Eric Lefkofsky helping others derive meaning from life

Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has shown his willingness to help those in need and uplift their lives for better. For this reason, Lefkofsky and his wife Liz started Lefkofsky Family Foundation back in the year 2006 to help them execute their philanthropic activities properly.

The foundation was formed with a clear mission of supporting charities, scientific researchers, educational organizations and other causes around the globe that aim to improve the lives of human beings.

Lefkofsky Family Foundation has one purpose, and it is to help advance any programs that would cause high impacts and show necessary support to initiatives and research that are aimed at making life better.

The foundation holds grand evaluation quarterly. Its donations are most geared towards support to education, human rights, arts, culture, as well as medical research. Recent financial reports show that Lefkofsky Family Foundation hometown, Chicago, has benefitted greatly with the huge amount of donations channeled towards arts and culture.

Still, in Chicago, Lefkofsky’s foundation is supporting children by giving them access to charter schools, running after-school initiatives for the unlucky youths as well as scholarship programs.

In the health sector, Lefkofsky’s foundation donated over $100,000 towards supporting research geared towards finding the cure for cancer and leukemia. The foundation also donated $400000 to John Hopkins, almost $200,000 to children’s’ health centers in Chicago.

Besides, Lefkofsky’s foundation has donated up to $7 million to show their support on arts and culture all over Chicago. A Large percentage of this amount was given to Steppenwolf Theatre Company among other organizations.

The foundation hasn’t been left behind in the tech industry. Recently, they partnered with Google and Motorola Mobility Foundation in the creation of 1871 FEMtech, an initiative that took over half a million dollars. The program is aimed at encouraging female entrepreneurs to venture into tech market.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus; a tech company tasked with building operating systems and technologies used to fight cancer. He is also the co-founder of Lightbank which a venture fund investment company targeting new technologies, co-founder, and chairman of Groupon which the leading e-commerce marketplace.

Eric Lefkofsky is a leader with a proven track record. His hard work paid off, and he is among the top people helping others to derive meaning from the puzzle of life. Lefkofsky is the role model to many who wish to succeed in business and life as well.

Dr. Mark Mckenna Creates OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed doctor in surgery and medicine in both the state of Georgia and the state of Florida. Mark McKenna is from New Orleans and graduated from Tulane University Medical School to become a doctor. When Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005 Mark McKenna unfortunately lost every business venture that he was involved in. Being the community servant that he is Dr. Mark McKenna helped rebuild the city of New Orleans after the Hurricane hit. He was able to build a low-moderate income housing unit for those who lost their homes during the hit of Hurricane Katrina. Two years after the hurricane hit Mark McKenna decided that it would be a better business idea for him to move to Atlanta, GA. Shortly after moving he opened his own practice called ShapeMed. ShapeMedoffers services such as Botox, laser hair removal treatments, and many other cosmetic type surgeries’. People who have inspired Dr. McKenna are Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and Elon Musk.

Aside from being an entrepreneur and doctor McKenna is a proud husband and father. He has a daughter that he eats breakfast with every morning before going to work. He also has a four-year-old Pomeranian dog. McKenna’s daughters name is Milana Elle and his dogs name are Ryder. Entrepreneurs are known for being some of the most successful people in the world because they can become successful mostly on their own and overcome all the hard things in life.

Dr. Mark McKenna believes that he is more productive as an entrepreneur due to the fact that he reads books frequently and is really interested in reading. From a young age the only jobs that Dr. Mark McKenna has ever had were being his own boss. He is also the CEO/Founder of OVME. OVME is medical aesthetics company that was created by Dr. Mark McKenna after he got the idea from working in the medical industry. For those who are looking into becoming a doctor or an entrepreneur McKenna is a good example/ role model for them on how to succeed in life by doing what you love.

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How Imran Haque is Providing Professional Medical Care to North Carolina Residents

Imran Haque is a renowned medical practitioner based in Asheboro, North Carolina. He works as an internist at Horizon Internal Medicine, a premier facility in North Carolina. The facility specializes in delivering exceptional medical care. Dr. Imran Haque is also affiliated to several health facilities including the Randolph Hospital.

For more than 15 years, Imran has emerged as one of the leading internal medicine experts. Besides performing physical examinations, he administers an array of treatments. His longevity in the medical industry has also enabled him to establish numerous referral networks that enable him to link his patients with specialists in extreme cases. This is what has helped him succeed in his profession.

Education Background and Career Progression

Imran Haque is an alumnus of Santo Domingo’s Universidad Iberoamerican where he graduated top of the class with a degree in medicine. Later on, he pursued his postgraduate studies in internal medicine at the University of Virginia. From a young age, Imran Haque always wanted to pursue medicine. This saw him excel in his studies, and has been the driving force in his medical. He is licensed to practice in North Carolina and has distinguished himself as one of the best in his area of specialization.

Imran’s career has seen him administer treatment to hundreds of patients. His standout characteristic is the dedication that he has towards his patients and the medical profession. He is always at hand to attend to emergencies whenever he is called upon. Since he started working at Horizon Internal Medicine, the facility’s stature has grown exponentially due to his professionalism and dedication to humanity.

Patients love Dr. Haque due to the super attention that he accords them whenever he visits the facility. His willingness to offer follow-up services has also endeared him to patients. If his career progression is anything to go by, it is safe to argue that Imran is living his childhood dream- to alleviate human pain and suffering.


Life Line Screening: A Company Aimed at Screening Health Issues and Providing Healthcare Solutions

As an effort to ensure good health and that individuals stay healthy, there are some factors to consider. First, one ought to reduce stress. Chronic stress has been seen as a risk factor that eventually weakens the immune system. Also, you need to check and regulate the blood pressure. This is because it is seen as a major cause of heart-related diseases such as stroke and heart attacks. The problem also causes the stiffening of blood vessels and eventually leading to rupture.

Engaging in such exercises increases sufficient blood flow to all body parts of the body as well as reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Cholesterol builds up in the body, and it is risky as it causes the narrowing of blood vessels which predisposes an individual to cardiovascular diseases. Constant exercise is therefore attributed to the increase in the release of extra norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter which is very important in the body. Studies have shown that this neurotransmitter has many cognitive benefits to the body such as improving an individual’s motivation and also most importantly it helps in reducing chronic stress.

The level of Thyroxine in the blood is also very vital. Therefore, it’s important to monitor this levels, especially when experiencing chronic fatigue or even abnormal weight gain. Also, the levels of triiodothyronine ought to be monitored as well. This is a hormone which is produced consistently by the thyroid gland. Therefore, to make sure the thyroid gland functions well it’s important to have diet supplements which include minerals such as magnesium, tyrosine, among others such green tea extracts. Their Facebook Page.

Life Line Screening was founded in 1993. It carries out health screening for adults across the USA. The company has successfully made over eight million health screening since its commencement. Life Screening has many connections and partnership with many hospitals and health insurance companies such as Mission Hospital, Carolina Vascular, and MCM solutions.

Life Line Screening since October 1, 1996, has been accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB). The accreditation levels and standards are very high and involve a very efficient and good way and methodology of resolving customer’s complaints. Therefore, Life line Screening is a reputable healthcare provider which is aimed at preventing illnesses through early screening and diagnosis.