Jeunesse Global Provides Youth Enhancement Systems with Instantly Ageless

Jeuunesse Global was created in late 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Wendy Lewis wanted to create a company with her husband and business partner Randy Ray after they both started seeing the benefits of stem cell research and the impacts it can have on health and appearance. Randy Ray started having issues with his knees and began injecting stem cells through excellent doctors in Beverly Hills, California. While waiting for her husband to finish his treatment, Wendy Lewis saw that there was a serum in the doctor’s office and started researching about the results. When she saw the improvement in the difference between the before and after photos of the people who had used the serums, she was shocked. They made changes to the formula to help it absorb in the skin better and they began researching to create one of the leading anti-aging companies in the world.

This led to the creation of the Y.E.S. system, or the Youth Enhancement System, creating Jeunesse in the process. They then recognized the value of the products that they began creating, so they created Jeunesse to help get these youth enhancement products out into the world. Juenesse is a global platform dedicated to providing training and support as well as the cutting-edge products. They have thousands of people helping them create their dreams by impacting the world. They want each of their employees to have the ability to reach their full potential while helping others look as young as they feel.

One of the popular product lines is Instantly Ageless. This product is great for reducing the appearance of age in target areas. Anyone who uses Instantly Ageless can apply the cream across the forehead, the eyebrows, or around the eyes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This will create an instant “brow life” appearance while also allowing hooded eyes to appear younger and reducing crow’s feet. The cream is also great with reducing the appearance of pores on the face. The micro-cream is made to last up to 9 hours, creating a visible lift in the skin that has lost elasticity.

M1nd, by Jeunesse Global, may be first successful focus-enhancing energy drink

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had long been interested in helping people reach their personal goals, whether regarding income, education or fitness. That is why their company, Jeunesse Global, is centered almost exclusively around helping people to achieve success. With Jeunesse Global, creating top-quality, innovative products to help people get what they want out of life is always the number-one priority.

One example of the way that Jeunesse has been able to transfer this philosophy to real-world products is through its focus-enhancing mental energy drink. Called M1nd, the drink is a first in the world of cognition-enhancing drinks. And Jeunesse developed the product with the reality of the modern workplace in mind.

Studies have shown that the vast majority of workers in the advanced technological economy are sleep deprived. And while it is not possible to actually raise people’s intelligence from their peak-performance baseline, it is eminently possible to lower intelligence through negative influences, like through sleep deprivation. In fact, science has demonstrated that even small amounts of sleep deprivation, when accumulated over days or weeks, can add up to serious blows to most people’s cognitive ability.

But addressing suboptimal sleep patterns is a notoriously difficult task, requiring highly trained sleep doctors and usually involving expensive and highly invasive tests. On the other hand, it has long been known that the mental effects of sleep deprivation can be thoroughly ameliorated. This usually has involved the use of hard psychoactive drugs like Ritalin and Adderall.

Now, Jeunesse Global has created M1nd, a 100 percent safe substitute for those potentially dangerous and addictive prescription drugs. M1nd has been shown to increase a wide range of cognitive abilities in those who suffer from sleep deprivation, even cases that are too mild for the user themselves to recognize. M1nd is capable of increasing working memory, improving reaction time and even increasing intelligence-related performances on test like the backwards-number test, a close proxy for IQ.

M1nd is just one of the many highly innovative products that have come out of Jeunesse Global’s always-churning product-development labs. It is available exclusively through Jeunesse Global distributors. More can be found on the Jeunesse Global website.

How Oncotarget is Improving Cancer Treatment

When Oncotarget was first introduced to the market, there were things that people were learning about it and things they felt they could do with it to make sure they were getting the best experience possible. Oncotarget continued to grow and more people learned about the opportunities they would have for success in different areas. It all went back to how they could make a difference and how they could provide people with the options they needed. Oncotarget was doing what they could to connect oncologists and give them what they were looking for. Additionally, the publication made sure they were offering people everything they needed to know about how they could try different things. It all came down to how they could try their best and how they could make an impact in the community they worked with. For Oncotarget, this was something that made a lot of sense and something they felt they could feel good about no matter what. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

As long as the company was doing their best to help people, they felt they could stay connected in different areas. Research Gate talked about how Oncotarget was constantly bringing doctors together. The more doctors that joined the publication, the more treatment options there were. People began to see how great things were for those who were trying to learn more about cancer treatment and that all went back to what they were doing to be successful. Everyone knew there would be more opportunities and that gave them the inspiration they needed. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

For Oncotarget, there have been many positive changes to how things are done. They want their doctors to have the chance to connect with each other and to make sure they are doing things the right way. They also want to give the community what they need to be successful. Since doctors can all remain confident about what they are doing to be successful, there are new ways they can experience growth. They can even show people how things will get better no matter what issues they are facing or what they are doing to get to that point.


