Milan Kordestani Starts Farming Operation While Still In High School

Milan Kordestani became an entrepreneur early in life. He was born in Stanford, California, and lived there until partway through grade school, moving to London after his parents chose to get a divorce. While in London he attended Eaton Square School for a year before moving to the greater San Francisco area. He became a student at Sacred Heart Preparatory and graduated from there in 2017.

While he was still attending Sacred Heart Preparatory, Milan Kordestani established a farm called Milan Farms. His company sells free-range chicken eggs, saffron, and herbs. He has grown this into a four farm operation with three of these in California and the fourth in Colorado. They take orders for their eggs from people up and down the west coast as well as customers in Colorado. The saffron and herbs are sold globally.

He says that they grow the saffron in the traditional way but his company also embraces innovation. Milan Kordestani says that this means they use drip irrigation, the traditional method of growing saffron, but he has also invested in an aquaponic system so that it grows optimally. He also experiments with the amount of salinity in the water used to grow the herbs and saffron as well as trying different mineral compositions.

Milan Kordestani has been into riding horses since he was 10 years old. He says that in his first year of riding he was thrown off a horse he was riding on a trail. His father has said that Milan got right back up on the horse and rode it back to the camp they had established. His father was surprised by this as getting thrown off a horse can be a very jarring event for a child.

He went on to ride in a number of national competitions. in 2015 he rode his horse, His Supreme Reflection, to victory on the first leg of the triple crown. He also finished in fourth place at the Worlds Championship Horse Show where he competed in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure division.