of cryptocurrency towards a period of even more exponential growth in the future.

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