Rocketship Education Center Opens a Second Charter School Despite Criticism

For a bright students coming from the poor neighborhoods of DC and San Jose, the chance of attaining a college degree is always slim. However, non-profit charter school network known as Rocketship is changing the narrative. With a second school opened in Washington DC, the future is definitely getting brighter for destitute but deserving students.

When Rocketship opened their first school in 2007, the reception was somehow mixed. The media applauded the school for using a unique concept to learning. Rocketship introduced traditional learning coupled with computer aided instructions. It is a teaching formula that worked and helped keep administrative costs low.

However, critiques were against this form of teaching and labeled it unconventional. Even so, Rocketship continue surging forward and today considered one of the best charter schools for needy students. Rocketship now has a second school in southern Washington and is already enrolling new students.

The DC elementary school sits on 54,000 square feet of land and is two storied. Currently, the school has classes from kindergarten to second grade with the hopes of expanding in future. In addition, the school boasts of an indoor gymnasium, nursing center, and a computer lab. The school also built a resource center where parents can sit and use the internet while waiting for their kids or while attending school functions.

Rocketship is also the first school to involve the community in running administrative tasks. Before opening the DC school, parents were called upon to help in the process of vetting new teachers. This gave parents a chance to build rapport with the new teachers and have an assurance that they are putting their kids in the best professional hands.

The directors at Rocketship Center confirm that they have a big dream of transforming the low-income neighborhoods of DC and California. One way to do it is by introducing centers of learning that partner with the community to better the lives of elementary students. Rocketship has already put several students through college and also prepared many brilliant minds for life after college.

Even with the high criticism Rocketship receives, it is evident that the charter school has achieved far more than it imagined. Besides introducing a unique learning system, Rocketship now has a second charter school that will produce more success stories in DC.

Betsy DeVos – a History of Philanthropy and Support of Education

The name of Betsy DeVos has been popping up in media more since she was appointed to the office of education as the 11th US Secretary of education. Betsy DeVos, however, has been at the scene of education for decades. She is one of the most active philanthropists in the sector.Mrs. Betsy DeVos s from the Prince family which is known for their history of philanthropy work extending over the generations. The Prince family are also known for their many ventures in business. Betsy’s father is the creator of the Prince Corporation working with car parts. Both her parents have been making donations to charities for decades. So far, their record of contributions amounts to billions. Betsy DeVos was born in the state of Michigan in a charming town called Holland. Betsy DeVos had studied at a Christian high school before she moved to the city of Grand Rapids to attend the Calvin College.

While she was at college, Betsy DeVos would show her interest in politics and business, as well as leadership by Betsy volunteering for different activities. Betsy DeVos was also heavily involved in campus politics, and she was as a leader of a few groups as well.After she had graduated, Betsy DeVos started working in the corporate world. She was also working as a member of a number of Boards of companies and organizations alike. Betsy DeVos is known for her active involvement in projects. She has a strong sense of a leader and is able to manage large teams with ease. Betsy DeVos became involved in politics many years ago. She put her leadership skills in action when she was a part of the campaign of George Bush when he was a candidate for re-election. Another example of her political involvement is Betsy DeVos’s position chairing the Republican party based in the state of Michigan.

She was occupying the leadership position twice – from 1996 until 2000 and then once again from 2003 up until 2005.Over the years, Betsy DeVos has come a long way in her philanthropy career. It has become her main line of work and business has fallen behind although she is still active in her business positions as the head of Windquest Group and so on. Betsy DeVos collaborated with her husband on the establishment of the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation which came to be about a decade ago. The foundation became very successful soon after it was launched. So far, its record of donations amounts to millions of dollars. Betsy DeVos continues to make charitable donation individually. She has been supporting academic institutions above all as the education of the United States of America has always been a top priority for Betsy DeVos.

The Wessex Institute Is Europe’s Greatest Research Alliance

Wessex Institute of Technology, located in Southern England, are one of the largest research organizations in Europe. The company was found in 1986 and is derived from the members of the defunct organization Computational Mechanics Institute. Carlos A. Brebbia is the chairman and founder of this institute.

The board of director primarily consists of expert University professors from Europe. Professor Geoffrey Broadbent from the United Kingdom, Professor Patrick de Wilde from Belgium and Professor Santiago Hernandez from Spain are some of their most notable members.

The organizations collaborates in various research programs with several affiliated Universities. Many universities from the United Kingdom, Spain, USA and Brazil are on the list of partnered universities.

Conferences of the Wessex Institute are a very popular treat. They old the largest conferences with the greatest minds in science and technology. These conferences discuss issues and resolutions. Topics typically include historical infrastructure preservation, computer security, climate change, population growth and transportation issues.

Creating a Positive Culture in School Using ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an education technology application that was founded by Sam Chaudhary. The application is a communication platform that can be used to bring the community of teachers, pupils and parents together.


Sam Chaudhary designed ClassDojo to address some of the issues that teachers and guardians felt were left out during a student’s learning process. The platform brought forward a remarkable change in classroom experience by actively engaging teachers and parents to bring a positive culture in schools.


ClassDojo has significantly transformed the education sector. The application is already being used in two-thirds of schools in U.S and in schools across 180 other countries. The application can be downloaded from Google play using Android mobile devices.


ClassDojo works like a social platform that enables parents to follow up on their children’s school work via photos and videos that are uploaded by teachers. Subsequently, parents can communicate with teachers on the progress of their children in school. The application also has a behavior tracking feature that allows parents to send private messages to teachers.


ClassDojo seals the gap that existed between parents and the school. The firm has facilitated parents to work hand in hand with teachers to bring a ground –up change in education. Parents can regularly communicate with teachers on various school matters without having to wait for the rarely arranged parent-teacher conferences.


Most parents have attested that they have always wanted to be involved in every aspect of their children’s progress in school. What is more, messages sent to parents via the ClassDojo app can be translated into different languages.


ClassDojo has established an active culture in school. Teachers and parents can encourage students on their best skills in school hence encouraging them to perform better. Moreover, the mobile application has empowered students to take charge of their learning experiences thereby sharing it with their parents.


The active involvement brought forward by ClassDojo, has facilitated encouragement and empowerment of students by regular and positive feedbacks on their portfolio. Students can know when they are doing what is expected of them in school. Positive comments from parents encourage them to put more effort in their skills. It has helped students to develop various life skills such as teamwork, hard working and leadership skills.


ClassDojo was designed to be user-friendly. A single device can be used in a classroom. It is also designed with privacy policies that guarantee security while being used by students. Despite the security protocols, the application does not need complicated login credentials as it is used by students.