Robert Ivy Names as the Latest Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award

American Institute of Architects CEO Robert Ivy has recently been named the latest winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. This latest award will provide Robert with prestigious recognition for his contributions to the field of architecture. Winning this award will allow him to further set himself apart from his peers. He was announced as the winner and then given the actual award this past June. Robert Ivy now joins a number of people who have won this highly coveted award. This list includes individuals such as prominent writers, actors and artists. Ivy has been very active in the architecture field as a writer, editor, and practicing architect. As a result, he has been in perfect position to eventually earn recognition for his accomplishments. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

With Robert Ivy recently winning the Lifetime Achievement Award, he has been highly praised by a number of his peers in the field. The President of MILA Nancy LaForge is one of the individuals to express her congratulations to Robert. She mentioned that Robert’s years of experience and expertise have proven to provide more awareness and recognition of the architecture field. He has been able to provide people with valuable knowledge about how important the field is. Another individual to praise Robert is the President of the American Institute of Architects Carl Elefante. He has said that Robert has been a top ambassador to the field due to this experience as an author, editor and practicing architect. This praise is further recognition Ivy’s long list of career achievements.


In 2011, Robert Ivy was named as the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. Since becoming the CEO of the organization, he has been able to expand it to multiple countries throughout the world. Ivy has been able to provide key leadership for the organization which has enabled it to improve in terms of providing education, training and mentorship to architects. Before becoming the top administrator of the AIA, Robert Ivy spent a number of years as both a writer and an editor. During his time working in these fields, he would help publish a number of articles revealing key developments in the architecture field. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.