Talkspace is a Change for the Better

Based on the success of Talkspace, online therapy is here to stay. Talkspace is the modern alternative to traditional therapy. It is effective and convenient.

Learn More About Talkspace

When you choose to use Talkspace services, you can be confident that you are interacting with a licensed therapist. A therapist who is concerned about you. They want to help you cope and start to feel better quickly and to help you make a positive change in your life. The therapists listen and they understand.

It’s not about traveling to a therapist office one week and then doing it all over again at the next week’s visit, and so on. Instead, a visit with your Talkspace therapist is available when and how you need it. It can be through video chat, messaging or even texting or a combination of these. They will respond when you reach out.

There is no embarrassment or stigma attached to receiving your therapy with Talkspace. It is totally private and 100% secure. People come to Talkspace with a variety of problems they are experiencing. It could be for reasons of depression, career stress, relationship issues, anxiety, bipolar disorder or even the feelings that come with everyday stress. If you need help coping, Talkspace therapists want to help you. Not just once a week like traditional therapy sessions. They will respond and check in with you. They want you to start feeling better fast.

Therapy with Talkspace is Affordable

There are several different priced plans from which to choose. You can select the plan that best fits your budget. Try Talkspace, and make a positive change in your life.