A Smart Person With Smart Advice

1Most people who have had success in business likely agree with Alex Hern, the CEO of Tsunami XR, when asked what he would tell his younger self regarding achieving success: it is a marathon, not a sprint. It is such an important thing to understand, yet it is only after sprinting that one can fully appreciate what a marathon is. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

Alex Hern is also concerned with dropping the idea that multitasking makes one more efficient, that social media is a good way to spend your time and that frenetically checking your always-on phone is an avenue to success. In fact, he believes phones should be shut off for 4 hours every day, and what a smart idea that is.

It is no wonder that a progressive thinker like Alex Hern is the CEO of a company that capitalizes on trends. He points out that the world has moved from computing that only drew on central processing units (CPU) to a coordinated effort at computing smartly when CPUs are combined with graphics processing units (GPU), and that this trend is not going away. Learn more about Alex at UCSD.edu.

Every PC has parts that bring images to the screen, and as much as CPU’s were fine for a long time, they need some help. GPUs are being called the soul of a computer, while the CPU is still regarded as the brain. He called the company Tsunami because of the feeling that we have indeed transitioned to a time when both technologies are necessary to every computing experience.

When Alex Hern was asked how he incubates an idea, and what the process is to bring it to life, he had an interesting answer. He discussed how he makes the most of late night time, when others are sleeping, to enjoy the distraction-free environment to think about how technology is enhancing our business lives and how he can innovate those processes.

Mr. Hern believes that the early bird does indeed still get the worm and that consistency is the marathon-like key to success. He also says that focus is most important to reaching goals.

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