Dr. Mark Mckenna Creates OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed doctor in surgery and medicine in both the state of Georgia and the state of Florida. Mark McKenna is from New Orleans and graduated from Tulane University Medical School to become a doctor. When Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005 Mark McKenna unfortunately lost every business venture that he was involved in. Being the community servant that he is Dr. Mark McKenna helped rebuild the city of New Orleans after the Hurricane hit. He was able to build a low-moderate income housing unit for those who lost their homes during the hit of Hurricane Katrina. Two years after the hurricane hit Mark McKenna decided that it would be a better business idea for him to move to Atlanta, GA. Shortly after moving he opened his own practice called ShapeMed. ShapeMedoffers services such as Botox, laser hair removal treatments, and many other cosmetic type surgeries’. People who have inspired Dr. McKenna are Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and Elon Musk.

Aside from being an entrepreneur and doctor McKenna is a proud husband and father. He has a daughter that he eats breakfast with every morning before going to work. He also has a four-year-old Pomeranian dog. McKenna’s daughters name is Milana Elle and his dogs name are Ryder. Entrepreneurs are known for being some of the most successful people in the world because they can become successful mostly on their own and overcome all the hard things in life.

Dr. Mark McKenna believes that he is more productive as an entrepreneur due to the fact that he reads books frequently and is really interested in reading. From a young age the only jobs that Dr. Mark McKenna has ever had were being his own boss. He is also the CEO/Founder of OVME. OVME is medical aesthetics company that was created by Dr. Mark McKenna after he got the idea from working in the medical industry. For those who are looking into becoming a doctor or an entrepreneur McKenna is a good example/ role model for them on how to succeed in life by doing what you love.

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Life Line Screening giving you answers today

Life Line Screening is an Austin Tx. based company founded in 1993. Their mission is to make people aware of health care problems that have not yet been detected and enable them to seek follow up treatment with their own physicians. Life line has partnered with several Insurance companies, hospitals and organizations.

The three types of preventative health screenings performed are Ultrasound, Finger-tip blood screenings and limited electrocardiograph. These screenings typically provide normal results easing the mind of individuals that may be anxious due to family history or other reasons of concern. However when something is detected it provides the individual the opportunity to seek treatment much sooner or make lifestyle changes to improve future health.

The screenings are performed by highly trained technicians using the same equipment found in hospitals. Life line screenings are safe, require minimal preparation on your part and are painless. Results are reviewed by board certified physicians. Results should be shared with your personal physician.

Taking a proactive role in maintaining your health is essential. We all know we should eat healthy foods, maintain health weight, and exercise. Life line screenings provide you one more way to care for your body by detecting and even preventing disease or other illness prior to development. In addition to improving the quality of your life it can also prove to be a smart financial move as medical treatment can be costly. You could be able to head off extensive treatment by making simple lifestyle adjustments.

By looking at family history and your medical history, as well as age and overall health, they are able to develop an individual health risk profile. This allows Life line screening to determine which tests would be important and the most beneficial for you. Your health is your single most important asset, it makes sense to do everything you can to protect it.

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Don’t Let Sciatica Put You on Your Back! North American Spine Has the Answer.

The leading cause of disability in the entire world is sciatica. Nearly everyone has suffered low back pain at one time or another. And while the causes of this pain may vary from person to person, the fact is that the condition may persist and grow even worse with age. So, if you have experienced an injury to your lower back or have been suffering from painful sciatica, you owe it to yourself to contact North American Spine for a consultation.

Sciatica general term that is commonly used when speaking of the pulsing, disabling pain that radiates through the lower back and down through the thighs. Sciatica symptoms range from pain in the afflicted areas that worsens upon remaining seated for periods of time, tingling or numbness throughout the upper, lower or sometimes the entire leg, weakness or burning or possible difficulty moving about, a continuous pain on only one side of the body, centering in the lower back region, and jabbing pains that make being on your feet for long periods extremely difficult. Sciatica normally affects one side of the lower part of the body, but may reach the feet or toes. The degree of pain can be low or completely debilitating. It may be occasional or frequent. Nevertheless,it always has the possibility to grow more intense over time. Some of the issues created by constant sciatica may include previously mentioned foot and leg weakness and difficulty walking. It may also include problems with bowel or bladder control.

North American Spine reviews mention that they utilize a method called the AccuraScope. This technique reduces pressure created by bulging disks. This same technique is also used in repairing herniated discs. Although this is considered an invasive outpatient procedure, the you will typically experience near-instant relief from pain. Normal activities are usually resumed as soon as the next day.

With AccuraScope, the surgeon slips a tiny tube called an endoscope into the spinal canal through a tiny opening at the bottom of the spine. With this cutting-edge technique, the specialist can see the injury through a high-definition camera and laser, and then can determine and treat one or possibly multiple injured areas with a single procedure. The procedure typically lasts less than one hour and requires a small adhesive bandage to over the tiny opening.

North American Spine’s speciality is reducing sciatica pain with the AccuraScope technique. If you have been suffering with sciatic pain, don’t wait any longer to be checked. If you decide it’s the right step for you, you will be back on your feet and to your old self within a week.