Sheldon Lavin Remains The Visionary At OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin began his career as a member of the banking industry. He was a successful investor and owned his own firm. Sheldon had not been a part of the food manufacturing industry. His opportunity came when a family-owned organization had a chance to work with a major corporation. Otto and Sons was a local meat manufacturer that began as a family-owned business in the early 1900’s. By the 1950’s they were doing business with Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s Corporation. Otto and Sons won the favor of the McDonald’s Corporation. They were tasked with building a state-of-the-art meat processing plant to accommodate McDonald’s. However, they did not have the money to complete the project.

Sheldon Lavin was brought in to oversee the financial aspect of the meat processing plant. He operated as a consultant between Otto and Sons and the McDonald’s Corporation. Over time Lavin’s role grew and he gained the confidence of Ray Kroc. Eventually the McDonald’s Corporation suggested that he become involved in the situation full-time. Sheldon Lavin agreed to come on board as a partner as long as he had equal decision-making abilities as the other owners. Eventually the original founders of Otto and Sons settled into retirement. Lavin became CEO and Chairman of the organization. By the 1960’s Otto and Sons became OSI Group. It began making international investments and grew into a worldwide organization.

Sheldon Lavin has gone on to receive a great deal of recognition for his work at OSI Group. He received the Visionary Award in 2016 for his work with the company. Sheldon is credited for providing OSI with its worldwide growth plan. The company has more than 20,000 employees and operates in up to 17 different countries. Lavin is a versatile CEO who believes that philanthropy is just as important as profits. He encourages other business executives to get involved in the communities that their businesses operate in. Sheldon Lavin and OSI have participated in many environmental movements. OSI has been awarded for its work in the environment.

OSI Industries Doubles Chicken Production in Spain’s Toledo Facility

OSI Group is a premier global food provider with a network of over 60 facilities in different continents. To maintain its relevance to the industry, OSI Group has more than 20,000 workers who offer their services with the aim to maintain a stable food solutions company. Moreover, OSI Group thrives in its objective to continue expanding its network. That is why recently when the facility announced the double chicken production project in Spain’s Toledo facility, the management was elated. Here is more on the expansion.

There is a production facility in OSI Group’s Toledo facility. This facility just expanded its chicken production. The expansion is based on the firm’s ability to supply chicken products to the ever-growing population as it was noted that the city’s population is vastly expanding. Also, according to the managing director of the facility, Mr. Jose Maria del Rio, the population growth will not be stagnant for a while as this city is the hotbed of job-seeking millennials. Coupled with modern upgrades in the facility, the expansion is set to create a comfortable working environment for employees as well. It is projected that the future of OSI Group is safe in the hands of leaders who have always provided relevant expansion strategies and direction in growth.

Besides the Toledo expansion, OSI Group has acquired several other facilities including Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturing plant for meat delis and other animal proteins. With the acquisition, OSI Group has managed to maintain its client base and even better increase its production capacity. Moreover, the company has also managed to maintain its ability to provide clients with more products thereby, satisfying their needs.

The global food network prides itself on being a leading provider of meat-based food products. In China alone, this company has built the state’s economy in numerous ways including fostering ties between China and other businesses. It is also of importance to note that OSI Group has always manufactured food based on the required health standards. Without a doubt, this is one aspect that has continued to grow the company’s credibility. That way, OSI Group has managed to land many opportunities in international markets. Well, coupled with experienced leaders who can provide relevant advice from time to time, OSI Group is on the right path of growth. Its operational excellence is on a different level. Conclusively, it is relevant to note that OSI Group will continue to expand its service scope given a chance.

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OSI Industries Expands International Services

OSI Industries: Leaders In Food Processing

The food processing group is a strict food industry that answers to the regulations of the FDA. The goal is to put a quality meal full of nutrition on the tables and eateries of thousands of people around the world. The threat of sanctions and fines forced their competitors to answer to a stabilized food market. They’re currently based in Aurora, Illinois and operate in over 16 countries worldwide. Their business profile lists over 20,000+ thousand employees worldwide and over 55 successful operating facilities. They brought the realization of superior food services to an expanded international food group.

OSI Industries Services

There are several reasons to get the most out of Keefe Group services that ensure your food is being processed under the finest food production specialist. OSI has the large scale facilities to process food production on a mass scale for major food professionals and food corps. You will have the benefit of knowing mass quantity of food on a quality scale. You can learn more about processing food for the needs of your restaurant customers or professionals throughout a significant network that OSI has built serious professional relationships upon.

OSI Executive Leader, Sheldon Lavin

Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin has been a part of the community initiative which allows their customers to improve their economic status with a unique job position. Lavin was the 2016 Global Visionary Awards for his achievement in global employment. He has been able to create unique career opportunities to change the face of financial poverty worldwide. Today, he continues to build successful jobs throughout his industry with a need for a diverse working group. OSI are the leaders in food services and other facets of the food industry.

OSI Expansion Opportunities

The EU food market is a major food industry that attracted OSI. The OSI Industries food group offers their food processing facility operation to the Flagship Europe industry. They have created a network that is worth an estimated $7 million dollars and create successful business growth. They offer pie filling, meat patties, sandwich fillings, hot dogs, desserts, frozen poultry, and organic vegetables. Go to their website to find out what’s in their food and what’s in it by reading the full disclosure of their food services. Trust a food service provide that is willing to put quality food and the safety of their products first.